15 Best Places to Visit in Asia

15 Best Places to Visit in AsiaAsia is the 8th largest and most populous continent, situated primarily in eastern and northern hemispheres. Visitors are you searching for 15 Best Places to Visit in Asia, and then you are only required to go through this article. We have given you the closer look at Asia for sorting out the List of Most Visited Travel Places. So, Visitors, if you want to travel in Asia, then you must check out the below provided list of 15 Best Places to Visit in Asia.

15 Best Places to Visit in Asia

  1. Bali

15 Best Places to Visit in Asia

Bali is island and region of Indonesia. The region includes island of Bali and some smaller neighboring islands, especially Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. Bali is situated at westernmost end of Lesser Sunda Islands, between Lombok to east and Java to west. Denpasar is situated at southern part of island and it is capital of Bali. Bali is part of Coral Triangle which is area with the utmost biodiversity of marine species. In recent times, Bali was the host of ASEAN Summit of 2011, APEC of 2013 and Miss World 2013. Main tourist places of Bali are outer suburbs of Legian, Seminyak (which were once independent townships), in the center of island Ubud, town of Kuta (with its beach), newer development of Nusa Dua and Pecatu, south of Ngurah Rai International Airport, Jimbaran and east coast town of Sanur (once the only tourist hub).

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for its skyline and deep natural harbour. It is one of the world’s foremost international financial centres and it has major capitalist service economy characterized through low taxation and free trade. As of 2010, the currency of Hong Kong dollar is 8th most traded currency in the world. Transportation network of Hong Kong is highly developed. Hong Kong is commonly expressed as place where “East meets west”, reflecting culture’s mix of territory’s Chinese roots with control from its time as British colony. Sports in Hong Kong are important part of its culture. Cycling, swimming, table tennis, Football, badminton, basketball, and running have most participants and audience.

  1. Tokyo


Tokyo is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan, and is both capital and largest city of Japan.  In the world, The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan areas. Tokyo ranked 3rd in Global Economic Power Index and 4th in Global Cities Index. In the world, Tokyo has the biggest metropolitan economy. It has various universities, junior colleges, and vocational schools. It is founder member of Asian Network of 21Major Cities and is member of Council of Local Authorities for International Relations. Tokyo also contains several parks and gardens. There are total 4 national parks in Tokyo Prefecture which includes Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park including all of the Izu Islands.

  1. Maldives


Maldives is island country and archipelago in Indian Ocean and it lies southwest of India and Sri Lanka in Laccadive Sea. Maldives became founding member of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and it hosted 17th SAARC summit in the year 2011. It is also member of Commonwealth of Nations, Non-Aligned Movement and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Maldives has few island groups on isolated reefs and 26 natural atolls and and all of this have divided into 21 administrative divisions (twenty administrative atolls and Malé city).

  1. Singapore


Singapore often referred to as the Garden City, the Red Dot and Lion City. It is world’s only island city-state and leading global city in Southeast Asia. Singapore consist 63 islands, together with the main island. Singapore has one of the top net international investment position per capita and the world’s 11th largest foreign reserves. The currency of Singapore is Singapore dollar which is issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It is interchangeable with Brunei dollar. All institutions, private and public, must be registered with the Ministry of Education. Education in Singapore takes place in three stages i.e. primary, secondary, and pre-university education.

  1. Seoul


Seoul is capital and biggest metropolis of South Korea, form heart of Seoul Capital Area, including surrounding Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi province, world’s 14th largest city and 4th biggest metropolitan area with more than 25.6 million people. Through PwC’s Cities of Opportunity report, Seoul is world’s most wired city and ranked 1st in technology readiness. Seoul is residence of 115 museums together with 9 official and 3 national municipal museums. FC Seoul is most well-liked football club of Seoul and Recently, FC Seoul finished as runner-up in 2013 AFC Champions League.

  1. Beijing


Beijing is capital of People’s Republic of China and in the world; it is one of most crowded cities. After Shanghai, It is 2nd biggest Chinese city by urban population. At historical heart of Beijing is Forbidden City and it is the vast palace compound that was residence of emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties. Palace Museum, which contains imperial collections of Chinese art are hosts by Forbidden City. Nearby, Forbidden City there is numerous former imperial gardens, scenic areas, and parks especially Shichahai, Beihai, Zhongnanhai, Jingshan and Zhongshan.

