8 Weirdest Passport Facts from Around the World

8 Weirdest Passport Facts from Around the WorldHaving a passport not gives you identification only in foreign countries but it has an importance in your own country. Have you ever wondered apart from its advantages, there are some weirdest facts also? So here we are going to discuss about the 8 Weirdest Passport Facts from Around the World. Also, we are going to enlighten you about the “Don’t Know” Stuff of passport.

Weirdest things make it very essential for you to know all the facts about your passport either funny or serious. As for travelling abroad, the first and the foremost thing required is your passport. Those who are interested in exploring the world should know all the passport facts. For all the travel lovers here is a list of 8 Weirdest Passport Facts from Around the World, some essential, some just fun…

8 Weirdest Passport Facts from Around the World

U.S. Passport Facts

There are many facts about U.S. passport, some of them are:

U.S. Passport Facts

  1. The U.S. passport is the most powerful passport in the world. It is ranked on the top in 2016.
  2. Mostly Americans travels in their country only, it is judged that 38 percent of Americans have ever left the country.
  3. Glasses are totally accepted if you are having the medical recommendation for that and if there is no reflection in your photo

There are four types of passport:

  • Regular Passport
  • Official Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Passport Card

Validity of expiry date of your passport

The expiration date written on your passport doesn’t means that you can travel till that date; it may not be valid till that date. Some countries accept the passport which is valid few months before your expiration date so that your passport doesn’t get expires while you are in the country only. Time period is different of every country depending on their rules of validity. Every state department has the full information about the passport validity.

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Most expensive passport fees

Most expensive passport fees

Price of passport is different in every country, as passport is one of the most expensive items. The passport of U.S. is very expensive, i.e. of $135 in which application fee is $110 and fees of acceptance is $25. It is the most powerful and best ranked passport with many advantages and best deals is provide on their passport.

Turkey is another country whose passport is very expensive. Citizens who want the Turkish passport would have to work for 95 hours then only he/she will be able to afford the passport of turkey. Price of Turkish passport is $251.

The country which has the minimum cost of passport i.e. $1 is UAE.

Travel Visa-Free In 169 Nations with Danish Passport

The Danish passport allows people to travel 169 countries visa-free. Getting a Danish passport is not so easy, only the Denmark citizens can receive Danish passport. To get a citizenship, Denmark is the way for it.
Travel Visa-Free In 169 Nations with Danish Passport
A citizen of foreign can get a passport in two ways:

  • Danish Travel Documents
  • A Danish Alien’s Passport

The procedure of applying Danish passport is passed only twice a year. The whole procedure generally takes more than 1 year

The Queen doesn’t require a British passport

The British passport is issued in the name of “Her Majesty” and for the queen it is not compulsory to have. The queen has the power to travel without passport as she deals with all the issues, to make Queen trip clear and easy.

Queen doesn’t require a British passport

Various state departments help in clearing all the paper work before she arrives. Identity proof is to recognize the person, the Queen arrives with her private plane  with full security and staff.

This facility is only provided to the Queen but not to her family. The members of the royal family have royal passports that contain some special instructions.

Passport fact for kids

Children’s should also have a passport of their own.  There are 2 types of passport available for children

Passport fact for kids

  • Passport for 3 years, under the age of 3 year child
  • Passport for 5 year, for the age group of 3-17 years of children

Most of the countries want, that the child should have their own passport. It is advisable that if a child is named on the parent’s passport, should apply for their own passport for making convenient for them to travel. If the child is not having his/her own passport than before checking in to other countries , parents have to confirm that whether the child will be allowed to enter or not in that country.

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The Rarest Passport in the World-The Queen’s Messenger Passport

The Rarest passport in the world is the Queen’s messenger passport. It is estimated that the number of Queen’s messenger passport is less than 15. Currently al Queen’s messenger are male with an age range of 40-70. Many skills and qualities are required to get Queen’s messenger. These are:

The Queen’s Messenger Passport

  • Ability to work independently and also in a team.
  • Ability to think faster and innovatively.
  • Ability of understanding complexity of sensitive materials.
  • To be calm even in a pressure.
  • Flexibility to travel on a short notice.

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Sealands Passports

Sealands Passports Bought On The Internet

150,000 people bought Sealand passports on the internet. Sealand is a platform state between France and U.K. and is not recognized.

Sealand is situated at 6 miles off the Britain Coast which cites its provincial seas only reaching 3 miles offshore and it was enhanced to 12 miles in ‘87.

Situated in international seas, had no official governing body. In this way, a world’s smallest nation came into existence.


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