Should you ‘Buy’ or ‘Not Buy’ an iPhone 7 (Plus)?

Should You Buy or Not Buy an iphone 7 (Plus)iPhone 7 (plus) has been launched with its amazing features that is making crowd crazy to get… Time has come to make you aware of all its burning features. Undoubtedly iphone has best quality still there are people who are confused whether to buy iPhone 7 (plus) or not, depending on their need. We have bought solution for your confusion that Should you ‘Buy’ or ‘Not Buy’ an iPhone 7 (Plus)? , stating all Pros & Cons of iPhone 7. Just go through it…

Well, iPhone 7 (plus) is the latest model of every series of iPhone that has come with major updates and thus it is the world’s coolest phone.

Should you ‘Buy’ or ‘Not Buy’ an iPhone 7 (Plus)

Features of iPhone 7(plus)

Huge Camera JumpIt adopt dual-lens rear camera/3D camera
Wireless chargingIt has embraced wireless charging technology with a maximum distance of 15 feet.
lighting-to-3.5 mm DongleAdvanced lighting-to-3.5 mm dongle for connection is provided.
second-to-none A10 ProcessorIt has adopt the blazing fast and power efficient A10 processor .
Display @ DesigniPhone 7 plus has screen size of 4.7-inch Retina HD Display, 1334 x 750 Resolution and it ships with a flush camera, a metal and sapphire display, no more antenna bands and headphone jack.
WaterproofingIt has waterproof function that is realized via a simple hydrophobic coating in and out of the device.
Sleeker @ SlimmeriPhone 7 ditches the 3.5 mm headphone jack to make it slimmer, dropping its weight from 7.1 mm-thick to 6.5 mm.

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‘Buy’or ‘Not’ an iPhone 7 (plus) is a controversial line, which means there are positive as well as negative points of it. Here we are going to discuss about both the points:

  • Yes, you should buy iPhone 7 (Plus);
  • No, you should not buy iPhone 7 (plus).

Reasons for “Buying” iphone 7 (plus)

#1. Completely re-designed cameras

As apple has been launching every year with some better features on its latest model, iphone 7 plus is the Camera of iphone7latest one. Apple has redesigned iPhone 7 camera with a 12MP, and both feature optical image stabilisation, larger f/1.8 aperture (f/1.8 and f/2.8 for Plus model) and 6-element lens for brighter and more detailed photos as well as videos.

#2. Double storage

Apple phones will offer 32GB, 128GB and 256GB variants. This means the storage has been doubled. As compared to before i.e. 16GB and 64GB.

#3. Water and dust resistant

The most awaited feature of iphone has been implemented. As iphone 7 (plus) is providing with water and dust resistant. The gadget can be underwater of 1m water for about 30 minutes.

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#4. Bigger battery strength

Apple has come iphone 7plus with 2 hours more battery backup as compared to earlier models. iphone 7 battery has long lasting life.

#5. Design and AudioDesign and Audio of iphone 7

iPhone has very closely bind hardware-software combination. Apple is also providing wireless earphones along with its charger which have a battery life of 5 hours. iPhone 7 has a better quality speakerphone. The new iPhone comes with Ear Pods with Lightning connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter

Reasons for “Not” buying iphone 7 (plus)

#1. Too expensive

The first reason of not to buy iPhone 7 is because of its higher price. Although it has many interesting features but the price is also extraordinary. Mobile phones are necessary but not to that extent that you can waste so much money on buying a single phone.

#2. Small storage

iPhones have very less storage as compared to other mobiles. If the memory is full than there is no option except deleting the data or you have to carry hard disk with you to keep your necessary data with you.

#3. Edge and not 3G

Apple at present is using AT&T’s super-slow and crappy Edge data service instead of 3G, which means the speed of net of speed will also be low. You are not stupid that in spite of paying so many money and still not getting high speed… you will feel good if you have to open one page and you will have to wait. Actually no…

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#4. No Flash or Java Support

Another disadvantage of buying iPhone is that no flash and java which are the best features of web experience. Paying a big amount of money and not even getting the features that are to be in it.

#5. Crapfari Instead of Firefox

One of the most unsatisfactory and disgusting thing about the iPhone is that it ships with the second browser known as Safari. I prefer to call it Crapfari as there are just far too many sites that don’t work properly with it for me to consider it a real browser. It has no Bluetooth facility too.

Well, we have bought both the sides to you positive as well as negative of buying iPhone 7 plus… this will help you in deciding whether to buy or not iphone 7 for you… for further we will keep updating our readers about more news about IPHONE 7, till then keep reading!!

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