BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number

BSNL Punjab Customer Care NumberBharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of the largest Indian mobile network operators. BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number is displayed here just for you so that you can easily contact the customer care team to resolve your issues. BSNL Customer Care Toll Free Number Punjab or Prepaid/Postpaid Helpline No is the best means to connect with the customer service executives.

By using Punjab BSNL Customer Care Contact No, you can get information about latest prepaid, postpaid and broadband plans & offers, bill payment, DND services, Caller Tune etc. Along with BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number/ BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number Toll Free, we have shared email address, website, frequently asked questions and some other contact details of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Punjab, so take a look!

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number

BSNL Broadband Customer Care Number Punjab

ServicesBSNL Broadband Customer Care Customer Care Number Punjab – For any Enquiry
BSNL Landline Customer Care Number Punjab – Landline Call Center‘1500’
Number ‘1800-345-1500’
BSNL Mobile Customer Care Number Punjab – all India Helpline‘1503’
Number ‘1800-180-1503’
WLL/WiMax Call Center (BSNL Wimax Customer Care Punjab)‘1502’
Number ‘1800-180-1502’
BSNL Broadband Helpline‘1504’
Number ‘1800-345-1504’
BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number- MPLS Help DeskNumber ‘1800-425-1957’
BSNL Prepaid Customer Care Number Punjab Broadband‘1800-424-1600’ & ‘1800-424-1601’
Customer Care Email Address (Payment Related Only)[email protected]

BSNL Customer Care Punjab Mobile and Broadband Number 

BSNL Landline Customer Care Punjab/Broadband: 1500/1800-345-1500 / 1503 (Mobile)

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BSNL Official Website

Official Website:,

BSNL Registered & Corporate Office Address

Bharat Sanchar Bhavan,

Harish Chandra Mathur Lane Janpath,

New Delhi-110 001

BSNL Punjab Appellate Authority Contact Details

Name of PG Appellate AuthorityAddressPhone
Sandeep Khullar, PGM (CFA)O/o CGMT, Punjab Circle,
Plot No. 2, Sanchar Sadan,
Sector 34A, Chandigarh
0172-2664100 (FAX Number)
[email protected]

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Follow BSNL Punjab On Twitter

You can follow the company’s official webpage on twitter and get updated with latest offers, plans and packs of BSNL. To follow Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited on TWITTER, either press the link or make use of the below placed easy steps:

  • login to your Twitter Account
  • Next you need to search for BSNL Punjab official page
  • After pressing the search icon, you’ll be taken to the official twitter page of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
  • Now press on follow button placed which is placed at the top right corner
  • Congratulation! you are linked with BSNL Punjab on twitter

Follow BSNL Punjab On Facebook

To connect with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited on FACEBOOK you need to follow the below placed steps. You can also send your feedback and queries to the customer care executives on facebook and get instant solution.

  • Firstly, Login to your facebook account
  • In the search bar enter BSNL Punjab and press the search button

  • Now you can easily follow the official page of the company by pressing on like button or by hitting on Follow button.

Enjoy Using BSNL Punjab SMS Alert Service

Access SMS Service at a flash! Landline subscribers can enjoy using SMS alert service PI. You just need to visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE and press on “SMS Alerts” link which is placed at the bottom of the page or PRESS HERE.

Now you are required to register your mobile number by filing details including Landline Number, Account Number, Mobile and email address. After completing the form, press on “Register” tab.

BSNL Customer Care Number Punjab

You can easily contact the customer care team by using the below placed contact details and grab all the relevant information about the company and its products.

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number: Amritsar

NameTelephone No. (Office)BSNL Punjab

Customer Care Number (Residence)

MobileE-Mail ID
Pardeep Kumar0183-2503566 –9417000029 –
Kanwaljeet Komal0183-2504747 –9417048282[email protected]
Tehal Singh –9417500138[email protected]
Sita Ram Sharma0183-25036440183-25712149465832320[email protected]
Ajit Chand0183-250303101853-2742529464792121[email protected]
Parmod Kumar0183-2502288 –9417803323[email protected]
Pawan Kumar0183-2505526 –9417607800[email protected]
Taruna0183-25002000183-25634879417823487[email protected]

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BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number: Bhatinda

Name Telephone No. (Office)BSNL Customer Care

 Number Punjab Prepaid (Residence)

MobileEmail ID
Amit Garg0164-22469990164-22217009417300046[email protected]
Shish Pal0164-22469990164-22529909417049494[email protected]
Tarlochan Singh Bhambra0164-2246922 –9413394174[email protected]
Dhankuber0164-22469220164-22238919463100870[email protected]
Mohan Lal0164-224624201666-2386339464712921[email protected]
Neelam Rani0164-22463600164-22558229417901754[email protected]

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number:

