Reliance JIO Facing New Issue

Reliance Jio Facing New IssueFind out Why Reliance JIO Facing New Issue? The crowd is just going damn crazy for JIO SIMs. People are standing in long queues to get the SIM and why won’t they will go crazy for it, as the JIO SIM plans are just like implausible at free of cost. Many of us have already started taking advantage of JIO SIM and some are still waiting for their order to come. But remaining is still thinking of whether to buy or not reliance JIO SIM because the problem of call connecting is becoming a big issue… why??This question mark is not looking good… the point is in spite of such an amazing offers on JIO SIM, why still there is this big question mark. 

Here, we have bought reasons for you on “Reliance JIO Facing New Issue” in calls connection. Why calls are not connecting and their best solution are mentioned below…

Reliance JIO Facing New Issue

Reasons for Reliance JIO Facing New Issues regarding calls connection

Phone doesn’t have Volte (no problem below is the solution)

The network used for JIO SIM is 4G VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) and therefore it requires VoLTE phone for calls to be connect. But not to worry if you are not having VoLTE phone, there is an application named jio join, by downloading this app you can make 4G calls without the VoLTE network.

Change 4G LTE into Volte

You should put an eye on:

Having dual SIM phone, insert JIO SIM in primary slot

If you are having phones that are Dual SIM support than insert your SIM to primary slot rather than inserting it in secondary SIM slot. This is because most of the phones’ secondary SIM slot is not compatible with 4G LTE bands.

After swapping the SIM, check for the connection and make sure that the network type in your phone is 4G. If still not coming than switch off your phone and restart your device.


Televerification may not be done

Verification for data and calls are separate. If you are able to use net without any issues but calls are not connecting than it might have televerification problem that means verification for calls has to be done. You have to call 1977 for the televerification to be completed for calls connection or you can call on any number it will automatically take you to the verification enquiry call and some details will be asked to confirm the proof you gave for buying JIO SIM is correct or not.


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Calls are saying network busy

If still your calls are not connecting and after calling any number you are getting a message “user busy” or something related to this, than the problem is in other network providers and not in JIO SIM. The only solution to this is to have patience and wait for the network operators to come to proper agreement.

Till then make the best use of net data as that is running with a great speed. You can solve calling issue by calling on what’s app or any other app for calling by using your net.

No Signal

We have given you all the possible reasons for why the Reliance JIO SIM calls are not connecting and their solution… Hope, you will be able to solve your issue after reading this article!!

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