  1. Bangkok


Bangkok is capital and most crowded city of Thailand and this city have 1,568.7 square kilometres (605.7 sq mi) in Chao Phraya River delta in Central Thailand, and have population of more than 8 million, or 12.6 percent of country’s population. Bangkok is heart of country’s development and investment and economic centre of Thailand. Its ranking is 69th among other 76 region of Thailand. One of the world’s top tourist destination cities is Bangkok. MasterCard ranked Bangkok as global top goal city by international visitor. It is member of numerous international organizations and regional city government networks.

  1. Phuket


Phuket is one of the southern regions and it consists of island of Phuket, country’s biggest island and another 32 smaller islands off its coast. This island is lies off the west coast of Thailand in Andaman Sea. Phuket is divided into 3 districts and these 3 districts are further subdivided into 17 sub-districts and 103 villages. It has area of 576 sq. km. which is less than that of Singapore and is 2nd smallest region of Thailand. This island is largest island in Thailand, in Andaman Sea of southern Thailand.

  1. Kyoto


Kyoto is city situated in central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. Information technology and electronics is the key industry of Kyoto. Kyoto is famous for its traditional festivals which have held for more than 1000 years and are major tourist attraction. Tourism also forms large base of Kyoto’s economy. Kyoto holds roughly 2000 temples and shrines. The total population of this city is 1.5 million.

  1. Kathmandu


Kathmandu is capital and biggest municipality of Nepal and it also hosts the headquarters of SAARC. Kathmandu is also known casually as “KTM” or the “tri-city”. Kathmandu is gateway to tourism in Nepal and it is also core of country’s economy. Its economy is focused on tourism and it has most advanced infrastructure of any urban area in Nepal. In Kathmandu city, the most modern school in Nepal i.e. Durbar School, and oldest college, Tri Chandra College are situated. In Kathmandu, Nepal there is centre of music and dance and these art forms are essential to understand the city. Traditional music festival according to Nepal Sambat is Gunla. In addition, Music from all over Nepal can be found in Kathmandu.

  1. Siem Reap

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is capital city of Siem Reap region in northwestern Cambodia and has famous resort town as gateway to Angkor region. In this city, there are traditional Apsara dance performances, museums, souvenir, Cambodian cultural village, rice-paddies in the countryside, fishing villages, handycraft shops, silk farms, and bird sanctuary near Tonle Sap Lake. Today, it is well liked popular tourist destination and it has huge number of hotels, restaurants, resorts and businesses closely related to tourism. In and around Siem Reap, There are also large number of NGOs and other not-for profits organizations.

  1. Hanoi


Vietnam capital is Hanoi and it is the 2nd largest city. Hanoi has top Human Development Index among cities in Vietnam. In terms of GDP growth from 2008 to 2025, Hanoi will fastest growing city in the world. In the year 2015, Hanoi has 4th rank in TripAdvisor’s list of World’s Best Destinations (Travellers’ Choice). In TripAdvisor’s annual TripIndex report, Hanoi is most reasonable international destination. In Vietnam, This city is biggest center of education. Within Hanoi city, main means of transport are motorbikes, buses, taxis, and rising number of cars.

  1. Shanghai


The Largest Chinese city by population and largest city proper by population in world is Shanghai. It is one of the 4 direct-controlled municipalities of People’s Republic of China, with population of over 24 million as of 2014. It is global financial center and transport core with world’s busiest container port. It is popular tourist destination well-known for its historical landmarks like The Bund, City God Temple and Yu Garden as well as extensive Lujiazui skyline many skyscrapers and major museums including Shanghai Museum and China Art Museum. Shanghai has been described as “showpiece” of blooming economy of mainland China.

  1. Taipei


Taipei is capital city and special municipality of Taiwan. Taipei is economic, educational, cultural center and political of Taiwan and it is one of the major hubs of Chinese-speaking world. Taipei is residence of various cultural land marks or world-famous architectural which comprise Taipei 101, Hsing Tian Kong, National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Mengjia Longshan Temple and Dalongdong Baoan Temple. As of December 2012, Taiwan is creditor economy which holds one of the world’s biggest foreign exchange reserves of more than US$403 billion.

We have presented you the 15 Best Places to Visit in Asia in the above section of this page. So, visitors, if you want the list of Most Visited Travel Places then must go through this page. This page will definitely helps you in getting the knowledge of Best Places to Visit in Asia.

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