Best Bodybuilders In India

Best Bodybuilders in IndiaThe plethora of bodybuilding is on the go in India and many of our athletes are making India proud by winning medals in international events. To make you all familiar with them we have made a list of Best Bodybuilders In India which also includes Champions of Mr India Bodybuilding. This sport is apart from all other sports like cricket and badminton.

The training for bodybuilding is quite intense and needs years of hard work. These top list of bodybuilders have worked really hard hard to gain that aim physique and reach that level. Some bodybuilders like Hira Lal and Varinder Singh Ghuman have proved that vegetarians can also build a good body. Come on let’s check out the list of Best Bodybuilders in India 2017.

Best Bodybuilders In India

#1. Murli Kumar

Murli Kumar is a renowned Indian bodybuilder. He started bodybuilding at the age of 25 and now at the age of 35 he stands as an Indian bodybuilding icon. Murli kumar was a sailor in Indian navy and have never thought of entering into bodybuilding. Murli won the title of Mr. India at two consecutive years 2013 and 2014. He also performed at the Asian Bodybuiding Championship in Vietnam 2012.

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#2. Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule is the name of which youth is inspired of in Indan bodybuilding. Sangram has won Mr. Universe title in the 85 Kg category in the World Bodybuilding Championship held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2012. Apart from these reorganizations he has also won many domestic titles. Sangram’s daily diet consists of 1kg of Fish, 0.5 Kg of chicken, lots of milk and boiled vegetables.

#3. Suhas Khamkar

Suhas Khamkar a professional bodybuilder of India lies from the Kolhapur region. His family was filled with the fitness experts and so he grew up watching many bodybuilders. At the age of 16 making Arnold Schwarzenegger his inspiration he started bodybuilding. He has been 9 times Mr India, Mr Asia 2010, Mr Olympia Amateur and 7 times Mr. Maharashtra. Suhas is also the First Indian bodybuilder to become Mr. Asia in 2010, winning a gold medal.

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 #4. Rajendra Mani

The 6 time Mr. India holder, World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships winner, 2 times Mr Asia and Mr WORLD (2013) and he being the current Mr India Champion Of Champion (2016). Words are less to express this personality. Most of his time he spends in gym and has worked very hard, day and night his dream was to win his championships.

#5. Ankur Sharma

The best young bodybuilding talent of India, This Delhi boy has also won many iconic titles which include Gold in the 2013 WBPF World Championship, Mr. India 2012, and second place in Mr. India competition, 2013.

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#6. Ashish Sakharkar

The icon boy of Maharashtra and India ashish sarkharkar Sakharkar, a true professional trouper believes that India will soon see the golden era of body building. Ashish who is crowned four times as Mr India, is also four times winner of Federation Cup, owns a Gold medal in IFBB European Championship, and has been ranked 7th in Amateur Mr Olympia Championship.

#7. Hira Lal

Hira lal has made it with his way. He is pure vegetarian unlike the notion of non-vegetarian diet among bodybuilders. He has also won several title and Achievements. He has also won Mr. World 2011 in the 65 kg with its class apart performance and a shredded body.

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#8. Varinder Singh Ghuman

Varinder Singh the most iconic bodybuilder in the list who also made his approach in the cinemas. Ghuman has won Mr India 2009 and also was awarded 2d place in Mr. Asia. He is also a pure vegetarian bodybuilder like Hira Lal.

#9. Amit Chhetri

Amit Chhetri is a famous Gorkha bodybuilder; he has also won several honors for the country, including the victory of Champions Federation Cup 2013, where he was declared to be the best body builder in 95-100 kg category.

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#10. Neeraj Kumar

The last name in our list o top bodybuilders in INDIA Neeraj Kumar took the place due to his blockbuster performances so far and also because of the honorable achievements. He also bagged the title of Mr India in 2013 along with many state and domestic level championships.

Folk’s this was all about the top bodybuilders of India. To gain  more knowledge about the same stay updated with us.


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