BSNL UP West Customer Care Number

BSNL UP West Customer Care NumberThe company wants to ensure that the customers are served in the quickest and profitable manner possible, so it has launched BSNL UP West Customer Care Number that will allow you to directly connect with the Customer Care executives. By using BSNL Customer Care Toll Free Number UP West/ Service complaint No, you will get instant solution of some tricky queries.

Those who don’t want to convey their issues via BSNL Customer Care UP West Number and prefer to contact the customer care executives through online mode, can send an email on the below placed email address. We have also mentioned contact information of some key people of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited to whom you can file your complaint or resolve your grievances.

BSNL UP West Customer Care Number

BSNL Broadband Customer Care Number UP West

ServicesBSNL Broadband Customer Care Number UP West  – For any Enquiry
BSNL Landline Customer Care Number UP West – Landline Call Center‘1500’
Number ‘1800-345-1500’
BSNL Mobile Customer Care Number UP West  – all India Helpline‘1503’
Number ‘1800-180-1503’
WLL/WiMax Call Center (BSNL Wimax Customer Care UP West )‘1502’
Number ‘1800-180-1502’
BSNL Broadband Helpline‘1504’
Number ‘1800-345-1504’
BSNL UP West  Customer Care Number- MPLS Help DeskNumber ‘1800-425-1957’
BSNL UP West Prepaid Customer Care Number  Broadband‘1800-424-1600’ & ‘1800-424-1601’

BSNL Mobile Customer Care Number UP West and Broadband Number

  • BSNL Landline Customer Care UP West /Broadband: 1500/1800-345-1500 / 1503 (Mobile)
  • BSNL Customer Care Number UP West Toll Free: 1800 180 1503

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BSNL UP West Helpline Number For Other Networks

UP West BSNL Customer Care Number: 9412024365

BSNL UP West Email Chat Support

Customer Care Email Address (Payment Related Only): [email protected]

BSNL Official Website

Official Website:,

BSNL Registered & Corporate Office Address

Bharat Sanchar Bhavan,

Harish Chandra Mathur Lane Janpath,

New Delhi-110 001

Public Grievance Contact Officers in UP West Circle

Of somehow you are not satisfied with the solutions provided by the customer care team via BSNL UP West Customer Care Number you can contact the company’s grievance officers for help. Check out the complete list of Public Grievance Officers in UP West Circle by PRESSING HERE. You can also download this pdf for future use.

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BSNL Uttar Pradesh West Appellate Authority Contact Details

Name of PG Appellate AuthorityAddressEmailPhone
Saurabh Tyagi, GM(HR)O/o CGMT UP West,
1st Floor, BSNL Telephone Exchange, Shastri Nagar
[email protected]0121-2600786

Follow BSNL UP West On Twitter

To share your views or queries you can connect with the company on twitter. Here are some easy ways by which you can follow Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited on TWITTER.

  • First of all, open up your twitter account
  • Now search for BSNL UP West official page
  • Next, on the official page, you have to press on follow button placed which is placed at the top right corner

Follow BSNL UP West On Facebook

On the company’s official facebook page you can grab information concerning its latest prepaid, postpaid and broadband offers. You are free to follow Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited on FACEBOOK with the help of below placed steps.

  • First of all, Login to your facebook account

  • Now you need to enter BSNL Punjab in the search bar and press the search button
  • On the official page you can easily follow the company by pressing Like or Follow button.

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BSNL Customer Care Number UP West

You can contact the customer care representatives by calling on BSNL UP West Customer Care Number as per your location or sending an email on the below mentioned email address.

BSNL UP West Customer Care Number: Agra

Officer NameOff. NoResi. NoEmail
Sh. Vinay Agarwal22251112225222[email protected]
Sh. Ravindra Kumar Singh2225655[email protected]
Sh.Vikas Saxena2225999[email protected]
Sh. Shahzad Khan22265002301718
Shri Mahesh Kumar2263300[email protected]
Shri Ramesh Chand24696962225588
Shri Rahul Ashokayan2529949[email protected]
Shri S. K. Sharma22262472226060[email protected]
Shri A.S. Sharma22255552527111[email protected]
Shri Than Singh22269662278373[email protected]
Shri S.P. Sharma2225353
Shri Nannu Singh22262272580311[email protected]
Shri R.K Srivastava22263092276520
Shri J. P. Sharma22263092276520
Shri Lakhmi Chand22252452217777[email protected]

BSNL UP West Customer Care Number:

