Top 10 Scariest Things in the World

Top 10 Scariest Things in the WorldWhether you believe in ghosts and the supernatural or not, there are some things that scare you. Sometimes you’ll hear a noise when you’re the only person in the house, you’ll feel like you’re being watched and something or someone will bump into you. You’ll try to think of the most logical and rational explanation for these experiences and sometimes you just can’t. Whether you believe or not in all these things but there are some objects out there that are said to be Most Haunted Objects Ever. Here’s the list of Top 10 Scariest Things in the World. Let’s find out below…

Top 10 Scariest Things in the World

  1. The Bidduk Box:

The Bidduk Box

According to Jewish folklore, the biddux box is basically a wine cabinet that is haunted by a restless evil spirit who loves possessing humans. A girl who knew about it told him, and consequently freaked him out. She told him that it was evil, that he must never open it and it had belonged to her grandmother who wanted to have it buried with her in an attempt to stop it from harming others; but as this defies Jewish tradition, her family ignored her bizarre request. The man experienced the haunting for himself as light bulbs smashed, he was haunted and when he tried to give it to another person, they would reject it. A man named Jason Haxton bought it, wrote a book about it and thus The Possession was made into a film.

  1. Annabelle, The Doll Possessed by a Lying Demon:

Annabelle, The Doll Possessed by a Lying Demon

The movie ‘The Conjuring’ was based on a true story and that’s all you need to know. No thank you, please. The story (or the truth?) takes us back to the 1970s where a mother bought the doll from a charity shop for her daughter. Her daughter was studying to be a nurse where she lived with one of her college friends, and then it gets scary. Spme people claimed that the doll had the ability to move about on its own; it would end up in different rooms, different positions and one time, it was standing on its legs, unsupported.

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  1. Haunted Wedding Dress Dances On Its Own:

Haunted Wedding Dress Dances On Its Own

In 1849, a girl from a rich family named Anna Baker fell in love with a low class iron worker. Anna’s father, Ellis Baker, refused to let her marry her beloved, throw out the young man from their hometown and ruin his daughter to a life of spinsterhood. Anna was so angry with her father that she never fell in love or married, and remained harsh and irritated until her death in 1914. Before her father throws out her true love away, Anna has chosen an eye-catching wedding dress that she planned to wear at their wedding. When the wedding did not happen, another wealthy woman from a local family wore the dress instead, rejoice the entire time.  A few years later, the wedding dress was given to an historical society, and eventually the Baker mansion was converted into a museum. The wedding dress was displayed in a glass case just as was previously in Anna Baker’s bedroom. After her death, people claim to see the dress not only move, but sway, especially during full moons as that night the dress quakes violently in its glass case.

  1. The Crying Boy’ Painting:

The Crying Boy’ Painting

The Crying Boy is a mass-produced print of a painting by Italian painter Bruno Amadio. It was a widely distributed from the 1950s onwards and it became very popular after that, not for the image of the boy, but because it seemed to burn down every house it resided in. There are many alternative versions, all portraits of tearful young boys or girls. No fireman would allow a copy of the painting into his home, and people began to speak of them as something unnatural. Something evil…

  1. The Women from Lemb Statue Brings Death to All Owners:

The Women from Lemb Statue Brings Death to All Owners

The Women from Lemb, a statue carved from pure limestone that was discovered in 1878 in Lemb, Cypruss. It isn’t known how it is cursed or why, but it isn’t a statue that you’d want in your house because it’s been known to wipe out entire families. Every family who has owned it since its discovery had all died. The final family, the Beaverbrooks, lost the majority of their family and when the two brothers were all that remained, they decided to get rid of it. They donated it to the Museum in Edinburgh and the item was placed in the museum. The person who received it into the museum also passed away. It is hidden safely under glass and protected from human hands so that no one else can touch it and be subjected to whatever curse it possesses, however, no one at the museum will admit that the statue having supernatural qualities.

  1. The Anguished Man” Captured On Video:

The Anguished Man" Captured On Video

The Anguished Man’ is a painting that will itself make you feel uncomfortable. This scary-looking painting was kept in Sean Robinson’s grandmother’s attic for twenty-five years before he inherited it from her. He was told by his grandmother that it was evil and that it was plagued with the suicide of the artist who killed himself shortly after; he also used his own blood on the piece as he mixed it in with the paint. When the painting is on display, you can hear voices, crying and a shadowed man who haunts the place where it is hung. So naturally, she locked it in her attic and then passed it on to her grandchild because, responsible. So he decided it was a good idea to then hang it up in his home and then stuff went down.

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  1. The Cursed “Chair of Death” Kills All Who Sit in It:

The Cursed "Chair of Death" Kills All Who Sit in It

The story goes that Thomas Busby murdered his father in law in 1702 because he sat in his favorite chair, seems fair. Except it wasn’t just the death site that was said to be haunted by Busby’s ghost, it was the chair too. In 1702, convicted murderer Thomas Busby was on his way to the gallows in Thirsk when he desired a drink of ale at his favorite pub in his favorite chair as his last request. When he finished, he said that anyone who sat in the chair would be haunted and soon die. It remained in the pub for centuries, and people were dared to sit in it.

  1. Haunted Doll Curses Those Who Take His Picture Without Permission:

Haunted Doll Curses Those Who Take His Picture Without Permission

The haunted doll was apparently gifted to Robert by a servant who practiced black magic and possessed a strong dislike for his family. The doll became active at night. Neighbors living near his house noticed that the doll became active when no one was in the house, it would vandalize rooms and break objects and The Robert got the blame for all this. After sometime Robert died and another family bought the house.  A little girl finds the doll wanted to kill her as poor Robert and do terrible things at night. Now the doll was display in a museum in Key West but it is still cursing people. The myth is that you have to ask for its permission to take a photo of the doll and if you don’t, you’re simply cursed.

  1. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror Contains the Spirits of a Woman and Her Children:

The Myrtles Plantation Mirror Contains the Spirits of a Woman and Her Children

The Myrtles has a status for being the most haunted farm in the South, so that right there should give you a hint as to what you’re in for when you look for out a particular mirror that resides on the premises. One of the many, many stories connected to the place claimed that Sara Bradford Woodruff, one of the plantation’s ladies, and two of her three children died in 1824.  The legends usually claim that Sara and her two daughters were poisoned but even so, they never quite managed to leave. It’s said that their spirits are ensnared within a primitive mirror still on put on wall within the house. Strange marks often show on its surface which cannot be removed even after cleaning its surface… but sometimes it’s not just marks. Sometimes its hand prints

  1. The “eBay Haunted Painting” Causes Sickness, Screaming, and Fear:

The "eBay Haunted Painting” Causes Sickness, Screaming, and Fear

Often referred to as “The Haunted eBay Painting,” “The Hands Resist Him” was found on the site of an old brewery by a couple from California. They put the painting up for auction on eBay in February of 2000, claiming that the characters in the painting sometimes moved on their own — and occasionally even escaped the boundaries of the painting itself. While there’s no denying that the piece, which features a young boy and a doll-like girl standing in front of a window and a sea of disembodied hands, is a little on the creepy side… it’s probably not actually cursed. The work of artist Bill Stoneham, it was based off of a photograph his parents took of him and a neighbor when they were children; he himself was rather surprised when he heard about the stories attached to his piece. Says Stoneham about the painting’s symbolism, “There are memories, echoes of all the life within a place….

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