Saif Ali Khan Workout Routine

Saif Ali Khan Workout RoutineThe young nawab of Bollywood and the heartthrob of millions have a killer style. He has won the hearts of every girl with his acting, looks and stunning personality that goes perfectly with his body. Well, this impeccable level of fitness did not come easy for Saif. Read the below part of this page to get Saif Ali Khan Workout Routine. Saif Ali Khan has worked really hard to get this physique. After going through rigorous workout sessions, Chhote Nawab gets this amazing muscle-packed look. Check out the Diet Secret and Saif Fitness Mantras behind these perfect abs and muscles.

Saif Ali Khan Workout Routine

Saif Ali Khan Physical Stats
Saif Ali Khan Height5’ 8”
Saif Ali Measurements
  • Chest:40 inches
  • Waist:30 inches
  • Biceps:14.5 inches
Saif Ali Khan Weight80-82 Kg

Saif is very serious about his fitness and lets nothing come in between his fitness. At 45, and still as dapper looking as any youngster, this Nawab has time and again proved that age has nothing to do with look. So let’s have a look at Saif Ali Khan workout routine and how he stays fit.

Saif Ali Khan Workout Routine

Khan works out daily for 2 hours to stay fit and active. Stretching, punching, kickboxing, forming shadow are some exercises he does to maintain the shape of arms and well-toned abs:

  • He always warms up before starting his workout routine.
  • After warming up he likes to do some stretching exercises to loosen his muscles.
  • Stretching is followed by 10 minutes skipping.
  • Some weight training & cardio exercises to tone up his muscles
  • He also practices kickboxing which helps in toning up of his physique.
  • Some punching bag sessions to work on intense muscle contraction
  • He also does some shadow training to maintain his arms and abs.

Besides his usual workout regimen, Saif has also been doing yoga to stay fit mentally and stress free.

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Saif Ali Khan Diet Secret

  • He does not believe in starving and his diet comprises all the regular meals: breakfast, afternoon snack, lunch, evening snack and dinner.
  • Even after being a non-vegetarian, Saif follows a vegan diet to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Vegetables also improves digestion and are nutritious
  • His diet is consisting of 45 % carbohydrate, 30% protein and 15 % fat.
  • Saif balanced vegan diet includes food that excites and stimulate the muscles and body.

Saif Ali Khan Biography

Saif Fitness Mantras

  • Follow a diet with high energy content and low fat.
  • Always start with a warm-up before working out
  • Take proper rest between exercises during workout.
  • Try and add some new exercises to your workout routine so you don’t get bored.

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