10 Amazon Shopping Hacks That Will Definitely Help You Save Money

10 Amazon Shopping Hacks That Will Definitely Help You Save MoneyWe all know what Amazon is, even if we don’t shop through it. So for all online shoppers here are the 10 Amazon Shopping Hacks That Will Definitely Help You Save Money. Though Amazon provides great deals and discount through which we save our money but it happens only sometime and as a shopping lover we regularly want discount. That’s why these Amazon Shopping Hacks will be worthy for you. Basically these hacks are some simple tricks to save money while shopping or we can say getting more than normal discount. Amazon is one of those websites that is so convenient and has a great selection of products. In which there are a number of ways that can save even more money while shopping on Amazon. So, here’s what you need to know to make it happen.

10 Amazon Shopping Hacks That Will Definitely Help You Save Money

#1. Free Prime Extension

Usually Amazon guarantees delivery in two days of shipping and undoubtedly they fulfill it. But sometime they don’t deliver on their guaranteed time, in that situation you can call up to the customer service via a phone call, email, or live chat, and explain the situation. By doing this you will likely be receiving “compensation” from Amazon on how late the package was delivered and the size of the order. Whether the delivery delay is caused by bad weather, a problem at the Amazon warehouse, or a combination of both you will get the compensation.’

Free Prime Extension

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#2. Get A Replacement Item Without Sending Back The Original

Most of the shoppers are unaware with the fact that if delivered goods/ items are damaged or broken, they can contact Amazon customer service and they’ll immediately send you a replacement item. Also if the item valued is less than $50, they’ll often tell you to keep the broken or damaged item. This is a great deal. But remember this will only work if the item is sold directly from Amazon and not a third party seller. If the item is from a third party seller, you’ll have the option of either getting a full refund, or a replacement item delivered to your home in three to four business days.

Get A Replacement Item Without Sending Back The Original

#3. Try Subscribe & Save

If you know how Amazon works Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program is one of the best way to save money. All you have to do is to be a committed and regular shopper of Amazon and this will give you 5% extra off on the regular price. This is typically available on grocery items, so all you have to do is to shop regularly. Through this you can even save more and get an additional bonus on your first order, and if you have 5 or more different items on your subscription, the discount goes up to 15% each time.

Try Subscribe & Save

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#4. The Kindle Daily Deals Page

Most of you are aware that Amazon has a program called Kindle Unlimited which costs $10 per month, which allows you to borrow any books that are in the program. But as a Prime member, you can use the Kindle Lending Library without joining Kindle Unlimited, and you are entitled to one free book download a month. Also there is a program called Kindle First, which gives Prime members access to books that have not been generally released yet. They featured six books each month, and you can choose to download one of them.

The Kindle Daily Deals Page

#5. Today’s Deals

The Today’s Deal is the tab at the top of the page, to the right of the Amazon logo, where you will find a Gold Box but instead of just one “Gold Box Deal,” you’ll find a lot of deals on this page now. A single “Deal of the Day” is a number of “Lightning Deals” all good for limited times throughout the day, links to the Outlet, any special sales going on, and other savings opportunities can all be found on this page.

Today's Deals

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#6. Get Amazon Price Protection

Do you know that Amazon has a price protection policy? Though, it is not advertised on the website so most of the shoppers have no idea about it. Through it if you buy an item from Amazon and noticed the price has later been lowered; you stand a great chance of getting the lower price but within seven days of the delivery date. As Amazon is famous for constant change in price, you are highly recommended to regularly check the new price of items you’ve recently purchased. Especially it is recommended to the smart phones shoppers.

Get Amazon Price Protection

#7. Use Promo Codes & Coupons

Amazon provided promo codes and coupons too to its shoppers. So, if you’re shopping for groceries on Amazon, be on the lookout for coupons and codes that can be applied to your purchase. They are typically on the main product page, and once you’ve hit on them, they will appear in your cart. This is also one of the best way to save your money.

Use Promo Codes & Coupons

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#8.  The Amazon Outlet

The Amazon Outlet is also among the ways that will definitely help you Save Money. For this you have to type Amazon.com/outlet through which you will be offered categories to browse by percent markdown. Amazon says the Outlet is for “clearance deals, overstocks and more”, but you will found it as a saving money trick as when you start browsing it, they often end up on items that don’t appear to have major markdowns.

The Amazon Outlet

#9. Make Money When Friends And Relatives Shop On Amazon

Like many of the major stores, Amazon also has an affiliate program known as Amazon Associates. This means you can become an affiliate and provide links to Amazon goods, and if someone uses your link and buys you get a commission. All you need to become an affiliate is a website which you can use to post your links. You can’t use this directly to save yourself money, as it is against Amazon’s rules to buy through your own links and get the commission back. But say you had a friend who was interested in doing the same thing, it is possible that you could buy through his links and he could buy through yours, and you both finish up getting about 8% commission back.

Make Money When Friends And Relatives Shop On Amazon

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#10.  Amazon Birthday Special

You will be happy to know that when your child’s birthday is coming around, you can create a present wish list that you can send out to friends and relatives. Which is called Amazon Kids’ Birthdays and it is available under the Lists tab. In fact, it will even recommend gifts to you which you can add before sharing the list with others.

Amazon Birthday Special

So these are the 10 Amazon Shopping Hacks that will definitely help you Save Money. Do comment if you like these methods……….

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