Reliance GSM Prepaid Kolkata Plans

Reliance GSM Prepaid Kolkata PlansReliance Communications Limited is the largest Indian telecommunications company with its headquarters in Navi Mumbai, India. Reliance GSM has been fulfilling the consumers’ social and entertainment needs by offering Reliance GSM Prepaid Kolkata Plans. From this page you can avail the full information regarding prepaid recharge offers, Data Packs, Roaming packs, tariff vouchers and others plan vouchers of Reliance GSM Prepaid for the Kolkata Zone. Reliance Mobile Services now covered almost 24000 towns and 6 lakh villages and over 150 million subscribers across India.

Reliance GSM Prepaid Kolkata Plans

3G Pack

400 MB863 Days
2.5 GB35928 Days
3 GB39728 Days
3.5 GB44728 Days
4 GB49828 Days
4.5 GB54928 Days
5 GB59828 Days
5.5 GB64828 Days
6 GB69828 Days
6.5 GB74928 Days
7 GB79828 Days
8 GB84828 Days
8.5 GB89828 Days
9 GB94928 Days
9.5 GB99828 Days
11 GB119928 Days


Combo Data Pack

24728 Days1 GB 3GData + Rs 75 promo Talktime .


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Combo Pack

91 Day20 Local & STD Mins (Available only in Paper)
17180 Days

Roam as Home between Kolkata and Bengal. Local and STD @1.3p/sec (Home + Roam)

26SMS Valid For 1 Day

Rs.20.11 Main Account Talktime and 5 Local and STD SMS valid for 1 day

3428 Days35p/min Local + STD 40p/min for 28 days

29.46 Main A/c Talktime and 5 Local and National SMS Valid for 1 day (same day)

55Rs 43 Core TT + Rs12 Promo TT & 2 Local SMS valid for 2 days
7360 DaysAll Local and STD calls at 30p/mins for 60 days

63.67 Main A/c Talktime and 5 Local and National SMS Valid for 1 day (same day)

9610 Days

Full Talktime of Rs.96 and all calls at 40p/min (TT and tariff valid for 10 days)

111Core Talktime of 111 + 10 Local SMS for 7 days
222Core Talktime of 222 + 15 Local SMS for 7 days
29830 Days

Full Talktime of Rs.298 and all calls at 35p/min (TT and tariff valid for 30 days)

333Core Talktime of 333 + 20 Local SMS for 7 days
555Core Talktime of 555 + 25 Local SMS for 7 days


FreePaid Pack

42528 Days

Unlimited Local & STD Reliance to Reliance in home and roaming Unlimited Local & STD Reliance to other networks landline in home and roaming 30 min/day Local & STD Reliance to other networks mobile in home and roaming Incoming roaming Free 300 MB 3G Data Validity 28 Days


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Full Talktime

1000870.36 Talktime



300 MB567 Days
400 MB777 Days
500 MB937 Days
500 MB11214 Days
600 MB13114 Days
600 MB15121 Days
5 GB39828 Days


ILD Pack

3628 DaysBangladesh calling @ Rs 2.99 per min


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Local Pack

2421 DaysAll Local calls at 1.2p/2secs for 21 days
2845 DaysLON at 1.3p/2 sec, LOF 1.5p/ 2 Sec for 45 days
4228 DaysAll STD Calls @25p/min
5290 DaysLON at 1.3p/2secs and LOF at 1.5p/2secs for 90 days
6370 DaysAll Local calls at 1.5p/2secs


Mobile Internet 2G Packs

30 MB51 Day
100 MB183 Days
350 MB 2G data for 7 days (Beyond Free Quota: 4p/10kb)447 Days
550 MB 2G Data887 Days
650MB 2G for 14 days9914 Days
1GB 2G for 21 days12521 Days
1.5 GB 2G data.14928 Days
Unlimited 2G for 28 days19528 Days


