Awesome Daily Use Products

Awesome Daily Use ProductsNowadays everybody is looking for awesome daily products that will make their life easier and productive. There are so many Awesome Daily Use Products in the world but only limited products that are still not available in India. Every invention that comes out is from a great mind and thoughts can help you around the house or office or anywhere.

Weather you have heard of them or not but these products can make your life easy and cool. We have mentioned here the list of awesome daily use products you never knew you needed. Do not forget to mention your favorite daily use product in the comments section.

Awesome Daily Use Products

#1. The Expanding Table

This table can expand within 5 seconds without adding any additional part or anything. This table expands easily when it is revolved. This is an awesome product and it is also space efficient.

The Expanding Table

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#2. Invisible Bike Helmet

Invisible Bike Helmet is an Easy to wear Invisible helmet. It fits on the neck like a muffler and is easy to carry and whenever it feels a G-Force it opens automatically and saves like an actual helmet. It is easy to use and carry.

Invisible Bike Helmet

#3. The Balcony Hanging Plant Pots 

In a modern world space is necessary and is most important asset. These flower pots are perfect as it will also enhance your home from outside. These are the perfect pots if you love greenery and floral beauty.

The Balcony Hanging Plant Pots

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#4. Bike Handle Blinkers

These bike handle blinkers will improve your visibility sight and safety while riding and they can also be used as turning indicators. These are the best as they also provide safety while looking cool.

 Bike Handle Blinkers

#5. Illuminating Toothbrush (Glow in the Dark)

It’s a glow in the dark toothbrush so you can find out your toothbrush in low light or when there is no electricity. This toothbrush is made of nano silver technology and absorbs light and stores in it.

Illuminating Toothbrush (Glow in the Dark)

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#6. Bluetooth Lock

It is a Bluetooth lock and pairs with tour Smartphone. It is very easy and safe to use as it is made of hard steel material and the best part is you don’t have to charge it again and again as the battery lasts for more than a year.

Bluetooth Lock

#7. 3D Printing Pen

3D printing pen is a new and innovative product that lets you print objects by hand and it is very easy to use. For the people who love creativity and who loves different artwork this product is definitely for you.

3D Printing Pen

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#8. Mini Crossbow

Funny war at office or at home you just need is this mini crossbow. You have to load with the included tips and launch it. It will go about 20 Feet away. Be always ready for battle anywhere anytime as the mini crossbow fits your pocket easily.

Mini Crossbow

#9. Solar Phone Charger

Everyone has been in a situation where there phone battery drowns and you need to run here and there for charging. Now no need to worry about as there is a solution for you, the solar phone charger. It works with natural sunlight energy and converts it into electricity.

Solar Phone Charger

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#10. Print Smartphone Case

Print Smartphone case is a case that brings your photos to life anywhere. Simply attach your Smartphone and take a photo and this case will print the photos within seconds. The prints of this case are ink-free, tear resistant and double up as a sticker. It is lightweight and portable too.

Print Smartphone Case

These are Awesome Daily Use Products but are still not available in India. For more detailed information of products you can search it online and for more upcoming latest technologies and products get in touch with our page. Do not forget to mention your favorite product in comments section.

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