Agarwal Packers And Movers Customer Care Number

Agarwal Packers And Movers Customer Care NumberIf you are planning to transfer and want a reliable packers and movers then for Agarwal Packers and movers is the best option. If you are worrying on how to contact Agarwal Packers And Movers Customer Care Number then there is no need to worry anymore as with the help of details and contact no mentioned on this page you will be able to contact and connect with your nearest Agarwal packers and movers branch whether Chennai, Delhi or any other city.

This page is designed by the dedicated team of who are in search of packers and movers contact numbers. With the below mentioned details of Agarwal packers and movers you will also be able to resolve your queries and doubts or settle your claims easily. Let’s move on to the further details on how to contact and connect with them.

Agarwal Packers And Movers Customer Care Number

  • Agarwal packers and movers contact number – (011)-6001 5001
  • agarwal packers and movers number  – 09 300 300 300 (24 hours)
  • agarwal packers and movers contact number – 098 6001 5001 (24 hours)

Agarwal Packers and Movers Corporate Office Address

Corporate Office (New Delhi)


Agarwal Movers Group, Opposite Crescent Public School, Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura,

Delhi, 110034 – (India) Phone: 011-4500 4300 Fax: 011-45063710

Agarwal Packers And Movers All India Contact Number List

Abinasi093-6001-5001[email protected]
Adipur02836-6001-50[email protected]
Agra0562-6001-500[email protected]
Ahmadnagar020-4447-4447[email protected]
Ahmedabad079-6001- 5001[email protected]
Amarnath022-6001-5001[email protected]
Ameerpeth040-6001-5001[email protected]
Anand079-6001-5001[email protected]
Angul0674-6001-500[email protected]
Ankleshwar02646-6001-50[email protected]
Aurangabad0240-6001-500[email protected]
Badmer0291-6001-500[email protected]
Balladam093-6001-5001[email protected]
Bangalore080-6001-5001[email protected]
Barabanki0522-6001-500[email protected]
Baroda0265-6001-500[email protected]
Baruch02646-6001-50[email protected]
Belgaum0836-6001-500[email protected]
Bhandara0712-6001-500[email protected]
Bhatinda0161-6001-500[email protected]
Bhillai093-6001-5001[email protected]
Bhilwada0294-6001-500[email protected]
Bhiwadi011-6001-5001[email protected]
Bhopal0755-6001-500[email protected]
Bhubaneswar0674-6001-500[email protected]
Bhuj93-6001-5001[email protected]
Boandi0712-6001-500[email protected]
Calicut0495-6001-500[email protected]
Chaibasa0657-6001-500[email protected]
Chandigarh0172-6001-500[email protected]
Chennai044-6001-5001[email protected]
Chittorgarh0294-6001-500[email protected]
Cochin0484-6001-500[email protected]
Coimbatore0422-6001-500[email protected]
Dadri0120-6001-500[email protected]
Daman0260-6001-500[email protected]
Danapur0612-6001-500[email protected]
Darjeeling0353-6001-500[email protected]
Dehradun0135-6001-500[email protected]
Delhi011-6001-5001[email protected]
Devass0731-6001-500[email protected]
Dhulia0253-6001-500[email protected]
Diglipur093-6001-5001[email protected]
Dwarka (Delhi)011-6001-5001[email protected]
Durgapur033-6001-5001[email protected]
Erode0422-6001-500[email protected]
Fatehpur0512-6001-500[email protected]
Faridabad0120-6001-500[email protected]
Gandhidham02836-6001-50[email protected]
Goa0832-6001-500[email protected]
Godhra0265-6001-500[email protected]
Gurgaon011-6001-5001[email protected]
Guwahati93-6001-5001[email protected]
Gwalior0751-6001-500[email protected]
Ghaziabad0120-6001-500[email protected]
Halol0265-6001-500[email protected]
Hansi01662-6001-50[email protected]
Haridwar01334-6001-50[email protected]
Hassan0821-6001500[email protected]
Hisar01662-6001-50[email protected]
Hosur080-6001-5001[email protected]
Hubli0836-6001-500[email protected]
Hugli033-6001-5001[email protected]
Hyderabad040-6001-5001[email protected]
Indore0731-6001-500[email protected]
Jabalpur0761-6001-500[email protected]
Jadugoda0657-6001-500[email protected]
Jaipur0141-6001-500[email protected]
Jaiselmer0291-6001-500[email protected]
Jalgaon0240-6001-500[email protected]
Jalpaiguri0353-6001-500[email protected]
Jammu93-6001-5001[email protected]
Jamnagar0288-6001-500[email protected]
Jamshedpur0657-6001-500[email protected]
Jhalander0161-6001-500[email protected]
Jhannore02646-6001-50[email protected]
Jhansi0751-6001-500[email protected]
Jodhpur0291-6001-500[email protected]
Jorahat093-6001-5001[email protected]
Jubli Hills040-6001-5001[email protected]
Kakinada0891-6001-500[email protected]
KanchiPuram040-6001-5001[email protected]
Kannur0495-6001-500[email protected]
Kanpur0512-6001-500[email protected]
Karnal011-6001-5001[email protected]
Karwar0832-6001-500[email protected]
Katni0761-6001-500[email protected]com
Khammam0866-6001-500[email protected]
Kharsia07762-6001-50[email protected]
Khashipur0135-6001-500[email protected]
Kohlapur0231-6001-500[email protected]
Kolam0471-6001-500[email protected]
Kolkata033-6001-5001[email protected]
Korba093-6001-5001[email protected]
Kotayyam0484-6001-500[email protected]
Kotta0141-6001-500[email protected]
Kukatpalli040-6001-5001[email protected]
Kumbakunam0431-6001-500[email protected]
Lucknow0522-6001-500[email protected]
Ludhiana0161-6001-500[email protected]
Madurai93-6001-5001[email protected]
Malviya Nagar (Delhi)011-6001-5001[email protected]
Mandkeri0821-6001-500[email protected]
Manesar011-6001-5001[email protected]
Mangalore0824-6001-500[email protected]
Manipal0824-6001-500[email protected]
Mayabunder093-6001-5001[email protected]
Meerut0121-6001-500[email protected]
Mehsana079-6001-5001[email protected]
Mithapur0288-6001-500[email protected]
Motikhavadi0288-6001-500[email protected]
Mumbai022-6001-5001[email protected]
Mundra02836-6001-50[email protected]
Muzaffarnagar0121-6001-500[email protected]
Mysore0821-6001500[email protected]
Nagarkoil0471-6001-500[email protected]
Nagpur0712-6001-500[email protected]
Nalia02832-6001-50[email protected]
Nanded0240-6001-500[email protected]
Nasik0253-6001-500[email protected]
Naval Base0484-6001-500[email protected]
Navsari0261-6001-500[email protected]
Noida0120-6001-500[email protected]
Oriya0512-6001-500[email protected]
Paradeep0674-6001-500[email protected]
Patna0612-6001-500[email protected]
Payanur0495-6001-500[email protected]
Paharganj (Delhi)011-6001-5001[email protected]
Pondicherry093-6001-5001[email protected]
Poornia0612-6001-500[email protected]
Port Blair093-6001-5001[email protected]
Punjabi Bagh (Delhi)011-6001-5001[email protected]
Pune020-4447-4447[email protected]
Raigarh07762-6001-50[email protected]
Raipur093-6001-5001[email protected]
Rajkot0281-6001-500[email protected]
Rajmundry0866-6001-500[email protected]
Ranchi0651-6001-500[email protected]
Ratnagiri0231-6001-500[email protected]
Rawan093-6001-5001[email protected]
Renukoot093-6001-5001[email protected]
Reva0761-6001-500[email protected]
Rishikesh01334-6001-50[email protected]
Rohtak01662-6001-50[email protected]
Roorkee01334-6001-50[email protected]
Rourkela093-6001-5001[email protected]
Rudrapur05944-6001-50[email protected]
Sainik Puri040-6001-5001[email protected]
Satara0231-6001-500[email protected]
Sawant wari0832-6001-500[email protected]
Selam0422-6001-500[email protected]
Sheikh Sarai(New Delhi)011-6001-5001[email protected]
Shankerpalli040-6001-5001[email protected]
Sharanpur0121-6001-500[email protected]
Shillong93-6001-5001[email protected]
Shimla0172-6001-500[email protected]
Shivpuri0751-6001-500[email protected]
Sholapur020-4447-4447[email protected]
Sikkar0141-6001-500[email protected]
Silchur93-6001-5001[email protected]
Siliguri0353-6001-500[email protected]
Silvasa0260-6001-500[email protected]
Sirsa01662-6001-50[email protected]
Solan0172-6001-500[email protected]
Sonipat011-6001-5001[email protected]
Srinagar93-6001-5001[email protected]
Srirampur0253-6001-500[email protected]
Surat0261-6001-500[email protected]
Tamnar07762-6001-50[email protected]
Tezpur093-6001-5001[email protected]
Thanjhur0431-6001-500[email protected]
Tinsukia093-6001-5001[email protected]
Tirpur093-6001-5001[email protected]
Tirunavally93-6001-5001[email protected]
Torangallu0836-6001-500[email protected]
Trichy0431-6001-500[email protected]
Trivandrum0471-6001-500[email protected]
Tumkur080-6001-5001[email protected]
Tuticorin93-6001-5001[email protected]
Udaipur0294-6001-500[email protected]
Udhampur93-6001-5001[email protected]
Udupi0824-6001-500[email protected]
Ujjan0731-6001-500[email protected]
Ullasnagar022-6001-5001[email protected]
Unnao0522-6001-500[email protected]
Vapi0260-6001-500[email protected]
Varanasi0542-6001-500[email protected]
Vashi093-6001-5001[email protected]
Vellore040-6001-5001[email protected]
Vijaynagram0891-6001-500[email protected]
Vijaywada0866-6001-500[email protected]
Vishakhapatnam0891-6001-500[email protected]
Vyara0261-6001-500[email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. My Family wishes to get our car loaded in our presence. Is it feasible?