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Mobile Internet 3G Packs

180 MB 3G.385 Days
220 MB 3G Data455 Days
350 MB 3G data for 7 days (Beyond Free Quota: 4p/10kb)517 Days
10MB 3G valid for 10 days5710 Days
750MB 3G for 7 days957 Days
300 MB 3G.9728 Days
1 GB 3G data for 3 days (Beyond Free Quota: 4p/10kb)983 Days
1.5 GB 3G data.1162 Days
1GB 3G Data + Promo TT Rs 30 valid for 7 days (Beyond Free Quota: 4p/10kb)12328 Days
750 MB 3G data.12410 Days
800 MB 3G data .15614 Days
1GB 3G data.17721 Days
1.2 GB 3G.19828 Days
1.75 GB 3G. Valid for 28 days24628 Days
2.5 GB 3G data.29728 Days


Mobile+Dongle 3G Packs

49928 Days5 GB 3g.
64960 Days6.5 GB 3G. 60 days.
129828 Days15 GB
129930 Days15 GB Unlimited


Night Pack

295 Days

Local R2R calls at 5paise/Min from 11PM to 6AM and 30paise/min from 6PM to 11 PM


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NLD Pack

3328 DaysAll STD calls at 35 paise/Min


One India One Rate

197 Days

All local & STD calls while at Home & Roaming at 1.5p/2 Secs & free Incoming calls while roaming

4630 DaysAll local & STD calls while at Home & Roaming at 1.5p/2 Secs & free Incoming calls while roaming
10190 Days

All local & STD calls while at Home & Roaming at 1.5p/2 Secs & free Incoming calls while roaming


Reliance to Reliance Pack

4128 DaysLocal calls to Reliance numbers at 15p/min for 28 days
9270 DaysLocal R2R @ 15p/min


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Regular Talktime

107.73 Talktime
2015.47 Talktime
3023.20 Talktime
4031.93 Talktime
5040.67 Talktime
6049.40 Talktime
10084.34 Talktime
11093.07 Talktime
120101.80 Talktime
150128.00 Talktime
200171.67 Talktime
300259.01 Talktime
400346.34 Talktime
500433.68 Talktime
20002200.00 Talktime


Roaming Pack

41 Day

Local(Home & Roam)@Re1/min + STD(Home & Roam) @Rs 1.5/min + 75 paise/min

51 Day

Incoming calls free while roaming, All outgoing calls @ 1.5p/sec anywhere in India. Available thru SMS/USSD activation only. Dial *777*501# or SMS ACT ROAM to 53739 to activate.

194180 DaysLocal & STD (Home & Roam)@Rs1.5p/sec.Incoming Free.Validity 180 days


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Smart Recharge

28260 Days3GB 2G.
48290 Days15 GB of 2G Data. Voice tariff @1p/s


SMS Pack

117 Days110 Local & National SMS (Available only in Paper)
1430 DaysSMS @ 5 Paise/SMS
3930 DaysSMS @ 1 Paise /SMS


Special Tariff Recharge

82 DaysLON at 15p/min, LOF and STD at 35p/min for 2 days
163 DaysLON at 15p/min, LOF and STD at 35p/min for 3 days
232 DaysAll Local and STD reliance calls at 5p/min
272 DaysAll Local and STD reliance calls at 10p/min
897 DaysAll Local and STD reliance calls at 5p/min


Reliance Industry is founded by Dhirubhai Ambani in 1966. Reliance Group has ranked on 99th in the list of World’s Biggest Corporation for the year 2012. The company works under three segments named as wireless segment, broadband segment and Global segment. Wireless segment includes wireless operations; broadband segment includes Internet access company’s operations; Global segment including national long distance and international long distance operations of the company.

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Reliance Communications owns and operates the world’s largest next generation IP enabled connectivity infrastructure, comprising over 277,000 kilometers of fibre optic cable systems in India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. We have listed all the Reliance GSM Prepaid Kolkata Plans before you so that you may choose the best one for you.

To know more about Reliance GSM Prepaid Kolkata Plans, you can refer the Official Website.


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