Truth Behind Hrithik Roshan, Sussanne Divorce

Truth Behind Hrithik Roshan, Sussanne DivorceOnce known as the ‘epitome of love’ and now an estranged couple, that’s how Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan’s love story changed after 13 years of marriage and 17 long years of relationship. Hrithik and Sussanne’s divorce came as a complete shock to the entire world. The Truth Behind Hrithik Roshan, Sussanne Divorce and Sussanne separation didn’t see the daylight, it has been rumoured that it was because Sussanne was apparently getting closer to Hrithik Roshan’s friend Arjun Rampal.

Truth Behind Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Divorce

Though Sussanne’s family has refused to accept the rumours and revealed that she had tried settling things with Hrithik, however, her last words to the Roshan family depict an entirely different story. Before she left the Hrithik’s house along with her kids, had reportedly told Rakesh and Pinky Roshan that this is not the kind of life she wants to lead anymore and that this is not her kind of world. It seems like it was Rakesh Roshan who was trying his best to make Hrithik and Sussanne’s relationship work, but Sussanne’s last words were mocking and hurt the Roshans beyond imagination. The Roshan family found it pretty hard to swallow this harsh statement.

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Apparently, Sussanne was also seen ignoring Hrithik’s parents at the Ganpati event and left the place without talking to them. Actually, Hrithik also reacted in the same way as he didn’t go to Eid celebrations at Sussanne’s house after being invited by his former father-in-law. While things are turning malicious between Hrithik and Sussanne, it seems that a cold war has been initiated between the once most cutest couple of Bollywood. Recently, rumours got spread that Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan is allegedly planning to marry Hrithik Roshan’s close friend Arjun Rampal.

Just a week before his 13th wedding anniversary, Hrithik Roshan has announced something that amazed his fans everywhere. The golden couple of Bollywood, Hrithik and Sussanne, had decided to end their 17 year long relationship. Some alleged that Hrithik’s rumoured affairs with his co-stars was the reason, others claimed that is was a cheap publicity stunt. Though other details of their divorce settlement have not been revealed further, but it has been revealed that the couple would be sharing the custody of their two kids- Hrehaan and Hridaan.

There were many claims that the couple had decided to split because Sussanne was apparently getting close to Arjun Rampal. Just after Hrithik and Sussanne officially got separated, rumours started taking rounds that Truth Behind Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne sour relationship was apparently the actor Arjun Rampal.

Well, read here the Truth Behind Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne towards the split…….

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