20 Amazing & Near Places which are Visa Hassle free for Indians

20 Amazing Near Places Which are Visa Hassle Free for IndiansThe first thought that arises when you plan for abroad is VISA and its procedure to legally enter in any country, whether it is a 10-day vacation or a one-month long. The only thing that crisis Indian mind while he/she wants to travel abroad is visa. You will be amazed to know that there are some countries Indians can travel without visa hassle. Here we have bought for you wonderful information regarding 20 Amazing & Near Places which are Visa Hassle free for Indians.

Though, India is a land of untouched natural beauty which makes it one of the most beautiful places on earth. From the mighty mountains of Kashmir to the breathtaking vista of three oceans combining at Kanyakumari, India is much more than curries and Bollywood. India has a unique culture and is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations of the world. In this section, we will discuss about 20 Amazing & near Places which are Visa Hassle free for Indians.

While we imagine of going on a trip abroad, one of the foremost stuff that crack up in our mind is the expenses and official procedure, mainly getting a visa. But did you know Indians can visit several countries without much visa hassles. Many do not require a visa, while others offer visa on arrival. It means just with your passport in hand you can go many nations.  This saves your money and time required to get the visa process sorted. We list 20 such countries Indians can visit.

20 Amazing & Near Places which are Visa Hassle free for Indians

Here is the list of 20 Amazing & near Places which are Visa Hassle free for Indians:

#1. Nepal (No Visa)

Nepal is a very beautiful country with complete nature’s attention gifted places and is known for:Nepal

  • Land of Buddha
  • Landmarks
  • Land of culture
  • Land of mountain
  • Land of diversity

Normally people meet each other with handshake, but in Nepal people believe in greeting each other by putting their palms together with saying Namaste as it directly means I salute the God in you. This is the same greeting used throughout India.

A popular and cheap ‘fast food’ is the Momo. Delicious dumplings made from flour and water filled with different fillings like chicken, meat or vegetables either fried or steamed and served with a dipping sauce.

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#2. Bhutan (No Visa)

Bhutan is a wonderful tourism destination known for its green forests, ancient monasteries and unique culture. Bhutia market is very colorful. It includes:Bhutan

  • Heaps of shawls
  • Sweaters
  • Coats
  • Trinkets of turquoise

In Bhutan mostly rice is cooked as rice is Bhutanese popular food. The food served is usually in buffet-style and vegetarian food is mostly consumed. Non vegetarian food i.e. meat and fish are now imported from nearby India.

This is the country where the Gross National Happiness is valued higher than their Gross Domestic Product. Bhutan is also called the “land of happiness”. Indians are lucky that they do not require a visa to visit this country. Take a short flight or hit the road and be enthralled by the beauty of Bhutan.

Hong kong (No Visa)

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). A visa is not required for nationals of most countries for a period of stay from 7 days to 180 days. It’s highly recommended to have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the period of intended stay. Hong kong is famous for:Hong Kong

  • The peak
  • Avenue of stars
  • Honk Kong Disneyland
  • Ladies market
  • Ocean park Hong Kong
  • Temple street light market
  • Clock tower and many more other places.

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#4. Maldives (Visa on Arrival)

The Maldives is an Islamic country and if you’ve never been there then maybe you are unaware of how much that affects the legal system, it’s a bit more than just
“RESPECT”. The Maldivian people are called Dhivehin.Maldives

Maldives is a Honeymooners’ preferred destination. Maldives is a-

  • Land of beaches
  • Blue lagoons
  • Coral reefs

The best part is it grants free visa n arrival to Indians for up to 30 days. So all you need is your passport and a return ticket.

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#5. Mauritius (No Visa)

Mauritius has ample of places to see and do… Here’s a selection of the best attractions:


  • Port Louis
  • Grand Baie
  • Casela Nature & Leisure Park
  • Les Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes 
  • Black River Gorges National Park

Mauritius, the name directly conjures blue seas, sun and white sandy beaches. The island is far from being a simple picture-postcard. A holiday in Mauritius can turn out to be dream come true. For this to happen Indians are lucky that they do not require visa.

