Coldest Countries in the World

Coldest Countries in the WorldWinter is ‘Snow’ much fun. As the winter arrives, love is spread all around. But the places that remain coldest throughout the year, is something that is unbearable. So, just have a look on Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World 2016. Winter is the time of year when not only the weather changes, but so do fashion, foods, and many other retail and service industries.

If you are dreaming to travel to a winter wonderland covered in a blanket of snow than here is the list of coldest countries. Snow angels, Snow ball games, Snow Men, Warm and Frizzy woolen clothes, Hot Chocolate, New Year and Christmas Celebration and many more things come with winter season. Celebrating these winters in the coldest places and having some great adventures will make your winter memories awesome. Let us take a look on these awesome Coldest Countries in the World.

Coldest Countries in the World

“Winters Are Truly Magical”
#1. Russia

Russia is one of the coldest place in the world. There is a village named Oymyakon, which is the place filled with snow throughout the year with a temperature as low as 71.2 degree Celsius. Overall the country is very windy.

Average Temperature: Minus 27 Degree Celsius


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#2. Greenland

Another country that is the coldest place with a temperature recorded is 7 degrees and minimum drops to around 9 degrees. Greenland is covered with ice, making it very hard for sunlight to penetrate into the atmosphere making it extremely chilling.

Average Temperature: 9 Degrees


#3. Iceland

As by the name we can judge that it is one of the coldest place in the world. Iceland gets colder than ice almost all through the winters. Just by hearing this name I am freezing. Imagine if you reach there than what will be the condition.

Average Temperature: Minus 30 Degrees


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#4. Estonia

Many of us have not heard about this place, Estonia is the place with chilling climate. Though the temperature is not as low as the countries but the precipitation can make it unbearable that stops the people from living a comfortable life during winters.

Average Temperature: 5.7 Degree


#5. Finland

Finland has experienced some of the harshest and coldest winters on the planets. Snowfall comes all the way along with the harsh winds making it difficult to live for the people. The temperature goes down till 20 degree centigrade and this remains up to 4 months in a year.

Average Temperature: 20 Degree


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#6. Mongolia

Mongolia is the small country located between East and Central Asia. Mongolia experiences an average of -20 degrees centigrade temperature. January & February months are the most difficult time for Mongolia people as the temperature falls down to extremely low.

Average Temperature: 20 Degrees


#7. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is one of the coldest countries nearest to cold Russia. It experiences some of the extremely cold winters that is unbearable. Being a hilly country and also facing problem of poverty, makes the life of the people living in Kazakhstan difficult. Rainfall makes the situation worst for them.

Average Temperature: 20 Degrees


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#8. Canada

Canada is one of the coldest regions on our planet and is nearest to The United States of America. Canada is a country with many cities that vary in temperature decline. The eastern and northern regions of Canada experience winters lasting up to 5 months.

Temperature: Minus 39 Degree (This May Vary According To The City)


#9. The United States of America

This is the Coldest Country situated in the northern part; Alaska, here the coldest temperatures last for around nine long months. Anyone who is left outside in this temperature would be in a risk of death.

Temperature: Minus 62.2 Degrees

The United States of America

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#10. Antarctica

Antarctica is the coldest country, actually the coldest continent. It is situated in the extreme north of the planet Earth, it gets little to no sun rays all round the year. Antarctica has a scarce population due to its unpleasant climatic conditions. To live in such a low a temperature is really difficult to imagine.

Temperature: 89 Degrees


So, these are the top 10 Coldest Countries in the World with their temperature in winter season. Travelling to these coldest places is a big adventure!!

OH! Winter is Back….!!!!!
Let’s Enjoy The Cold Days….!!!!!!

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