Airtel 4g Sim Activation

With launch of 4G services in 300+ City across India, 3G sim cards subscribers are shifted to using 4G Sim. In order to use this 4G network, you must be aware about ways for Airtel 4G Sim Activation.

Once you request for a new SIM, Airtel will try and deliver it at your address within four hours. In order to enjoy blazing fast data speeds, follow Step By Step Process for How To Activate eSIM No well discussed here.

Airtel 4g Sim Activation

Important Points to be kept in mind prior Airtel 4G Sim Activation:

  • The QR code is unique and is applicable for one time use on 1 device only as per Airtel 4G Sim Activation scheme.
  • Once scanned please ensure you complete the process of adding the data plan.
  • Customer should not select “Remove Data Plan” option on his iPhone as this will permanently delete the eSIM profile.


  1. Those who are postpaid subscribers & not received QR code email within 1 hour or you are in way of scanning process,

“PLEASE SMS “NOSIM” to 121 to avoid disconnection of your physical SIM”

  1. Avoid selecting “Remove Data plan “option on you iPhone as this will permanently delete the eSIM profile.
  2. In case, you have unknowingly removed it and your physical sim is still active please sms “NOSIM” to 121 to avoid disconnection of your physical SIM.


 In case QR code email is not received / QR code is scanned accidently / the process is aborted mid-wayplease send below SMS to avoid disconnection of physical SIM

  • NESIM to 52212 (for prepaid numbers in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka). And
  • NESIM to 51619 (for prepaid numbers in rest of the India)

Check From Here: Airtel Customer Care Number

How To Activate Airtel 4G Sim?

Step By Step Process For Airtel 4G Sim Activation:

Due to use of Airtel 4G In Chennai or other cities, one is moving towards How To Activate New Airtel 4g Sim Card.

  1. SMS SIM <20 digit SIM number> from your existing airtel connection to 121
  2. Reply with 1 to confirm your request
  3. The, Wait for the phone to get disconnected from the network.
  4. Thereafter, SIM and switch it on for getting connected.
  5. Your new 4G airtel SIM will be active within 5 minutes
  6. No need to change your mobile number
  7. You can also upgrade to an Airtel 4G SIM at the nearest Airtel store

Steps to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G:

There are two ways to convert your Airtel 3G SIM into 4G.

1ST WAY: Request airtel 3G SIM changes into 4G Online.

2nd WAY: Changes your Airtel 3G SIM into 4G by Airtel Store

How To Enable Airtel 4g on ESim?

Step 1: In your phone, tap on ‘Settings’ option.

Step 2: Select Mobile Data.

Step 3: Further, chooseesim profile.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Enable 4G’ link for Airtel 4G Sim Activation

Step 5:Prefer data only or voice & data as per your preference

Step 6:At last, ensure‘Turn on this line is active’ link.

Step 7:Turn off automatic selection and wait for available networks

Step 8:  Choose IND Airtel from available networks & turn on automatic network selection

Reasons for Upgrading to 4G:

  • High-resolution mobile tv, IP telephony, gaming services, video conferencing etc
  • It is the new standard in telecom.
  • New and cutting edge smartphones use this technology.
  • To blaze fast internet in your pocket

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How to Request Airtel 4G SIM – Online?

  • At initia stage, visit AirtelOffical 4G upgrade page.
  • Provide your airtel mobile number to check compatibility.
  • Then, Visit “Request another SIM” link.
  • Enter your Airtel 4G SIM Deliver detail.
  • Lastly, ta on Send me a 4G SIM.
  • After getting sim, you may apply forAirtel 4G Sim Activation.

Easy Way to Scan QR Code:

How To Activate New AirtelSim? Now, you are aware for same. In order to scan QR Code, follow these ways:

  1. Under ‘Settings’ option, prefer mobile data.
  2. Tap on add ‘Data Plan’ option.
  3. Scan QR code received on mail (Ensure phone is connected to mobile data/WiFi while scanning)
  • Label eSim (Under ‘Label for your new plan’ section)

How to Upgrade Airtel SIM 3G to 4G?

Want to Upgrade To Airtel 4g Sim? Those having 3G SIM may visit Airtel Store& follow these guidelines.

  • Go to your Nearest Airtel Store.
  • Tell him that you want 4G SIM.
  • Hence, they will tell you the procedure just follow same.
  • You will be issued Airtel Micro SimNew SIM Card.
  • Also, keep in mind things told by him.
  • Visit back home &Wait for completion of AirtelSim Registration process.
  • After activation of Airtel 4g Sim Card, get recharged with Airtel 3g Internet Package& use same.

What are ways to SelecteSIM for Voice Call?

  • In Mobile, open settings option.
  • Select mobile data
  • Hit on ‘Default voice line’
  • Tap on eSim profile

Do you know ways for Temporarily Disable eSIM?

  • Move under settings
  • Strike on mobile data option.
  • Choose eSim profile
  • Hence, Disable ‘Turn off this line’

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 Airtel 4g Plans 

Airtel 4g Net Balance Postpaid Plans And For Billing Cycle:

  1. For 300 rupees AIRTEL 4G net plans get data 1GB, 2G for 500 rupees,4GB for 900 rupees,8GB for 1550 in Delhi
  2. For 250 rupees AIRTEL 4G net plans get data 1GB, 2G for 450 rupees,4GB for 750 rupees,8GB for 1250 in MUMBAI
  3. For 250 rupees AIRTEL 4G net plans get data 1GB, 2G for 450 rupees,4GB for 750 rupees,8GB for 1250 in KOLKATA.


  1. For 299 rupees AIRTEL 4G net plans get data 1GB, 2G for 497 rupees,4GB for 699 rupees,8GB for 1099 in Delhi.
  2. For 296 rupees AIRTEL 4G net plans get data 1GB, 2G for 499 rupees,4GB for 696 rupees,8GB for 1097 in MUMBAI.
  3. For 251 rupees AIRTEL 4G net plans get data 1GB, 2G for 455 rupees,4GB for 652 rupees,8GB for 849 in KOLKATA.

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Ending Words:

Now, you are well conversant with Airtel 4G Sim Activation steps. Keep in touch with us for reading more articles.

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