15 Surprising Facts About Jennifer Aniston

15 Surprising Facts About Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is an American Hollywood actress who rose to fame for her role in the sitcom “Friends.” We bring you the 15 Surprising Facts About Jennifer Aniston here. In 2013, this talented actress ranked third in Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Actresses in Hollywood. Aniston is known for her red carpet style and there’s a lot more facts about Jennifer Aniston’s life and career. Following are some of the Interesting Things about her which many are not aware of.

15 Surprising Facts About Jennifer Aniston

  1. Her birth name

Her original name was Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis but she later changed her name to make it easier for her fans to remember.

  1. Contribution to Metropolitan Museum of Art

When she was 11, a painting by Jennifer Aniston was chosen to adore the walls of Metropolitan Museum of Art situated in New York City

  1. As Telemarketer & Waitress

Before starting her career as an actress, Jennifer Aniston has also worked as a telemarketer and a waitress.

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  1. Started with TV

Aniston started her career with acting in 1990 by appearing in television series of Molloy later she became a film star in 1993 when she played a role in the horror film entitled “Leprechaun”.

  1. Her Hair Dressing

Chris McMillan, who managed the Friends’ star’s hair for more than a 10 years, admitted he was stoned when he had to cut the hair of the actress to create iconic Rachel

  1. The Best Paid Actress

At the end, Aniston achieved the status of one of the best paid actresses at the time when she was playing the role in “Friends, a total of 238 episodes. She charges one million US dollars for a single episode.

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  1. Fights Flying Phobia

Did you know that Jennifer Aniston is scared of flying? She has to do a lot of flying in order to complete her assignments.

  1. She met her ex-husband on a blind date

Brad and Jen reportedly met back in 1998 after both their agents set them up on a blind date and after two years they got married in 2000.

  1. UK soap EastEnders reinstated on American TV

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt were big fans of the London based British soap EastEnders and in 2003 they joined 40,000 other signatures campaigning to bring it back to BBC America.

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  1. Desire to be a therapist

In case, she didn’t became an actress, Jennifer Aniston would have become a therapist

  1. Her big break

Her big break came when she was cast as Rachel Green in the NBC sitcom Friends. The hugely popular series made her a star and a household name.

  1. Changed her mind

Jen thinks giving up her acting after completing the first horror film ‘Leprechaun.’ Glad to know that she had changed her mind.

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    13. Jennifer used to be a bike messenger in Manhattan in 1988

    14. Diagnosed with dyslexia

Jennifer Aniston was diagnosed with dyslexia in her early 20s

    15. She was schoolmates with American musician, Chaz Bono

Cher’s transgender son, Chaz Bono was also studying in the same school and at the same time when Jennifer Aniston was attending school.

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