PayPal Accuses Paytm Of Copying/Ripping Off Its Logo

PayPal Accuses Paytm Of Copying/Ripping Off Its LogoMost rapidly growing Indian company Paytm is in the news again but now for some other activities as PayPal Accuses Paytm of Copying/Ripping off Its Logo.

Global payments provider Paypal has tossed digital payment and wallet provider Paytm in legal soup for confusingly similar logo with the same color scheme.

Paypal is a American Company which operates online money transfers. The company was started in 1998 with the same logo it has now.

 In past 18 years company has build a reputed goodwill in the market and Paytm took the advantage of the renowned company Paypal by using the same logo with the same two toned color schemes and nearly same characters.

PayPal Accuses Paytm Of Copying/Ripping Off Its Logo

Here’s What Paypal Said On The Topic

“Paypal said there is a no reason for the applicant (pointing to Paytm) to adopt identical colors and color scheme, apart from taking advantage of its established reputation.”

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Here’s What Was Stated In The Complaint

”The first syllable in each mark is in dark blue color and second syllable is in light blue color. Further both marks begin with PAY’ which consumers tend to remember more than the second syllable and the marks are of similar length. These similarities cause likelihood of confusion in the aggregate, especially considering the fame of the opponent’s (PayPal) earlier trade mark.”


Is It Was Preplanned By Paypal To Strike At The End Moment

Confusingly Yes! As Paytm was on the last step of getting trademark registered which was advertised on July 18 2016 for acceptance and had a four months period in which opposition can raise the objection. The last date was 18th November and Paypal filed its opposition on the very last date of the expiry date.

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Rahul Dev a Patent Attorney & International Business Lawyer said “Considering the above dates, it is difficult to digest that a leading global brand (with a battery of trademark lawyers worldwide) like PayPal waited till the very last day to file for trademark opposition.”

Paytm the largest beneficiaries of the demonetization plan by government is now in trouble as PayPal has requested to concerned authorities to cancel the application of Paytm for the registration of trademark.

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