Top 10 Best BMX Brands

Top 10 Best BMX BrandsLive your passion with the best-in class Top 10 Best BMX Brands 2017 which is easily accessible and manageable. To reach maximum number of people, we have listed not only the affordable but also the best selling and pocket friendly BMX bicycles to change the mindset of the people who think they can’t afford a BMX bicycles.

The sky is the limit if you have got the cash and want the most expensive BMX and like most products BMX also comes in all price range. We will describe all along with the specifications and key features.

Take a good experience of stunts and tricks typically on the big platforms and stunting areas or roaming and doing show off on these trendy bikes.BMX bikes are built to handle terrain like vertical drop offs, boulders, logs and all the bumps to absorb the shocks while performing the stunts. Here we go on a quick ride and guide about the best selling BMX brands.

  • We the People
  • Fit
  • Haro
  • Sunday
  • Odyssey
  • Stolen Bikes
  • DK
  • Eastern
  • Subrosa
  • Standard

Main Points To Remember Before Choosing your BMX

Given Below Are The Main Points To Consider While Choosing Your BMX

  • Check The Small To Small Parts
  • Wheels
  • Brakes
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Comfort

Top 10 Best BMX Brands

#1. We The People

Based in Cologne, Germany, Wethepeople is a brand for true BMX fans. The designers of the company are BMX riders who put their passion for the sport into every detail which results in manufacturing of well-build fully bicycles, frames, and apparel.


For freestyle riders the best option is the Curse 20, with its faster gearing Salt 26t sprocket and Salt Strike tires. For Cruisers Atlas 24 is best option which has specially designed anodized parts and a choice of 24 wheels to suit trails, parks, or streets.

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#2. Fit

Another brand of BMX products designed by enthusiastic riders, Fitbikeco manufactures. It is one of the top ranges of well-tested complete bikes, frames, and components. The Dugan Sig is wild BMX rider Tom Dugan’s signature model.


It features a full chrome frame, fork, and bars with Fit grips and removable brake mounts. The Fit 18 is a more affordable ride, with an integrated headtube and Junior Platform PC pedals.

#3. Haro

Bob Haro started his BMX business in 1978 after the racer spent some time as an artist with BMX Action magazine. Bob Haro travelled around the country performing demos of radical trick ridingb that had not been seen before and so they earned the title of “ The Father Of Freestyle”.


Haro Bikes celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Haro Freestyler by making a limited-edition, first-generation frame and fork set using the original blueprints to create historically accurate parts.

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#4. Sunday

Starting with Triumph bars and Morning forks in 2005, In 2006 they started making frames with superior quality and now they have become a legend in this field.


Sunday is a brand that continues to release innovative BMX parts. Its Wave C BMX frame from 2011 has a shorter back end, which improves maneuverability and spinning.

#5. Odyssey

Odyssey was founded in Cerritos California in 1985. In 2005 company also won design distinction award from ID magazine; Odyssey manufactures quality BMX bike parts. Odyssey makes components including axles and pedal spindles.


Its chain kit features oversized pins and has lower, thicker side plates. The current team which operates Odyssey consists mainly of skilled BMX riders.

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#6. Stolen Bikes

Owned by riders, Stolen Bikes makes complete BMX bikes as well as parts, including the Legend 16-inch, with a hand-welded frame and TIG welded handlebars.


The adjustable padded seat offers BMX riders a little comfort too. Stolen has offices in California and the UK. Stolen’s focus is making the best possible products at a price real people can afford.

#7. DK

Launched in Dayton Ohio in 1979 by a BMX rider & his father. Dk is named after it Dad and Kids. DK produces BMX bikes, parts, and gear.


The brand’s iconic, lightweight RM59 frame, inspired by gold medal-winning Robbie Miranda, features heat-treated chromoly and a Euro bottom bracket.

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#8. Eastern

Innovative BMX bike brand Eastern uses techniques developed for motorcycle and racer frames to create secure welds that Transfix the whole diameter of the tubes.


This boosts on industry-standard methods to create bikes such as the Lowdown 116 for beginners or the Wolfdog for pros.

#9. Subrosa

Subrosa BMX bikes have small wheels and big personalities. The brand has a complete line of components for riders who want to customize their bikes. The aim of the brand is to create complete bikes and products that are affordable, reliable, and have an attention to detail that make each piece high quality.


Complete bikes, includes the 2015 Malum, which has a classy look with a seamless chromo frame and Rant alloy U-brakes. There are Subrosa bikes from races to dirt tracks to parks and streets.

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#10. Standard

It was founded in 1991 with the mission to provide the highest quality and madec in USA most technologically advanced products. They manufacture quality frames, bars, stems, and forks, Standard allows BMX riders to customize their ride to suit the demands of the sport.


Consumers can choose from race, freestyle, trail, and mini frames featuring materials such as steel, which offers both strength and durability.

World is regularly fighting from the growing pollution & population; this has resulted in situation like Traffic Jams on roads plus extraction of harmful gases from vehicles. So, contribute a bit for this environment and make your riding experience pleasant on the latest and trendy BMX bikes.

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