15 Most Strongest Marvel Superheroes

15 Most Strongest Marvel SuperheroesMarvel universe is something all about marvelous super heroes and heroines; let’s read about 15 Most Strongest Marvel Superheroes which are ranked top on list of Powerful Characters in Marvel Universe. In marvel universe brave man and woman’s strengths and powers are measured in terms of their “raw physical strength”. And many among listed below are with incalculable and amazing powers, so check out top 15 most strongest characters in the Marvel universe an exercise in futility. That said, here are 15 of those characters we’ve discussed here but these are not in any particular order though we’ve demonstrated about each marvel character, so take a look!!

# Apocalypse

# Thor

# Jean Grey

# Galactus

# Captain Marvel

# Superman

# Deadpool

# Wolverine

# Black Widow

# Ghost Rider

# Kronos

# Storm

# Destroyer

# Silver Surfer

# Doctor Strange

15 Most Strongest Marvel Superheroes

#1. Apocalypse

Apocalypse, a fictional character is strongest of all marvel characters as he was born along with mutant powers and he’s the master of various powers like telekinesis and telepathy. In May 1986 he acted in movie was “X-Factor # 5”, this was his debut and he remained among the arch enemies of X-men. Presently, he is ranked on 3rd on the list of X-Men Villains…


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#2. Thor

Thor was first portrayed in the superhero movie, he’s recognized as “The God of Thunder”. He’s having a magical stick or you can call it a magical hammer named as “Mjolnir”, which never breaks. It’s him only who controls it with all packages of power with the assistance of this hammer; even energy blasts.


#3. Jean Grey

Jean Grey is the fifth member of the original X-Men series and the ‘most powerful women’, this honor probably goes to her. You know what? There’s actually no shortage of psychics in Marvel’s catalogue and in that case Jean’s powers include she can do mind-reading, mind control, telekinetic barriers, force fields and lots more.

Jean Grey

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#4. Galactus

Galactus was first appeared on the screen, you remember “The Fantastic Four”, the played a role well. He was also featured in arcade games; action figures, video games and many more gaming worlds. Galactus is the one who has so much command over the world that he can eat planets. Yes! He’s that much powerful, as his just a single bolt can destroy a planet.


#5. Captain Marvels

Captain Marvel aka “Shazam” is the hero of American comic books and it seemed that he was a duplicate copy for superman. He’s the man whose having a amazing power to transfer and turn himself into the super man, with having six mythological and powerful figures including;

  • Mercury
  • Zeus
  • Atlas
  • Solomon
  • Achilles
  • Hercules

Captain Marvels

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#6. Superman

 ‘Superman’ is the biggest icon and an only character that represents comics as a whole. By now, nobody needs to be telling how his alien skin makes him bulletproof to most attacks, but except magical.


#7. Deadpool

Deadpool possesses a superhuman healing factor derived from that of the mutant Wolverine. He has a power that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure and that’s also at a greater rate far than a human. This healing factor of a virtual immunity to poisons helps him to improve with confrontation to diseases and an extended life span.


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#8. Wolverine

Wolverine was born along with super-human wits and the power to heal from almost any wound; he was captured by a secret Canadian organization and given an unbreakable skeleton and claws.


#9. Black Widow

The Black Widow was formerly an enemy to the Avengers, she Natasha Romanova an expert spy, athlete and assassin and she was known by many aliases.

Black Widow

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#10. Ghost Riders

Ghost Rider is damn happening guy, a supernatural hero who is actually a fictional character also which appeared in comic books that were written and published by Marvel Comics. Furthermore, it can run on the water and walls…

Ghost Riders

#11. Kronos

Kronos are youngest one of Titan’s first generation and these are the leader, KRONOS was recognized in classical olden times along with Roman deity Saturn. His domination includes time manipulation, vast intellect and soul manipulation as well.


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#12. Storm

Ororo Munroe’s mastery of nature is what makes her one of the most strongest and powerful Omega-Level Mutants ever written.


#13. Destroyer

Destroyer is known for his most unexpected power is his incredible durability, as He has that much potential throughout which he can project powerful energy beams.


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#14. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer has a super package of powers and potential includes speed flight, element transmutation, destroying the ability, extreme temperatures and immune to disease. And these much are enough to introduce this character.

Silver Surfer

#15. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has been referred to as the most powerful human on Earth with all his magic wands, necklaces, or orbs aside and he is a Marvels’ supernatural man.

Doctor Strange

Those are some of the most powerful superheroes from Marvel world we love so much, but Let us know if we missed any one, say it in comments and please subscribe for more like this….

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