Bewafa’ Sonam Gupta Top Searched Personality on Google

Bewafa’ Sonam Gupta Top Searched Personality on GoogleThere are only 15 days left of 2016 to make it a history and so we decided to rewind what all happened this year in the world of internet. We were shocked to see that Bewafa’ Sonam Gupta Top Searched Personality on Google when we were hunting top news and stories of 2016 on Google in India.

With the all major incident and searches from the Rio Olympics 2016 to US Presidential election amongst the top searched people Sonam Gupta stands along with U.S President Donald Trump and Indian Badminton Player P.V Sindhu. Wooah! Now “Sonam Gupta has become International Bewafa”.

It was no wonder to see Donald Trump Name there in the top searched people as the US Presidential elections was from one of the major event and news of the year. The name of the P.V Sindhu was the second in the list as she made India proud by winning Silver Medal in Rio 2016.

Bewafa’ Sonam Gupta Top Searched Personality on Google

But really the third name on the list made it so unbearable to not laugh like a drain as the most sensational news of the year Sonam Gupta and her Bewafayi (disloyalty) were there on the list and left many important names behind. It was the most bizarre and “Kuch Bhi” type of trendy news of 2016.

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Top Searched Sonam Gupta

The fictitious name first appeared on a torn Rs 10 note in August this year and was back on a new Rs 2,000 note after demonetization and went viral on various social media platforms with the tagline “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai (Sonam Gupta is unfaithful)”. Below are some famous people who were eaten by Sonam Gupta in the race of top Searched names on Google in India 2016.

#1. Gymnast Dipa Karmakar took the fourth spot, followed by actor Disha Patani who recently made her Bollywood debut in a biopic on Indian cricketing star M.S. Dhoni, at fifth place.


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#2. Indian female wrestler and Olympic champion Sakshi Malik also featured among the Top 10 trending personalities on Google.


#3. Rio Olympic Games 2016 emerged as the top trending search query among Google users, followed by the augmented-reality (AR) game Pokémon Go.


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#4. Among top trending news events, Rio Olympics 2016 again topped the charts, followed by the US elections and Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) at the second and third spot, respectively.


Sonam Gupta Google Trends Interest Over Time At Pace

Google Trend Of India


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Google Trend United States


Now You Can easily Imagine at how much pace this fever went viral and with the help of social media this fever also went global and made its place in top searches by beating up the names of many famous personalities.

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