Officer NameOff.NoResi NoEmail
Sh. K P VERMA0571240313105712403232[email protected]
Sh. Israr Ahmad057124090909412000781[email protected]
Sh. Surendra Singh057124073739412703701[email protected]
Sh. V K Yadav0571240850505712513000[email protected]
Sh. Ashok Kumar0571240057705712742100[email protected]
Sh. Tushar Gupta0571250505005712742727[email protected]
Sh. Gautam Ghosh0571240000005712741133[email protected]
Sh. K N Vaish0571240787705712406999[email protected]
Sh. D.P.Singh0571250115505712740666[email protected]
Sanjay Gupta0571240332205712741199[email protected]
Sh. Kharag Singh0572323440005712741239[email protected]
Sh. K G GAUR0571270000005712521111
Sh. Vivek Bhatnagar27607772762920
Sh. Vivek Srivastava0571240232305712743366[email protected]
Sh. Amit Kumar Singh0571240858505712741717[email protected]

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BSNL UP West Customer Care Number: Bareilly

Officer NameOff.NoBSNL UP West Customer Care Number: Resi NoEmail
Sh. CHARAN SINGH24558002455900[email protected]
Sh. Atul Mishra2456000[email protected]
SH. A.K.S. PUNDHEER2581111[email protected]
Sh. V.C. SHUKLA24568882431558
Sh. Dharampal Singh2425800
Sh. R.S.Mishra24564569412233440
Sh. Indramani Jaiswal25107009412255820
Sh. A.K. Saxena25112512583556
Sh. V.C. SHUKLA24568882431558
Sh. M.K. Arora24702609412288199
Sh. Azhar Khan24784912521876
Sh. M.K. Singh25112942320552
Sh. R.S.Mishra24564569412233440
Sh. S.A. Khan25369772905050

BSNL UP West Customer Care Number:

Officer NameOff.NoBSNL Uttar Pradesh West
Customer Care Number:
Resi No
Babu Ram261200262000
B.P. Singh260333
L.M. Singh265200
Rajeev Kumar Ravi262350
Sagar Singh262131
Rajesh Kumar260001
Ram Gopal Singh260001
Ashok Kumar Kaushik263434
Mahesh Kumar260455
R.K. Sharma265400
Hemendra Pal268103261523
R.P. Sharma268100263838
Jagdish Prasad264700
Naubahar Singh261021
Gaurav Kumar Rathi240333

BSNL UP West Customer Care Number:

Officer NameOff.NoBSNL UP West Customer Care Number: Resi NoEmail
Sh. Saurabh056722358889412747932[email protected]
Sh. Piyush Dwiedi056722369919412724452[email protected]
Sh. APS Kushwaha056762345509412747977
Sh. CB Rathore056722349029412751600[email protected]
Sh. Ram Saran056722345009412747921
Sh.Amit Kumar056722411919412747944
Sh. R. L. Singh056722340189412287187
Sh. Vineet Khnadelwal056722344449412402480
Shri R.C. Dwivedi056722341339412747919
Sh. Ram Das056762345509412747917
Sh. Ravindra Kumar056722352229412287222
Sh.Mohan Singh Arya056722355509412750445
Sh. Mohan Singh Arya056722355509412750445
Sh. Prabhat Singh05672231333941253549
Sh. Raj Kumar056722345009412747916

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BSNL UP West Customer Care Number: Meerut

Officer NameOff.NoUttar Pradesh West BSNL Customer Care Number: Resi NoEmail
Sh Sanjeev Kr Prajapati2662200[email protected]
Sh S Bhattacharya264224401202764466[email protected]
Sh D K Jain2654300[email protected]
Sh D K Jain27677002761700[email protected]
Sh Vijendra Singh26448112620400
Sh P K Agarwal2511600[email protected]
Sh P K Agarwal25135002649400[email protected]
Sh P K Singhal2651500[email protected]
Sh H N Tyagi26440002761633
Sh H N Tyagi26440002761633[email protected]
Sh H N Tyagi26622202761633[email protected]
Sh H N Tyagi26655102761633
Sh Gajendra Singh Teotia26544002600200[email protected]
Sh RAKESH KUMAR2768400[email protected]
Sh Kamal Singh Rawat26543212623456[email protected]

BSNL UP West Customer Care Number:

Officer NameOff.NoBSNL Customer Care Number Uttar Pradesh West: Resi NoEmail
Sh.Babu Ram01312605000[email protected]
Sh. Radhey Shyam Saini0131260500001312614422
Sh. Rambir Singh0131260000301312600013[email protected]
Sh. Vipin Chandra Shrma0131260823301312412200
Sh. Nisar Ahamad013124702669412215322
Sh.Ajit Kumar Singhal0131260494901312606262
Sh. S.K Bansal013126005000132278282
Sh.Prem Chand0131260450001312644744
Sh.G.K Tayal0131260203201312600661
Sh.Rambir Singh0131260000309412210123[email protected]
Sh.DINKAR KUMAR0131260035509412710005[email protected]
Sh.Narendra Kumar0139623454609412210155[email protected]
Sh.Inderaj Singh0131260494901312615600[email protected]
Sh.Inderaj Singh0131260830009412210070[email protected]

BSNL UP West Customer Care Number:

