Uninor/Telenor Prepaid Gujarat Plans

Uninor/Telenor Prepaid Gujarat PlansWe create this page for all Prepaid Customers belonging to Gujarat region. On this page, we are presenting you all latest Uninor/Telenor Prepaid Gujarat Plans details. Company offers various Uninor Prepaid Plans for the benefit of customers which we are going to provide you on this page. This page contains whole details of Telenor Prepaid Plans such as tariff plans, recharge pack, STD/ SMS Pack, Telenor Prepaid Internet Plans etc. You can check all latest Uninor/Telenor Prepaid Gujarat Plans from the beneath segment of this page and select best and suitable Telenor Prepaid Gujarat Plans according to your budget.

Uninor/Telenor Prepaid Gujarat Plans

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Rs. 150 Talktime128Unlimited
Rs. 200 Talktime168Unlimited
Rs.430 Talktime358Unlimited
Rs. 628 Talktime518Unlimited



50 MB Data91 Day
100 MB Data142 Days
150 MB Data153 Days
250 MB Data277 Days

500 MB Data (11 PM to 7 AM) & 2p/20KB up to Rs. 5,Unlimited browsing Till 7AM

2828 Days
350 MB Data4214 Days
600 MB Data6321 Days
1 GB Data9728 Days
100 MB Data10256 Days
2 GB Data15156 Days


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USA,Canada, Malaysia (Fixed),France (Fixed), Hungary (Fixed), Italy (Fixed),Germany,Spain(Fixed), Sweden (Fixed), Ireland (Fixed)[email protected]/sec;Singapore,China,Uk (Fixed)[email protected]/sec;Nepal (Fixed), Pakistan, [email protected]/sec; [email protected]/sec;[email protected]/sec;Saudi Arabia,Nepal(Mobile)[email protected]/sec

1928 Days

Talktime of Rs 100 and USA,Canada, Malaysia (Fixed),France (Fixed), Hungary (Fixed), Italy (Fixed),Germany,Spain(Fixed), Sweden (Fixed), Ireland (Fixed)[email protected]/sec;Singapore,China,Uk (Fixed)[email protected]/sec;Nepal (Fixed), Pakistan, [email protected]/sec; [email protected]/sec;[email protected]/sec;Saudi Arabia,Nepal(Mobile)[email protected]/sec

11128 Days



6666 Sec for Local Telenor to Telenor & 666 Sec for Local Telenor to others3 Days
7Local Telenor To Telenor Unlimited Calls1 Day

All Local @ 1p/2 Secs with Daily First 60 Secs of the day Charged @ 1p/1 Sec there after 1p/2 Sec

28 Days
13All Local calls @1.2p/2 sec28 Days
1726,000 Local Telenor to Telenor secs7 Days
22Local Telenor to Telenor @ 1ps/10Sec28 Days
237000 sec Local Telenor to Telenor & 3000 sec Local Telenor to others7 Days
24All Local Calls @25p/min28 Days
29All Local calls @ 1p/2 sec28 Days
3829,000 Local Telenor to Telenor21 Days
4842,000 Local Telenor to Telenor secs28 Days
495200 sec Local Telenor to Telenor & 4800 sec All India Calls28 Days
58Unlimited Local Telenor to Telenor Calls14 Days
88Unlimited Local Telenor to Telenor Calls21 Days
108Unlimited Local Telenor to Telenor calls28 Days
1099000 Local Sec28 Days
11913,000 All Local Sec+ 6,000 Local Telenor to Telenor Sec28 Days
13119,000 All Local Sec & 10,000 Local Telenor to Telenor Sec28 Days
14926000 Telenor to Telenor secs and 24000 All Local secs28 Days
1972000 mins for Local Telenor to Telenor and 700 mins for Other local calls30 Days

500 Minutes Local Telenor to Telenor and 500 Minutes Local Telenor to others free and 100 MB data

28 Days
201900 All Local Mins28 Days
219100000 Local Telenor to Telenor secs and 44000 Local Telenor to others28 Days
238Unlimited Local Telenor to Telenor90 Days
249145,000 Sec Local Telenor to Telenor and 55,000 Sec Local Telenor to others28 Days

126000 Sec Local Telenor to others and 360000 Sec Local Telenor to Telenor calls

90 Days


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Unlimited free incoming while roaming in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra & Goa, UP East and UP West

3130 Days
All local/STD calls @25p/m and incoming calls free while roaming in telenor circles3728 Days

Per second voice tariff in home circle, Outgoing Local Calls @1.6P/Sec and STD Calls @2.2P/Sec & Local SMS @Rs 1/SMS & national SMS @Rs 1.5/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS.Roaming outgoing Local calls @80P/min and STD calls @1.15P/min; Roaming Incoming calls @45P/min;SMS outgoing Local @25P/SMS and STD @38P/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB

61180 Days

Unlimited Free incoming and Outgoing Local Calls @80P/Min & STD Calls @1.15P/Min & Local SMS @25P/SMS & STD SMS @38P/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB

1199180 Days



3928 DaysFirst 1000 local and national SMS free
4628 Days2500 Local + National SMS free


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All STD call @30p/Min with Daily First Minute of the day Charged @ 60p/Min there after 30p/Min

1828 Days
50 STD min Free2115 Days
STD Calls @30p/min3428 Days
125 STD min free5328 Days
150 STD min free6428 Days
275 STD min free9828 Days
300 STD min free12328 Days
650 STD min free19428 Days



7.73 Talktime of Rs 7.7310LifeTime
15.47 Talktime of Rs 15.4720LifeTime
23.2 Talktime of Rs 23.2030LifeTime
31.93 Talktime of Rs 31.9340LifeTime
40.67 Talktime of Rs 40.6750Lifetime
60 Talktime of Rs 60.0060Lifetime
71 Talktime of Rs 71.0070Lifetime
75.6 Talktime of Rs 75.6090Lifetime
84.34 Talktime of Rs 84.34100Lifetime
112 Talktime of Rs 112.00110Lifetime
155 Talktime of Rs 155150Lifetime
210 Talktime of Rs 210.00200Lifetime
315 Talktime of Rs 315.00300Lifetime
530 Talktime of Rs 530.00500Lifetime


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Value Packs

All Local and STD Calls @ 30p/min4328 Days
12,500 All India secs7321 Days
18,000 All India secs9921 Days
300 min All Local & STD12428 Days


On 23rd September 2015, Uninor announced it has re-branded itself as Telenor in India. In the beginning, it had joint venture with realty company Unitech, which leave in the year 2012. Afterward, Company started operating with the name of Telewings. In the company Telenor was bring 100 per cent stake. Telenor operated services in 13 telecom circles of India.  Winning fresh licenses in its 6 most successful circles, today it operates in those 6 telecom regions i.e. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Bihar & Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra & Goa and Uttar Pradesh (East) & (West).

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In September 2015, When Uninor Company re-branded itself as Telenor India then the logotype, font and the visual expression follows that of the Telenor Group. Company offers mobile voice and data services based on GSM technology, on 5 MHz spectrum. Company serves more than 30 million customers. All Prepaid Customers who are looking for best Uninor/Telenor Prepaid Gujarat Plans can check the above section of this page and do your recharge easily.

Note: For acquiring further details of Uninor/Telenor Prepaid Gujarat Plans, you can visit this Official Link.


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