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Apollo Hospital Customer Care NumberApollo Hospital Customer Care Number

Apollo hospitals were inaugurated in 1983, and are in many cities. Here we are going to provide you Apollo Hospital Customer Care Number of every branch (city) wise support no. There are across 50 Apollo hospitals within and outside India and over 8500 beds. These hospitals provide best care to their patients, for day to day health care. Apollo hospitals has introduced Apollo clinic for the better health.

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20 Amazing & Near Places which are Visa Hassle free for Indians

20 Amazing Near Places Which are Visa Hassle Free for IndiansThe first thought that arises when you plan for abroad is VISA and its procedure to legally enter in any country, whether it is a 10-day vacation or a one-month long. The only thing that crisis Indian mind while he/she wants to travel abroad is visa. You will be amazed to know that there are some countries Indians can travel without visa hassle. Here we have bought for you wonderful information regarding 20 Amazing & Near Places which are Visa Hassle free for Indians.

Though, India is a land of untouched natural beauty which makes it one of the most beautiful places on earth. From the mighty mountains of Kashmir to the breathtaking vista of three oceans combining at Kanyakumari, India is much more than curries and Bollywood.

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8 Budget Friendly & Different Wearing Style Tips for Girls

8 Budget Friendly Different Wearing Style Tips For GirlsGirls and their trending dressing styles are the two words that move together. Each and every girl wants to wear designer clothes with latest fashion. Sometimes our pockets have low balance to wear the trendy and expensive clothes but because of that why your wardrobe has to suffer. Just go through the tips we bought for you i.e. 8 Budget Friendly & Different Wearing Style Tips for Girls.

Do you know how to make your cheaper bags look expensive one??  How to look luxe??

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Coldplay in India

Coldplay in IndiaColdplay in India!! Wow!!!!!! It’s a dream falling into reality, I know like me you are also excited for the world class British band making their way to India for its endless fans waiting from such a long time. I know all the crazy fans of Coldplay are on Cloud 9 but there is something more coming up with this big excitement. Something that can make you jump out of your bed and dance. So, what is that? A free ticket!! Yes you read it right.

You have a chance to earn the free global citizen ticket for Mumbai concert.

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Should you ‘Buy’ or ‘Not Buy’ an iPhone 7 (Plus)?

Should You Buy or Not Buy an iphone 7 (Plus)iPhone 7 (plus) has been launched with its amazing features that is making crowd crazy to get… Time has come to make you aware of all its burning features. Undoubtedly iphone has best quality still there are people who are confused whether to buy iPhone 7 (plus) or not, depending on their need. We have bought solution for your confusion that Should you ‘Buy’ or ‘Not Buy’ an iPhone 7 (Plus)? , stating all Pros & Cons of iPhone 7. Just go through it…

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How to Apply For Duplicate Birth Certificate

How To Apply For Duplicate Birth CertificateHave you misplaced your birth certificate? If yes! You definitely want to reapply for it. For this you have to know How to Apply for Duplicate Birth Certificate, and many more questions that arises in your mind regarding duplicate birth certificate. Birth certificate, your identity proof is the most precious document as it is needed in every step of your life. It may be your schooling, college, for getting any government affiliated certificate like your Aadhar card, Voter id, Passport, Marriage certificate and many more.

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How to Change Surname in Indian Passport

How To Change Surname in Indian PassportNormally after marriage only the need to change surname on Indian Passport is there or it may be due to some other reasons also. Reason may be marriage or something else the steps will be similar. SO if you’re wondering that How to Change Surname in Indian Passport, this is the destination created for you. We are here with simple 5 Steps for Last name change in your passport. To travel abroad Indian Passport is an essential document you need. It is also used as an Identity Proof and Address Proof to make any Government Issued Cards or Document.

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Fee Structure for Fresh Indian Passport

Fee Structure For Fresh Indian PassportFee Structure for Fresh Indian Passport has become one of the biggest questions today. Some people ignore passport because, it appears quite expensive to get a passport. So, come lets discuss what’s are the Tatkaal/Renewed Passport Charges. Today Passport has becomes one of the most essential document for a citizens to travel outside the country. Obtained from Passport authority by applying and then a personal verification by verified officer is done and also photo capturing session prior traveling. There are two schemes available for applying Indian Ordinary Passport, Normal scheme and Tatkaal scheme. If we differentiate between normal scheme and tatkaal scheme, then we find- different delivery period and fees starts from Rs. 1,000.00 to Rs. 5,500.00.

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Reliance JIO SIM Ground Reality

Reliance Jio Sim Ground RealityReliance JIO SIM Ground Reality: Reliance Industries Ltd. owner Mr Mukesh Ambani had thrown out the much awaited JIO 4G services in India on Monday (5 September 2016). Reliance JIO SIMs, which can earlier be obtained from Reliance Digital, Xpress, JIO stores, is today offered in about 2 Lakh shops including multi-brand outlets, mobile phone shops and regular currency re-charge outlets across India.

According to the reports it was said that customers can straightly go to local Reliance Digital/ Xpress outlets or any other mobile phone shops with Aadhar card, 2 passport size photos, photo copies of valid identity proof and address proof.

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A Complete List of Compatible Phones with Reliance Jio 

List of Compatible Phones with Reliance JioToday Reliance Jio 4G service has been formally launched. So which are the phones that work on the service Or Does Your Phone Fits? Here we have A Complete List of Compatible Phones with Reliance Jio. So Guys check out… However, there is still a lot of turmoil in the market whether the Reliance Jio 4G SIM will work on all handset. Don’t worry…!! From the given list of Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE supported phones you can easily find whether your SmartPhones supports Jio 4G or not.

