The Undertaker Biography

The Undertaker BiographyMark William Calaway is an American professional wrestler, commonly known by his ring name the Undertaker. He is also an avid fan of boxing. Delve into the The Undertaker Biography and explore about his Family, WWE Career, Life Achievements & More. Being known for his gothic, undead persona, he becomes a four-time World Heavyweight Champion after competing in the WCCW in 1984. He received the ultimate success after signed with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

The Undertaker Biography


The Undertaker Biography; The Undertaker was born on 24th March 1965 in Houston, Texas and had four older brothers namely David, Michael, Paul, and Timothy and wrestler Michelle McCool. Undertaker is the only wrestler in WWE history who is undefeated at Wrestle mania with an 18–0 record. He was also winner of Royal Rumble 2007 and became the first man to win the Rumble at number 30.

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When he was a child, he enjoyed playing basketball and was even takes part in the high school’s basketball matches.  He has completed his graduation from Waltrip High School. He started his career by joining the World Class Championship Wrestling in 1984.  In 1989, he moved on to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) located in Atlanta, Georgia.  After this he left the WCW and he came into the World Wrestling Federation on November 19, 1990 and appeared on the episode of Raw.

In 1991, he appeared on the sci-fi comedy film Suburban Commando which starred Hulk Hogan.  He was also the inspiration for the Undertaker Comic Book written by Beau Smith.  He also takes interest in Mixed Martial Arts and has been seen on many Ultimate Fighting Championship shows. He also holds an eight-time world champion title and is also the winner at the Royal Rumble in 2007. Apart from his career in wrestling, he is crazy about motorcycles. Currently the wrestler is 51 year old and some fans may find this surprising since he’s been wrestling for so long.

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His first married to Jodi Lynn in 1989 but the couple got divorced in 1999. His second marriage is with Sara in 2002, whom he met at a WWF autograph signing in San Diego, California. The couple got blessed with two daughters named Chasey and Gracey.

Having remained with that agency ever since, Calaway is currently the best complete-time wrestler that made an appearance in the very first episode of Monday night time Raw, who is still with the enterprise presently.

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