Top 10 Headphone Manufacturers

Top 10 Headphone ManufacturersHeadphones are pair of small listen electronic device that are designed to be wear on or around head over user’s ears. There are various companies who manufacture Headphones and out of them there are some companies who are in the list of Top 10 Headphone Manufacturers in the world. People who like music, are always want to feel the song closer to their heart so they want to select the best earphone. Presently, there are various Earphone Brands are available in the market. So, people are you searching for Top 10 Headphone Manufacturers which provide you good sound quality than you are advised to read this article. Here, we have presented the best headphones companies of the world. Let’s have a look…..

Top 10 Headphone Manufacturers

  1. Bose

Top 10 Headphone Manufacturers

Bose Corporation was come into existence in the year 1964 and it is an American privately held corporation, located in Framingham, Massachusetts. The company sells their products throughout the world and the company main focus is on audio equipment. The company offers various products to its customers that are car audio, headphones, Loudspeakers, audio equipment and Professional audio. The company makes noise-cancelling headphones which have an achievement for them. Company has made noise-cancelling headphones to use in Space Shuttle, to help prevent those people who are trained to travel in space craft from hearing damage.

  1. Sennheiser


Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG is the company which was established in the year 1945. It is private German audio company whose specialization in design and production of wide range of both consumer and high commitment products. The products manufactured by the company including telephony accessories, microphones, headphones, avionics headsets for consumer, professional, and business applications. The headphones manufactured by the company are HD 555, HD 595, HD 25-1 II, Momentum, HD 26 Pro, HD 598, HD 600, HD 650, HD 700, HD 800, Orpheus HE1060.

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  1. JBL


JBL is American audio electronics company and presently the company was owned by Harman International. James Bullough Lansing was founded this company in the year 1946. The primary products manufactured by the company are loudspeakers and associated electronics. There are 2 divisions within the company – JBL Professional and JBL Consumer. In JBL Professional, the equipments for installed sound, tour sound, studio, production and DJ and cinema markets. In other, company produces audio equipment for consumer home market. Headquarter of the company is situated in Northridge, California, U.S. and the number of employees working in this company is 12000.

  1. Sony


In the whole world, Sony is the most well known brand. In the category of electronics, it is the most demandable company. The headphones, manufactured by the company are also of good quality. Sony Corporation is Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation whose headquarter is situated in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The product offers by the company are Consumer electronics, Video games, Semiconductors, Computer hardware Media/Entertainment and Telecom equipment. The company is 4TH largest television manufacturer in the world as of 2013. In the 2015, the list of Fortune Global 500, the company ranked at 116th position.

  1. Skullcandy


Skullcandy Company was come into existence in the year 2003 by Rick Alden and it is the public company based on Park City, Utah. The company manufacture various products such as headphones, hands free devices, earphones, audio backpacks and MP3 players etc. Skullcandy products are sold via specialty outlets, retailers, and their online store. Skullcandy also received positive reviews for their headphones’ design and general performance. The main feature of the company is to manufacture the products with special designs. Company has wide range of headphones and the headphones come in broad range of colors, graphics, and designs from over-ear headphones to on-ear headphones such as the Aviator (over-ear), the Titans (in-ear) and the Mix master (over-ear).

  1. AKG


AKG Acoustics is Austrian manufacturer of microphones, wireless audio systems, headphones and related accessories for professional and consumer markets and the company was founded in the year 1947. AKG also manufactures range of high-specification headphones. The first model of headphones introduced by the company in the year 1959 is K50 and it was world’s first supra-aural and open-back headphones. Currently, the flagship model for AKG headphone line-up is K812. For domestic use, AKG Company also manufactures range of Hi-Fi headphones and earphones. In the year 2012, company received Technical Grammy award.

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  1. Klipsch


Klipsch Audio Technologies was come into existence in the year 1946 and it is American Loudspeaker Company, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company produces loudspeaker drivers and enclosures as well as complete loudspeakers for high end, public address applications, high fidelity sound systems and personal computers. In November 2007, the headphones or earphones using balanced armature technology were launched by the company. In addition, several in-ear Image models, company launched its first on-ear model, the Image ONE, in the year 2010.

  1. Shure


Shure Incorporated is American audio products corporation and it was founded in the year 1925. This company became consumer and professional audio-electronics manufacturer of microphones, digital signal processing, phonograph cartridges, discussion systems, wireless microphone systems, and mixers. The company also manufactures various other products which include high-end earphones, headphones, and personal monitor systems. In the may 2009, Company offering around-ear headphones. In the month of October 2014, company began for offering on-ear, portable headphones in closed back and semi-open back designs. The company has received many awards such as Army-Navy “E” Award and 3 “E” Stars, Technical Achievement Award etc.

  1. Philips


Philips is Dutch Technology Company and their headquartered in Amsterdam. Company primary divisions are in the areas of electronics, healthcare and lighting. In the world, it is one of the largest electronics companies and employees 105000 people across above 60 countries. The products manufactures by the company are Home appliances, Lighting, Medical equipment and Audio equipment. In the audio equipments, company offers Hi-fi systems, Wireless speakers, Radio systems, Docking stations, Headphones, DJ mixers and Alarm clocks. The headphones of the Philips Company are of good quality. If People want comfortable headphone with top-tier noise cancelling then this brand is better.

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  1. Ultrasone


Ultrasone AG is German company focus in manufacturing headphones for studio, DJ and for the uses of consumer. Headquarter of the company was situated Tutzing, Germany. This company came into existence in the year 1991 with the objective and that is for manufacturing advanced headphones with an importance on professional audio sector. Some of the headphones produced by the company are quite expensive. The headphones of this company are generally come in different colors but their quality is always same and high.

We hope that by going through the above mentioned list of Top 10 Headphone Manufacturers of the world, your confusion in buying best Earphone is clear and now you may easily buy the right headphone for yourself.

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