Roman Reigns Workout Routine

Roman Reigns Workout RoutineSamoan-American Roman Reigns who made his WWE debut in 2012 is considered one of the strongest wrestlers of current era. Get a complete Roman Reigns Workout Routine. He follows a strict workout routine to maintain his body physique and strength. Here are Diet Plan, Fitness Systems & more about the wrestlers which were revealed by his fitness trainer. This 6 ft 3 do gym follows a strict and intense training regimen to keep him in fighting position and to maintain his superman body. He weighs around 120kg and loves to do squats, Olympic lifts and heavy compound movements.

So…Scroll down to unravel the tips to get the body like wrestler!!

Roman Reigns Workout Routine

Here’s Roman Reigns Workout Routine provided by his trainer:

  • He does Lots of Cardio to burn calories. He would also do low-power cardio for warm-up
  • After this, he does Cross Fit and different type of lifting as well
  • Right after the weight lifting, he walked on an incline treadmill for an hour and a half
  • After his weight training session, he plays football; do platform lifts and all kinds of wacky kettle-bell stuff.
  • Apart from this, he do all different kinds of workouts such as stretching exercises and isolated stuff, more basic work and those fixed actions.

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Though it is not easy to stick to this type of exercises regular but he is in a business where he is constantly trying to build something up. For doing these kinds of exercises, he eats a lot of food to keep body going on through this besides also tries to keep him healthy. He believes body is like a machine and adjusts to whatever you’re doing that’s way he is able to do wide-receiver workouts.

According to Roman Reigns, it’s all about what exactly you’re taking inside your body. The main secret to Roman’s health is taking the healthy food like the burrito bowl at Chipotle with, triple chicken, black beans, rice, cheese, corn salsa triple chicken and guacamole.

Hope this article i.e., Roman Reigns Workout Routine may help you out in some way.

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