Officer NameOff.NoResi NoEmail
Sh.Arun Kumar2545745[email protected]
Sh. S. K. Srivastava2545745[email protected]
Sh.Diwakar Mishra2545745[email protected]
Sh. Shobhendra. Bahadur24431322404400[email protected]
Sh. M.P.GUPTA2554444[email protected]
Sh.Ajay Kumar Tiwari2441000[email protected]
Sh.A.K Sharma2440200[email protected]
Smt. Smita Srivastava25555822565005[email protected]
Sh.Jaiveer Singh2443177[email protected]
Smt Smita Srivastav2523132[email protected]
Sh. Paritosh Sharma2402727[email protected]
Sh. R.K.Tiwari25886772612244[email protected]
Sh.K.D.VERMA2326466[email protected]
Sh. R.K.Sharma2555522[email protected]
Sh.Hirdesh Singh2536322[email protected]

BSNL UP West Customer Care Number:

Officer NameOff.NoResi NoEmail
Shri Sanjay Prasad23256002326600[email protected]
Shri Shamim Akthar23515009412718785[email protected]
Shri Anupam Arya23503409412718577[email protected]
Shri S.A.Khan23512342350665[email protected],
Shri Dileep Singh23555779412718729[email protected]
Shri M.K.Singh23513509412718877[email protected],
Shri R.A.Yadav23516109412718506[email protected]
Shri D.K Saxena23508309412216900[email protected]
Shri Pankaj Kumar23501012350666[email protected]
Shri  Shailendra Soni23508302351999[email protected]
Shri K.K Raizada24120002413000[email protected]m
Shri R.K.Agrawal23244442326364[email protected]
Shri S.K.Yadav23515569412718855[email protected]
Shri A.D.P. Gupta25356982535600[email protected]
Shri Ram Pal2640009412253444[email protected]

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BSNL UP West Customer Care Number: Saharanpur

Officer NameOff. NoResi NoEmail
Arun Kumar2729955[email protected]
A. Hasan27234442647800[email protected]
Seth Pal Singh27214822766100
Sobaran Singh27235002767700[email protected]
DV Singh2611111[email protected]
Tejpal27287002712315[email protected]
Om Prakash26428002765222[email protected]
Mange Ram27239002721899[email protected]
Naresh Chand27214822723399[email protected]
Amar Singh27309992760600[email protected]
Harpal Singh27227002720634[email protected]
Om Prakash27268002765222[email protected]
Amit Kumar Singh27273002762220[email protected]
Shyam Pal Singh27283002725788[email protected]
Amit Kumar Singh27667002762220[email protected]

This is How You Can Share Your Feedback!

If you are facing any issues concerning the services of this telecom company, you are free to share your reviews by PRESSING HERE or by following few simple steps:

  • Visit the official website and hit on Feedback link (placed at the bottom of home page).
  • On the new page you just need to enter your personal details like your name, address, phone number, email id and your message.
  • To successfully send your feedback, press on “Submit” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is Hello TV for PC / Data Card users?

With this service, you can watch your favourite videos, movies and Live TV channels on your Laptop by using the data card.

#2. What are the different channels we can watch on Hello TV?

AasthaDivyaUTV StarsZoom TVMusic IndiaUTV Bindaas
Star NewsRaj TvKairali TVRaj NewsHamaar TVSangeet Bhojpuri
PTC PunjabiPTC ChakdeKairali NewsRaj Digital PlusSangeet Bangla24 Ghanta
B4U MoviesManoranjan TVPTC NewsDD NationalVissa TVJaya TV
Aaj TakBloomberg UTVUTV MoviesMh1B4U MusicRaj Musix
Headlines TodayTezET NowLive IndiaTimes nowStar Majha
Star AnandaNewsXTv9 GujratTv9 Mumbai – –

#3. What are the different kinds of value packs available in three channel pack option?

Different types of combination of various channel packs are designed as per the demand of viewers.

#4. Can other operator customers subscribe BSNL Hello TV service, if yes, how other operator/ service provider’s customer can avail this service?

In such a situation, other operator can subscribe using TRUST Card payment option which is given on the official website of the organization.

#5. Is there any service other than TV channels?

Yes, you can enjoy watching Music Videos & Movies with various TV channels:

For Music videos
  • Create a Hello TV account
  • Log in to your account by using username and password
For Movies
  • Create a Hello TV account
  • Log in to your account by using username and password

#6. What are the different kinds of subscriptions packs that I can choose from Hello TV?

There are many different kinds of subscription packs you can choose from:

PackNo. of channelsSubscription feeValidity
Jumbo3099*1 month
South Special3099*1 month
Value Packs329*1 month
Single Channel110*Daily

*for latest tariff, please visit the official website of the organization the link of which is provided right below.

Note: To resolve your queries and doubts, call on BSNL UP West Customer Care Number or visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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