Paytym; Real Rescuer for Shopkeeper/Consumer in 500 1000 Currency Chaos

Paytym; Real Rescuer for Shopkeeper/Consumer in 500 1000 Currency ChaosPaytym; Real Rescuer for Shopkeeper/Consumer in 500 1000 Currency Chaos, it will not be wrong to say Paytym a real rescuer not only for shopkeeper and consumers but for the whole India in the past 10 days. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi overnight decision of banning 500 And 1000 Rupee Notes all were struggling for their daily need due to lack of currency notes. Then Paytym as a savior came to make their way. Paytym is a popular Indian e-commerce website which was launched in 2010 but the real success which it has gained in past few days is incredible.

If reports have to be believed the Paytym platform saw an overwhelming 435 percent increase in overall traffic as millions of consumers across India have taken to using their Paytm Wallets to transact offline. Also within an hour of the Prime Minister’s announcement, the company registered a 200 percent increase in number of app downloads and 250 percent surge in number of overall transactions and transaction value.

Paytym; Real Rescuer for Shopkeeper/Consumer in 500 1000 Currency Chaos

                                            Paytym New Feature After Banning of 500 and 1000 Notes

Paytym has introduced a new feature called “Nearby” to help the users to know about their nearest Paytym merchant. Through this user can also avail the new “Add Cash” feature by which they can locate the nearest points such as ICICI and Axis bank branches where they can get cash loaded in their Paytm wallets. With the help of new feature “Nearby” Paytym will carry a directory of 800,000 Paytm’s offline merchants and partners across India. In the first phase this list is 200,000+ and will continue further.

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Madhur Deora Paytym CFO Statement

As the company has noted 1000 percent growth in money added to the wallet and 400 percent growth in transaction value of offline payments. Madhur Deora Paytym CFO said, “This is the biggest and most ambitious step ever to crack down on black money and fake currency. We stand by the government in its efforts towards taking black money out of the equation and offering a major boost to the Indian economy. Since Paytm is fast becoming synonymous to all kinds of payments, we are happy to announce we have registered a strong surge in volume on our platform”.

Paytym; Real Rescuer for Shopkeeper

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Who can use Paytym?

Paytym can be used by anyone who is having smartphone just by scanning their QR code or entering their mobile number in the Paytm app. It can be used to pay for local taxi/autos fares, paying at petrol pumps, grocery outlets, restaurants and coffee shops, multiplexes, local tea/vegetable vendors or other service providers who prefer Paytm. Also as before we use it for online recharges and bill payments, book movie tickets, do travel bookings and shop for products online among others.


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Survey with Shopkeepers and Common Man on Using Paytym after 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes Banned

Survey with Shopkeepers: In a conversation with a local vendor a day ago he said he was very upset as with the demonetization of currency notes he was facing a massive drop in his regular customer. But now with the use of Paytym he is very happy as now the growth of customers are increasing. According to him in starting tree days he was very upset as he hardly have any customer but then his son gave him the idea to try paytym and it works.

Paytym; Real Rescuer for Shopkeeper/Consumer

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Survey with Common Man: A lady while on a road buying grocery said that she is very happy with the use of paytym as now a day she hardly have cash to use. But now as most of all the shopkeepers and vendors are using paytym her 95% problem is solved.

Paytym Shopkeeper/Consumer in 500 1000 Currency

Now you won’t have to struggle to find cash for buying daily commodities like fruits, vegetables, grocery or medicines because of the Real Rescuer Paytym. So are you happy with this change?

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