Best Cultural College Fests In India

Best Cultural College Fests In IndiaOne can hardly forget about our college life because it is the time which is very special and significant for us. Here we are providing Best Cultural College Fests In India throughout this page which should be attended by each person. These are the days when everyone is so much equipped and busy in their work regarding the preparation of fests including guest list, performances, invitations, arrangements, decorations and many more things.

In college, the best part is the organization of fest which is a complete mixture of activities, fun, and enjoyment. That is why we are providing top 10 tech/culture college fests which will definitely going to inspire you to be part of it. And those people who want to recall and cherish their college memories can also check out the given details of best college events.

Best Cultural College Fests In India

                                  Top 10 Tech/Culture College Fests
  1. Udgaar 

 The best college event in India is udgaar which takes place in Gorakhpur in well known university named madan Mohan Malaviya University of technology. The broad of editorial mainly takes the responsibilities for organizing the fest. It is brilliant event with good blend of relationship and colors among students. It basically organizes from 31 March- 2 April every year.

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  1. Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay

Mood Indigo festival in Indian institute of technology , Bombay is another topmost culture festival which takes place every year in dec month and last till four days. Last year, this college had recognized a good crowd of over 88,000 students from different colleges to be part of this event.

  1. Techfest, IIT Bombay

Next tech festival of IIT Bombay is tech-fast which is only organized by the students itself. They not only arrange the culture acts but also social programs and other various initiatives. This event was commenced in year 1998 and great number of people used to visit there.

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  1. OASIS in BITS

Another excellent fest which will surely make it remember fro number of years is OASIS. It last for 96 hours including night as well. Every year, more than 200 institutions come to be part of this fest. OASIS is among the biggest and well appreciated fest in India.

  1. MOODI, IIT Bombay

Next widely famous cultural event of IIT Bombay is MOODI which was basically initiated by an independent group of musicians in 1971. Since then, it is among the popular and highly admired event of the college. It held’s in between 26-29 dec of every year.

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  1. Malhar

When it comes to the best college and bet culture fest, st Xavier College comes first in mind. It’s very popular fest malhar is highly famous among students. In this, lots of events including story theme, dance, music, songs and other activities takes place. It usually held in the month of august.

  1. Saarang

Next adored event of IIT madras is saarang which is impatiently waiting fest by majority of people every year. Get prepared yourself with full five days fun, enjoyment and adventure with this event. In addition to this, some well knew celebrities also visits here to make contribution in several activities.

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  1. Pravega- IISC Bangalore

Pravega is a well known science and technology annual fest take place in IISC Bangalore mainly in the month of September. This event was basically developed to exert a pull of students who are creative in any field so that they can showcase their talent and passion.

  1. Waves

Waves are another remarkable event which is prearranged by the students of BITS Pilani. More than 45,000 students take part in activities of this festival. The centre of attration of this event is rock and personality competition. In addition to this, activities like workshop, fashion show, ramp walk also take place.

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  1. Spring Fest

The last but not the least is spring fest of IIT Kharagpur’s which is among the oldest and largest culture event of India colleges. It last till three days and four nights which given a superb opportunity to students to explore new things, enjoy debates, completion etc. Spring fest usually held in between 23-26 January.

So, that’s all about Best Cultural College Fests in India. For more information and updates, viewers are advised to stay tuned with our web portal.


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