A1. Yes, Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. value the client and his valuable belongings. We have the requisite vehicle carrier which can load the car in your presence at your home and similarly can deliver the same at your new home.

Q2. I need status report of my shipment on daily basis. Can it be provided?

A2. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd has 24*7 hours customer care department in our Head Office, which caters the need of our valuable customers and keeps track of all moving consignment throughout the day. The client can seek information about his consignment at any time, on any day, by contacting on our helpline numbers (i.e. 098 6001 5001).

Q3. Can you hold the consignment at destination for a week, if so what are the charges.?

A3. Yes, we can do this. The visiting officer will address the questions.

Q4. I had lost nuts and bolts of my bed and had to face lots of inconvenience during my earlier movement. Do you have solution to avoid such problems?

A4. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. has special boxes for storing such types of items like keys, nut- bolts, etc and the same are marked as accessories to Article No. 1. The boxes containing these items are delivered first on reaching at their destination site. We do our best to avoid any human error in transporting and handling such items

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Q5. In case there is damage to the goods under transit, what kinds of settlement/procedures are followed by M/s Agarwal packers and Movers Ltd.?

A5. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. adopt all safety measures to avoid any kind of damage to your goods. However, in case of any unpredictable mishap, we ensure our client speedy settlement of their claims from the insurance company with whom we have long association and understanding.

Now you will be able to contact the company easily and solve your doubts. For more information and updates you can visit their official website

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