Trumps Wins the US President Elections 

Trumps Wins the US President Elections Donald Trump the Bohemian Republican Candidate pulled off a shocking victory in the race of US Presidential Election by defeat Hillary Clinton. The World is in a shock after Trumps Wins the US President Elections 2016 and is now wondering what are Major Announcements likely to be made by the eccentric new US President Donald Trump.

Most of the candidates who are elected for Presidential campaign trail are careful and hesitates to promise too much but that does not applies in Trumps case because Trump has a detailed list of promises he will fulfill if he will won the US Presidential Election. So here is the detailed list of the promises or major announcements that are likely to be made.

Trumps Wins the US President Elections 

Top 7 major announcements likely to be made by Trump

  • Deportations
  • Tax cuts
  • The Wall
  • Foreign Trade
  • ISIS
  • US nuclear Stockpile
  • Gay Rights

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#1. A hard blow to immigrants – Deportation

Trump has announced to start deporting of more than two million of immigrant terrorist straight away he will start working on this from the first day of his Presidency. Experts say that it would damage the economy of US if too many people are out of the labour market.

Deport the almost 11 million immigrants illegally living in the United States.(In words of Trump)

Triple the number of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. (In words of Trump)

Trumps Wins the US President Elections

#2. Taxation Cuts will be better than ever

Trump’s economic plan is divided into three different tiers that are:

Tier 1 People earning more than $225,000 will pay 33% tax yearly.
Tier 2  People earning $75,000-$225,000 will pay 25% tax yearly.
Tier 3 People earning under $75,000 would pay 12% tax yearly.

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Trump also promised a 35% reduction in tax for middle class families with two children and proposed 20% deduction in business rate and 15% in corporate

#3. “I’ll create the Trump Wall”

Trump said that he will build a strong wall along the southern border with Mexico and would make Mexico to pay for the wall. He stated that the wall will be taller than any ladder and will be one foot taller than The Great Wall Of China, he added that wall will be Artistically beautiful and constructed out of toughest materials.

Trumps Wins the US President Elections

#4. Trump will change Foreign Trade policies

Trump said that US must be ‘Unpredictable’ with its foreign policy as according to Trump the current foreign policies are a total disaster and has no vision, no purpose, direction or strategy. The businessman would tear up all the deal particularly the most recent Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement which lowered tariffs of 11 nations.

#5. Demolition of ISIS

Trump said that nobody would be tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump. He also indicated that he will start it by finding a right guy that is going to take that military and make it work. He said that he will be in a straight competition with that Jihadis and ISIS.

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#6. US Nuclear stockpile will be Great Again

Trump pointed on this topic by saying that our enemies are getting stronger day by day and we are getting weaker this is not going to happen anymore and our Nuclear Arsenal that does not work will start working. Throughout the campaign Trump emphasized that he will Make America Great Again.

Trumps Wins

#7. Trump will Triumph over Gay Rights

Donald Trump has taken in a view of accepting the gay marriage but he stated during the campaign that marriage should be between a man and a woman and should not be forced to recognize same-sex couples. If trump resists changes and denies gay men and women their right it will be a battle that billionaire Trump will lose after he becomes President.

These are the major announcements likely to be made and will be made by Trump within 100 days of his Presidency and now Americas are searching “how do I emigrate?”

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