Due to Reliance Jio unlimited 4G benefits, millions of customers are jumping into pool of this Ambani-owned telecom network.

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iPhone 7 Features

Iphone 7-The EvolutionApple today exposed the new iPhone 7 which is loaded with so many amazing features.  Here we have revealed iPhone 7 Features and more stuff on Release Date, Price with Specifications, All Rumors.  The latest iPhones might not seem that different from previous iPhones, but it is packed with all latest technologies, advance features.  Apple updated its Smartphone and details are leaked here about its features, specs, design and so on information. So, let’s go and explore more on iPhone 7, its features ….

We’ll also update all new information for you, well if you missed Apple unveiling the new iPhones and are wondering what the major new features are, then read below.

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How To Apply For New Birth Certificate In India

Birth CertificateBirth certificate is the most important document showcasing your identity. It is issued by the government and provides information regarding child birth date, place of birth, gender etc. Through this article we will go through How To Apply For New Birth Certificate In India as well as obtaining it for a new born baby. As an identity proof it is well needed in  every phase of your life; applying for admission in schools or college, in claiming hospital benefits and also claiming for property or establishing the property.

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How to Get a Tatkal Passport Quickly

How to Get a Tatkal Passport QuicklyGetting a passport is a long duration task. Lots of verifications make it too time consuming process and why not, after all, it’s a question of national security. But there is a provision of Tatkal Passport if a person needs it in urgency. If you’re also wondering How to Get a Tatkal Passport Quickly, then here’s the answer. We have discussed some important information like what is the Tatkal Passport Online Process and Documents Required etc.

Issuing a passport is a long procedure, it is impossible to get passport on the day you want. For those who need it sooner Tatkal service is the solution .Generally Tatkaal route is preferred by those who want to have the passport within a shorter duration of time.

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8 Weirdest Passport Facts from Around the World

8 Weirdest Passport Facts from Around the WorldHaving a passport not gives you identification only in foreign countries but it has an importance in your own country. Have you ever wondered apart from its advantages, there are some weirdest facts also? So here we are going to discuss about the 8 Weirdest Passport Facts from Around the World. Also, we are going to enlighten you about the “Don’t Know” Stuff of passport.

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How to Check Passport Application Status Online

How to Check Passport Application StatusIf you have applied for Passport and wondering, How to Check Passport Application Status Online, this is the destination designed for you. We have described the procedure of checking passport application status online here, you can Track it by Name/Number/IP.

Passport today is very important document as an identity proof for a citizen of any country. It opens your way to abroad. Even If you’ve planned a foreign trip for a short duration, the only document which is required by each and every country officials is Passport.

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How To Format SD Card On Android Phone

How To Format SD Card On Android PhoneIf you too finding complications while Erase And Unmount Memory Card in your Android device then check here an accurate solution. Know How To Format SD Card On Android Phone over here…. Yes! Here we have given a complete process jut to Format SD Card on Android Phones. Well, Formatting, Unmounting and erasing and memory SD card in Android and doing same activities ion Computer, both are different things somehow….

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11 Gym Workouts of WWE Superstars

11 Gym Workouts of WWE SuperstarsProfessional wrestlers all have amazing bodies and in order to build an athletic body and perfect muscles, these wrestlers maintains a healthy workout routine and diet. Here are 11 Gym Workouts of WWE Superstars. Their muscles are tight and toned just like professional body builders and you can take a few hints from here on how to build a great body and amazing muscle-packed look like them. They get this amazing physique and well sculpted body after vigorous workouts at the gym. So read on to know more about 11 WWE Superstars with the most demanding workouts.

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Ways to Increase Internal Memory of any Android Phone

Ways to Increase Internal Memory of any Android PhoneThere was a time when the Android smart phones used to come with low internal memory but today the Android phone already comes with a large internal memory. Here is Ways to Increase Internal Memory of any Android Phone. But still there are users having a low storage phones and they are forced to keep only selected apps in their phones as their internal memory is very low. Due to such limited memory, they have to delete any of the pre-installed app so as to make some free space for installing a new app. And this method is not so effective but the main problem is How to Increase Storage of android phone.

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Top 10 Most Amazing WrestleMania Moments of All Time

Top 10 Most Amazing WrestleMania Moments of All TimeWrestleMania gets bigger and bigger with every year and it is the biggest wrestling industry. Wanna read on Top 10 Most Amazing WrestleMania Moments of All Time, check it over here. Here are some Most Amazing WrestleMania Moments of All Time that’ll surely blw your mind…. In WrestleMania history, there have been numerous breathtaking moments. Let’s take a few steps back in time and look at some of those moments. Go ahead and raed these Top 10 Most Amazing WrestleMania Moments of All Time;

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11 Most Shocking Unscripted Moments in WWE History

11 Most Shocking Unscripted Moments in WWE HistoryAlmost every single word that is spoken in a WWE ring is scripted and the athletes are very much trained. Here are the 11 Most Shocking Unscripted Moments in WWE History. The matches that you see in WWE aren’t actual brawls and the wrestlers in these matches are not really hurting each other. Wrestlers get scripts for promos and interviews. Even with all that preparation, sometimes even storylines change direction suddenly off-track into completely different direction.

Given below are one of the most famous wrestling moments and scandals in the history of professional wrestling.