Top 10 Guitar Brands for Beginners

Top 10 Guitar Brands for BeginnersIf you are a beginner in guitarist and want to choose right acoustic or electric guitar that fulfills your budget without pinching your pocket. We are here to provide the list of Top 10 Guitar Brands for Beginners with Best Acoustic & Electric Guitars from those brands and we are also providing things to consider while purchasing your new guitar.

If you are looking for a new acoustic or electric guitar the best option is to start from big name brands as they are on top only for good reasons and have build up their reputation year by year by providing instruments of good quality. In this article we are going to guide you which brand guitar you should buy according to your requirements. Here is the detailed list of top 10 best guitar brands for beginners:

Important Points to remember while choosing the Guitar

  • Budget
  • Brand
  • You Should know what your need is

Common Points You Should Know

  • Bolt On Neck
  • Frets
  • Action
  • Sustain
  • Tremolo Bridge
  • Tune-o-matic
  • Pickup
  • Coil tap (pickup’s output)
  • Humbucker (Coil pickups)

Taking these points in consideration we have decided Top 10 Guitar brands for beginners and the brands best acoustic and electric guitars. Go thoroughly through the article and if any questions do mention it in comments section.

Top 10 Guitar Brands for Beginners

#1. Epiphone

Epiphone Guitars is an American brand of Guitars, which was started way back in 1873. Epiphone is owned by Gibson Guitar Corporation and they produce world’s best guitars that are popular worldwide. Their Acoustic and electrical models are loved because of the quality of building material and the clear sound they produce. Epiphone guitars can be purchased from any leading musical instrument shops and are also available online. The guitars they produce are weightless and gives are made of high quality material.


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#2. Yamaha

Yamaha is among largest music instruments selling company in world. This Japanese brand is was started as a piano and reed organ manufacturers but now they manufacture many musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and many other power equipments. They offer a good variety of guitar models. From beginners to professionals they have a guitar for everyone. One more reason behind Yamaha brand success is their affordability. Their best selling products are the Acoustic guitars.


#3. Ibanez

Established in the year 1957 is a Japanese based guitar company. Ibanez guitars are popular among most of the guitarists all over the world. Ibanez GIO series is the best budget guitars.

Ibanez also offers many varieties of electric, Acoustic, Semi-Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars at various price ranges. Their GRG series of electrical guitars are also very much popular in youngsters and guitarists.


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#4. Fender

Fender brand of guitars was established in the year 1946 by an American manufacturer of amplifiers and stringed instruments. Their original name was Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. This brand is famous for their electric guitars, Bass guitars and acoustic guitars. They have range of acoustic guitars for beginners to professionals. Their series that is popular and best seller series of acoustic guitars is SA series. These guitars have a very comfortable neck and very smooth fingerboard, for effortless music. You can find and purchase Fender guitars from any leading retail store and online stores.


#5. Gibson

Gibson is a US based Guitar company. This guitar brand needs no introduction as it is known by everyone. Gibson was established in the year 1902. Gibson guitars have more than 114 years of experience in manufacturing guitars. Gibson’s guitars generate awesome music and are very comfortable and light weight. Gibson’s signature series has no other competition in all over the world. Gibson guitars have a bit higher price than other brands but still have a huge fan base.


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#6. Jackson  

Jackson Guitars was founded in the year 1980 by Grover Jackson and since then, they have become another name for electric guitars and electric bass guitars. Jackson guitars have always come up with out of the box new designs, styles and shapes. Their trademark style is “shark fin” style. Their signature series is Dinky Style and Jackson JS22 Dinky is a bolt on superstar with a 7/8 the size of Stratocaster and is considered as among best electric guitars in world.


#7. Cort

Cort is an international brand of guitars based at South Korea. They are counted in the list of the largest guitars manufacturers in world. Cort have their factories in Indonesia, Korea and China. Cort produce almost all kinds of guitars and are much respected all over world. They do not have any signature model like other companies, but have a large variety and models of guitars. Their Electrical Guitars produces a loud sound. They offer 17+ series of electrical guitars such as Aero Series, Classic Rock series, EVL, Performer, Limited edition series, Artisian series etc.


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#8. Signature

Signature Guitars is Indian guitar brand and are made in India, especially developed for Indian weather conditions. They are among one of the renowned Indian Guitar brand. Signature guitars are made up of high quality material and have clear and balanced tone and are long life guitars. They have more than 30 years of expertise in manufacturing all kind of guitars. The brand is doe3s not pinch your pocket and is smooth and sustainable.


#9. HMI

HMI or Harmony Musical Instruments India is a leading Asian electric Guitar manufacturing company which uses latest technology to produce their products. They offer wide range of guitars in both left hand side and right hand side versions and some of their ranges are Tansen, Revlations, Prima and classic. The brand is also known as value for money brand and is a preferred brand for beginners, intermediates and professionals.


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#10. Taylor

Taylor guitar was found way back in 1974 and is known as the number 1 manufacturer for acoustic guitars in US. Taylor Guitar was established in California and is famous for their acoustic and semi-hollow electric guitars. Taylor guitars are generally measured among the best-sounding guitars that can be played very easily. Taylor has applied some point of view to its wood sourcing and environmental acceptable proposals and has decided to pursuit best practices in forest management, new models of reforestation, and bringing ethically harvested tone woods to market.


In our opinion these are top 10 guitar brands for beginners and brands acoustic and electric guitars. They all are great guitar brands and have good build quality. There are many more big guitars brands than these but these are the best in the list for the beginners should be spending on his first guitar. If you have any question you can mention it below in comments section.

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