6. Macau (No Visa)

World’s one of the richest country is Macau, Indians are allowed to enter this land without visa on their passport. Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong

Places to visit in Macau are:Macau

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Monte Forte
  • Macau Museum
  • Macau Tower
  • Lin Fung Temple
  • A-Ma-Gao Temple
  • Grand Prix Museum
  • Macau Wine Museum

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#7. Jordan (Visa on Arrival)

Jordan is an Arab nation lies on the east bank of the Jordan River. It is famous for its ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts. The population of Jordon is around 6.5 million and the religion followed there is Islam. The most popular language of Jordan is Arabic.

Places to visit in Jordan:Jordan

  • Petra
  • Wadi Rum
  • The Dead Sea
  • Jerash
  • Aqaba
  • Wadi Mujib

Cambodia (Visa on Arrival)

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation. It is famous for its landscape, the Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. Khmer is the official language in Cambodia. The interesting fact about Cambodia is that it has very young population with around half of its generation is younger than 15 years of age.Cambodia

  • Places to visit in Cambodia:
  • The Killing Field
  • Angkor Archaeological Park
  • Siem Reap
  • Sihanoukville
  • Koh Rong
  • Kampot

Bolivia (Visa on Arrival)

Bolivia is a country of great beauty, dazzling landscapes, and unique attractions. This country is famous for the highest capital city in the world, the largest salt flats in the world, mountains, jungles, lakes, and many more. Indians are lucky that they can travel Cambodia with visa on arrival.Bolivia

5 places that can’t be missed of this beautiful, landlocked South American country are:


  • The Pampas
  • Coroico
  • La Paz
  • Copacabana
  • Salar De Uyuni

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#10. Jamaica (No Visa)

Indians are very lucky that they don’t require a visa and just with the passport they can fly to Jamaica. Jamaica is a land known for its culture and history. You can do various things in Jamaica that will make your trip amazing like Relax on its sandy beaches or you can go for  zip-lining and jeep safari, there’s plenty of things to keep you busy there. We’ll help you to appreciate the many places of interest, and the many attractions that you can enjoy on your journey around Jamaica.

10 Best Things to Do in Jamaica are:Jamaica

  • Have a lobster feast at Booby Cay Island.
  • Swim at Frenchman’s Cove.
  • Get your glow on at Glistening Waters.
  • Indulge at Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon, a Rock Resort.
  • Snorkel the cliffs along the Rock house.
  • Get high at Lime Tree Farm.
  • Feast on river crayfish at Soldier Camp Bar & Grill.
  • Listen to The Jolly Boys perform mento music.
  • Taste farm-to-fork eats near Negril.

Fiji (No Visa)

Fiji is one of the world’s happiest country you van visit. If you love the natural beauties of life like the sun, sand, beaches than you can plan for a trip to Fiji for a relaxing holiday. This county has around 300 islands. Luckily, Indians do not require a visa to visit Fiji.

Here are ten reasons why Fiji is such a spirit-lifting destination.Fiji

  • Colour
  • Climate
  • Fresh food
  • Kava
  • Music
  • Fiji time
  • Ceremony
  • Multiculturalism
  • Peace

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#12. Haiti (No Visa)

Haiti is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east. Many Indians are not familiar with this beautiful country and may have heard of it in 2010 when it suffered a massive earthquake. Though it’s still recovering from a 2010 earthquake, many of Haiti’s landmarks dating to the early 19th century remain intact

Indians can visit this Caribbean country without a visa all you need is your passport that is valid for at least six months.Haiti

Places in Haiti You’ll Love to Visit

  • Marigot
  • Petionville
  • Jacmel
  • Les Cayes
  • The Citadelle Laferrière
  • Cap Hatien
  • Camp Perrin
  • Kenscoff

British Virgin Islands (Visa on Arrival)

These islands are known for their beaches that are lined with reefs and offer yachting opportunities. Indians can enjoy a stay at any of the British Virgin Islands after acquiring a visitor bona fide at the port of entry.

