25 Amazing Facts about Mobile

25 Amazing Facts about MobileNo wonder mobile phones have become so important in our day today life and we don’t leave home without this portable telephonic device, but how much do you really know about this devices and their enthralling history? Let’s check….Take a look through these 25 Amazing Facts about Mobile phones. Some interesting and amazing facts about mobile phone in India contain some such interesting and untold stories which will shock you but you might find interesting to read it.

25 Amazing Facts about Mobile

  1. The first mobile call was made by Martin Cooper in 1973.
  2. First mobile phone was weighed around 1 kg which is not possible to carry in your pockets
  3. The Battery of the first mobile phone took 10 hours of charging
  4. 90% of mobile phones made in Japan are waterproof.
  5. Nokia 1100 was the bestselling electrical gadget in history with more than 250 million pieces sold around the country.
  6. Nokia 1100 handset was sold with a record of 250 million pieces made by the firm of Nokia in Finland.
  7. First touch screen smart phone was discovered in 1993 and it was not by the I-phone but by IBM Simon.
  8. “Hello” may define everlasting love as Graham Bell inventor of phone, had a girlfriend named Margaret Hello after her name the word “Hello” was invented to be used in conversation which we always use while receiving or calling someone over phone.
  9. Mostly people use phone to check time rather than calling or sending SMS using a mobile phone
  10. First SMS were sent around 21 years ago and First photo 16 years ago.
  11. The wireless transfer network was named as “Bluetooth” after the name of king Herald Bluetooth in 10th Century.
  12. Google gets its live traffic coverage by using the phone data of mobile handsets.
  13. Intel before making phones used to manufacture watches.
  14. An area where the tower for the network is set will make the birds disappear from that area and there won’t be any bird nest close to that area.
  15. Insomnia, confusion and headaches are caused by the radiation of mobile phone. ringxiety, Nomophobia, Telephonophobia And Frigensophobia are conditions identified by the experts which can affect people severely.
  16. Around 80% of the world’s population are mobile phone users
  17. Around 49 % Mobile phone users mostly spend their time on games and 30% on social networking sites
  18. Mobile phone has 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles so be careful while using it.
  19. iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the costliest phone in the world, which costs $15 million. It has made of 135 gram solid gold of 24 carat and the chassis was inlaid with 600 white diamonds
  20. In 2012 Apple sold more than 340,000 iPhones per day
  21. Present mobile phones have more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 to land on the moon.
  22. 70% of mobile phones are manufactured in China.
  23. Dyna TAC was the first portable phone ever made and it had 30 minutes of battery life having a weight over 1 KG.
  24. The average person use their mobile phones minimum 120 times each day, which means 2 times in every hour.
  25. At last, Mobile phone industry is the fastest growing industry in the world.

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