10 Best Android Games

10 Best Android GamesSince demand for Kitkat, Lollipop Android is more so as on android gaming section too. Here’s an ultimate List of 10 Best Android Games for 2017 so, let’s, Check out complete list of Most Downloaded Android Games that are top hottest phone games. Every month, Google Play comes with so many interesting games, which are series or many new also, but yet better than previous version.  So, Guys Whether you’re just a game player or love to unlock parts, stages and beat others sore then we suggests you to go well with this entire page! Let’s take a look at the newest, best and Most Downloaded Android for 2017!

There are many android games which people download day by day like Clash of Clans, candy crush, but this time, World of games in android platform introducing you; so many exciting Android Games like, Minecraft, Titanfall, Runaway Toad, Pokemon GO and so many others.  So, People who want to play the best Android Games can go through the List of Most Downloaded Android Games which is displayed below in this article.

10 Best Android Games

We have presented you the list of 10 Best Android Games; let’s see how many of you actually expected this much!!! Seriously, you will love to play these games after reading about them…………..

#1. Minecraft – Story Mode Episode 6

One of the most downloadable, playable one ‘Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6’ is here but with all new Story mode and theme. The developers of the game Telltale and the Mojang have done everything to make the game even more interesting. Minecraft: Story Mode continues on in a three-set of episodes, the Adventures of the New Order of the Stone, and follows the escapades of Jesse and discover new world…

Minecraft - Story Mode Episode 6

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#2. Lego RPG

Lego RPG is actually in development mode as developers of this most awaited Android game are doing so hard in every possible thing to complete it by 2016. But looking like it will be released in the early 2017 and the publishers of the game are Nexon Games and the game will be releasing in the RPG genre.

Lego RPG

#3. Apestorm – Full Bananas

Apestorm Full Bananas I a full package of entrainment, here Apes started a battle against the humanity and they want to take revenge from the humans. Wow! Isn’t amazing, this one is a 2D bombing game setup in steampunk world and Players have to commend their stolen aircrafts; you will have to collect ship pretty power ups and drop the bombs on the factories, warehouses and other manmade objects.

Apestorm - Full Bananas

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#4. Titanfall – Mobile Project

Titanfall game is based on a famous shooter series. It is available for the pc and other gaming platform. Now it is all set to release for the Android in the year 2017. It is an action based game published by the Nexon games. You will see some stunning graphics and amazing gameplay features into the game.

Titanfall - Mobile Project

#5. Runaway Toad

The Toad is on the run to eat bugs, insects and flies to get new powers. He will have to survive from the blimps, owls and other dangerous creatures. You will have to help the Toad to safely complete all the tasks in this arcade game developed and published by Finzi Games.

Runaway Toad

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#6. Minecraft – Story Mode Episode 7

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7 will be released after the Episode 6 by the end of year 2016 of this most loving and most playable game.

Minecraft - Story Mode Episode 7

#7. Pokemon GO

In the all new upcoming Pokemon GO which will be releasing for the Android you will experience some all new things which you never did before. You will be able to catch trade and battle the pokemon in vast actual world. The gameplay of the Pokemon GO is stunning with incredible graphics and better sound. It will give you the experience like you are watching the Pokemon Tv series.

Pokemon GO

#8. Tokyo Ghoul – The Mobile Game

Tokyo Ghoul is based on the Anime and Manga series, which fictional Tokyo human are looking monsters named Ghouls. Humans are living in fear of Ghouls which survive by eating the flesh of the humans. The Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) forces are the only thing that stands between people (humans) and the fearsome Ghouls who hunt them, for m ore play it…..

Tokyo Ghoul - The Mobile Game

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#9. Final Fantasy IX

The all new chapter of Final Fantasy mobile series is all set to be released and ranked in list of 10 Best Android Games for 2017; the game is a RPG based and will continue the story from where it left in the last part. The player will experience the stunning graphics, better game play and lots of other new things this time.

Final Fantasy IX

#10. Mad Max

Mad Max is one of the most awaited games by the Warner Bros which is to be released on the Android. It is action genre game which is to be released in the year 2017. It is an open world to the third person action game in which you will have battle so get ready to fight and win with combat powers…

So, now ask yourself won’t you wish to play them right now?? Apart from this, share with us ‘which one you liked the most’???

Mad Max

Yep! If you have your own then share it with us, we’ll add it in list of 10 Best Android Games for 2017.

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