British Virgin Islands

Here is a lot to do, that is

  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Visiting national parks and museums
  • Go for water sports
  • snorkeling

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#14. Micronesia (No Visa)

The Federated States of Micronesia is a country spread across the western Pacific Ocean comprising more than 600 islands. The Federated States of Micronesia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. There is a Micronesianatural beauty surrounding these islands. Indians can visit this place without a tourist visa for a stay of up to 30 days.

Micronesia is made up of 4 island states:

  • Pohnpei
  • Kosrae
  • Chuuk
  • Yap

Saint Kitts & Nevis (No Visa)

Among various countries India is one of the countries that are exempted from visa formalities for travelling to this beautiful country. All you need is passport.

This is a two-island country in West Indies; it has tropical rain forest, mountains, rivers, sea and a population less than 50,000. The country is known for its beaches, mountains and natural beauty. Saint Kitts is the bigger island.Saint Kitts Nevis

Best reasons to visit:

  • Beaches, water fun, family fun
  • Luxurious visitor lifestyle
  • Scenic landscapes
  • Convenient international travel
  • Island transportation

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (No Visa)

This country is known for its carnival and diverse flora and fauna, this twin island country welcomes Indians without the need of a visa. For as long as three months you can stay here. Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is near Venezuela and is steeped in Creole traditions which reflect on its cuisine as well. If you love birds, the island nation is home to Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve where you will see hummingbirds and Asa Wright Nature Center where several bird species coexist.Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Places to visit in Republic of Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Tobago
  • Port of spain
  • Trinidad
  • San Fernando
  • Arima
  • Cstara
  • Speyside

Vanuatu (No Visa)

Vanuatu is a place, the travelers love to visit. If you want a unique tropical destination that is far from tourism trades than Vanuatu is a right country. It is ranked at sixth on the list of lonely planet as it is so beautiful.

In Vanuatu, the things you can do are:Vanuatu

  • YOU CAN LEND a hand
  • KAVA

Vanuatu is only a short distance from most eastern seaboard cities of Australia

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Visa on Arrival)

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a holiday destination for those looking to have good time with friends or family. Northern Cyprus is the Turkish part of the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, divided between Turkey and Greece since the late–20th century. It’s known for its beaches, Byzantine castles and ancient ruins. Indians do not require a visa is not required to visit Northern Cyprus and can stay here up to three months. But you certainly need your passport, a return ticket and a few other documents at the port of entry.

Make your trip memorable by doing certain funny things like:Turkish Republic of  Northern Cyprus

  • Scare yourself to death
  • Get idle
  • Follow St Paul
  • Eat fish
  • Take a promenade
  • See truly iconic art
  • Check out the front line
  • Take it easy

Turks and Caicos Islands (Visa on Arrival)

If luxury resorts, great beaches, shops and scuba diving interest you, head to the Turks and Caicos Islands. All the islands offer superb water sports and, of course, dreamy stretches of sand and sea that lure nature lovers and beach aficionados from around the world.

Here are some places of Turks and Caicos Islands that should be visit:Turks and Caicos Islands

  • Grace Bay
  • Chalk Sound National Park
  • Chalk Sound National Park
  • Pine Cay
  • Sapodilla Bay
  • Conch Bar Caves National Park
  • Crossing Place Trail, Middle Caicos
  • Grand Turk Lighthouse

Kish Island (Visa on Arrival)

Every year millions of tourists visit here and for every tourist there is Visa on Arrival. India is one of them. Though it is a small island, but then also it offers tourists to do plenty of things.

Places you could visit in Kish Island:Kish Island

  • Kish Dolphin Park
  • Kariz-e-Kish
  • Greek Ship Khoula F
  • Maryam Beach
  • Ladies’ Beach
  • Green Tree Complex


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