Name (Sh./Smt)Telephone No. (Office)Telephone No (Residence)Mobile
J.S. SAHOTA260577726268689478400081
Gurmukh Singh262286622170809417033344
Radhesh Kumar Mishra262037725509999417839067
Gurmukh Singh266800022170809417033344
Ram Avtar262485126739929417300081
Ashok Kumar266265426805199463100519

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number:

Name of officer BSNL Customer Care Punjab Number Office Tel. No.Residence Tel. No.Mobile No.E-mail address
Sh Pratap Narayan Dohare01632-24529001632-2452709464444029gmtd_ferozepur
S.B. Singh01635-22629901639-2559007589301470[email protected]
Sh. Parminder Singh01636-23225501636-2380009463700033[email protected]
Smt.Shiva01636-22550001636-2233009463303300[email protected]
Sh.Pritpal Singh01637-26796901637-2620309417097900[email protected]
Sh. K.K.Mittal01638-26427701638-2604899463503789[email protected]
Sh. S.B. Singh01639-25640001639-2559007589301470[email protected]
Sh.Tilak Raj Sharma01682-2514440181-22269819417891313[email protected]
Sh.Tilak Raj Sharma01632-2454000181-22269819417891313[email protected]
Sh. G.Venkatesan01632-2445219530902962[email protected]
Sh. S.B. Singh01639-25640001639-2559007589301470[email protected]

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number:

Officer NameDesig.Mobile No.L/L OfficeE-Mail Id
CHARAN DASSGMT941700006901882-230101[email protected]
B.S. CHHABRADGM (CFA & CM)941789768601882-240102[email protected]

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number:

Name OfficeResidenceMobileE-Mail ID
Ravinder Kumar0181-24598050181-24217009478800088[email protected]
Pc Yadav0181-22314440181-22269819417200017[email protected]
B S Chabra0181-22277170181-22710209417897686[email protected]
Tehal Singh0181-22844680181-24830819417500138[email protected]
Kanwaljeet Komal0181-22121020181-24113139417048282[email protected]
Gurnam Singh0181-22208660181-24834349417893434[email protected]
Gurmail Singh0181-240565601824-2420699417001414[email protected]
Vikas Khanna0181-240631001822-2301119417897111[email protected]
Anish Kumar Tangri0181-22778830181-22238009417903800[email protected]
Swaranjeet Singh Rekhi0181-22233610181-24102629417500193[email protected]
Deepak Sharma01824-2650880181-27152529530549595[email protected]
Surjit Singh01823-22118801823-2225009417892500[email protected]
Raj Kumar Mehta0181-24026260181-24823699417997979[email protected]
Pritpal Singh0181-24015770181-26510309417806811[email protected]
Pankaj Kapoor0181-22354220181-22525769417890500[email protected]
Pardeep Kumar Soni0181-22740030181-24650509417803340[email protected]

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BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number: Patiala

NameOfficeResidenceMobile No.E-Mail ID
Rohit Sharma0175-22177550175-22177009478757700[email protected]
Nasir Ahmed Patel0175-22169000175-23116369404683636[email protected]
Surinder Pal0175-2222422 –9463900600[email protected]
G.P.Sharma01765-25550001765-2545009463602500[email protected]
Jagdish Kumar01763-22402401763-2216669417801957[email protected]
K.C.Singla0175-2215858 –9417900250[email protected]
Mohit Grover0175-230954701762-2240509417704200[email protected]
Naresh Kumar01764-223330 –9417800888[email protected]
Sanjiv Gupta0175-23038300175-22813899463203040[email protected]
Taranjit Singh0175-23565210175-22814279417000290[email protected]
Vinesh  Bhatia0175-2309797 –9417010190[email protected]m

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number: Pathankot

Name of officer Sh./Smt.Office Tel.  No.Residence Tel. No.Mobile No.E-mail address
 Charan Dass223031122304119417000069[email protected]
Joginder Paul223202022521529417704664[email protected]
 Sanjeev223500022420009417791999[email protected]
Avtar Chand222840822353579417803878[email protected]
V.S.Pathania222101822563009417808502[email protected]
Dalbir Singh22356162220889417797400[email protected]
Daleep Chand223398722232439478005243[email protected]
Ajit Kumar223100522200049463600060[email protected]
 Rakesh Kumar22302502223559417031899[email protected]
Balbir Singh2220700225524229417705666[email protected]
Samson Kumar223374422357779417604911[email protected]
Deepak Guleria222548721036869417975146[email protected]

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number:

NameTelephone No.Telephone ResidenceMobile No.E-mail
J.S. Sahota01881-2276000172-26268689478400081[email protected]
Ram Nath01881-22760301881-22476039463502824[email protected]
Om Parkash01881-22160101881-2236039463001300[email protected]
Talwinder Singh01881-22160201881-2289009417803838[email protected]
Gurinder Paul Singh Walia01881-22270001887-2208889417600889[email protected]
Pramod Kumar01881-22842801887-2218009417226800[email protected]
Sunil Puri01887-22730001975-2280009463400243[email protected]

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number:

Name of the officer Telephone No. (Office)Telephone No. (Residence)Mobile No.Mail ID
R.P Tripathy01672-23455501672-22333394152-46222[email protected]
Anant Ram Hira01672-231300NA94178-04577[email protected]
HC Gupta01672-234567NA94633-00036[email protected]
BUDH RAM01672-23328801672-23346694176-06966[email protected]
HARMINDER SINGH01672-23422201672-23665594176-00963[email protected]
Munish Goyal01672-23401501672-94171-00057[email protected]
Mohinser Singh01672-23219901676-22123494176-03747[email protected]
SANDEEP KUMAR01679-23322201679-23113194176-06131[email protected]
Jamil Ahmed01675-22660001675-22536694176-00655[email protected]
PARDEEP KUMAR01675-251600NA94178-00510[email protected]
SANDEEP KUMAR01676-22190001676-22345694176-05234[email protected]

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number: RTTC Rajpura

NameBSNL Punjab Customer Care Number
S. /Sh. /Smt.OfficeMobileResidence
Rajesh Bansal22250095305-00050—–
Sumit Kumar24461094177-94300244654
Nirmal Kumar Jain24460694176-00166243777
Mewa Singh22345494178-080810175-2354999
Davinder Kalra22549094160137010171-2650652
Vinay Kapoor24465694179001800172-2214302
Rajesh Kumar24460994639-98844244665
Ajit Singh24460194176-00651225051
Pawan Kumar24464694176-01601227900

BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number:

Name(Sh./Smt.)Tel. No.(Office)BSNL customer care number Punjab Ludhiana Residence)MobileEMAIL ID
Vinay Agarwal2401510 – –[email protected]
Jaspal Singh256460025646009530500510[email protected]
Harminder Singh274755526069099417205717[email protected]
Wali Mohammad240002227702779464422249[email protected]
Wali Mohammad240002227702779464422249[email protected]
D.K Jain244360625069339417500687[email protected]
D.K Jain241349125069339417500687[email protected]
AMRIK SINGH277148824633349417204888[email protected]
V.K Rawat242005016282225119417500400[email protected]
Wali Mohammad –27702779464422249[email protected]
Deepak Kumar26234516282235009478800566[email protected]
R.S Prajapati284451016282580009417865221[email protected]
R.S Prajapati25800016282580009417865221[email protected]
Harbans Lal22220525225229463977522[email protected]
R.S Prajapati280400016282580009417865221[email protected]
PRADEEP ROHILLA261303128160009530900551[email protected]
SUKHWINDER SINGH253453416282263009417605655[email protected]
SUKHWINDER SINGH254454416282263009417605655[email protected]
P.S Nanda272060022258889417022588[email protected]
JASBIR SINGH230360125605609417300013[email protected]
Parveen Kumar277117725643449463400045[email protected]
Parveen Kumar261399925643449463400045[email protected]
A K DEORA240141623056059478001315[email protected]

Submit Your Feedback In One Go!

Customers who want to send their suggestions can share their views and opinions with the customer care executives by PRESSING HERE or by visiting the official website of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and pressing on feedback link which is mentioned at the bottom of home page. On the new page, enter the Captcha correctly and submit it. You can also reset the Captcha if you are not able to figure it out. Next fill the feedback form and share your reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What are the services provided by BSNL Mobile – prepaid?

Following are the services provided by the company via its prepaid:

  • Mobile to mobile voice calls.
  • Mobile to land line voice calls.
  • CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation).
  • SMS (Short Messaging Service).
  • Call forwarding, call wait, Voice mail and many more…

#2. How to know account balance in prepaid?

Dial 123 and follow the IVRS instructions

#3. What is the validity period for prepaid?

It is a period during which the customers are allowed to make or receive the calls and start with the date activation of their SIM card.

#4. How do I avail a new BSNL Mobile – prepaid connection?

New Mobile prepaid connection is accessible via Mobile CSC/ distributor network which is located in all cities covered with mobile services.

#5. What is the initial amount to be deposited for a new Mobile prepaid connection?

  • This type of connection is accessible for Rs.220/- only with Rs. 50/- free talk time.
  • Cards are available from Rs. 70/- to Rs. 3000/- value having validity period from 7 days to one year.

#6. To how many users can I send mails at a time?

You are permitted to send mail to a maximum of 15 users at a time.

Get Best Answer: How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service

#7. What is the total size of attachment permitted on WebMail?

Upto 1 MB of attachments is permitted to be share on WebMail.

#8. What is the total size of email permitted using Mail Client like Netscape Messenger etc?

The size of email must not exceed 2 MB

#9. How much is the Mail Quota with Sancharnet Dialup Packages?

4 MB per mail box is the Mail Quota with such Packages.

#10. I am not able to receive incoming mails through sancharnet mail servers?

In such case, please visit the official website and fetch relevant information.

Note: Hope, you got to know much about BSNL Punjab Customer Care Number, for more details, go through the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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