Best Operating Systems

Best Operating SystemsHaving a powerful operating system is must to use your PC/Laptop in best way. In this article we have shared the list of Top Ten Best Operating Systems that you should use in 2017. To perform the basic functions of computer without any hindrance start using any of these below given fastest Operating System. The OS is the very important System Software that manages hardware and software services, access the CPU and manages memory. All computer programs require an operating system to function. So to know the light & fast OS are for PC you have to read this page. Make a right choice by selecting the best Operating Systems among the various options available.

Best Operating Systems

#1. Android OS

Android Operating System is the one we all must be aware of. It is the most popular mobile operating system developed by Google in 2005 and based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices. It will not wrong to say that it is most widely used operating system across the world.

#2. Microsoft Windows 7

Each and Every computer user must have used Windows OS for at least once in his/her life. At present Microsoft Windows 7 is the top rated best operating system used for almost every PC. It is easy to install, crash free, smarter taskbar and is light & fast operating system that is best to use for your computer system. It is very simple to install and is very safe in the way of virus protection and speed.

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#3. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the leading operating system for PC, Tablets, and Phones etc. It is a mixture of Windows and Macintosh and was introduced by Linux in 2004. Ubuntu is an open source software that is designed for desktop. It is fast and easy to install. The latest version of Ubuntu is 16.04 which require at least 2GB’s of RAM.

#4. Linux Mint

Linux is the superior Light & Fast OS for PC that you should use. It is user friendly as it give chance to users modify its feature according to their usage/preference. This operating is widely used by people as it has an impressive vulnerability patching policy. Linux deserves to be in our list of top 10 Best Operating Systems.

#5. Windows 8

Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft. It is the fastest Microsoft operating system which has more security features and compatibility as compare to others. If you want to install a new operating system then you should go for Window 8.1

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#6. Windows XP

Windows XP is another most demanding Operating System that was released in 2001 from Microsoft’s Windows family. It is one of the best operating system that is user friendly in case of learning, handling and many other ways. In this operating system “XP” Stands for eXPerience.

#7. Macintosh OSX

Many of us may have heard about Mac operating system as it is rapidly increasing number of users because of advance features and good graphics cards, plenty of memory etc. If you are looking to install this most popular operating system and enjoy its best feature, then you are making the right choice.

#8. Windows Vista

The latest release of Windows operating system is Vista and is projected to change all XP operating systems. With all new features like complex, dynamic visuals etc it is planning to give tough competition to all other OS. To run at its fullest this Operating system requires a lot of RAM. Its demand is increasing day by day and is expected to be on top in coming years.

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#9. Fedora

Fedora is a Linux based that is developed by Red Hat. It has acquire a position to be in the lsit of top 10 best operating system because of its extra features and user friendly process as compared to others. Also it is an open source Operating system developed for PC. Without thinking one can go for Fedora that is the most successful computer operating systems.

#10. Windows 95  

There are many other Window Operating System that are discussed, adding to the list of this Windows 95 is another consumer-oriented operating system developed by Microsoft in 1995. It is a user-friendly interface and have many features like the start menu, which revolutionized PC interfaces.

Hope you like our top 10 Best Operating Systems list that is given above. These are the most in demand Light & Fast OS for PC You Should Use in 2017. For any query feel free to tell us in the comment box below.

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