Old Rs500 Notes Valid Only Till 2 DECEMBER

Old Rs500 Notes Valid Only Till 2 DECEMBERThe government has declared that the use of 500 rupee note will not be used in Petrol Pumps & Airlines after 2nd December 2016 which was earlier valid till December 15. The deadline has been cut short for Old Rs500 Notes Valid Only Till 2 DECEMBER. To know why government has cut the time short and what all advantages will be there after implementing this government notification. As per the government notification “With effect from December 3, 2016, old Rs 500 notes cannot be used for purchase of petrol, diesel and gas at the stations operating under authorisation of public sector oil marketing companies and for buying airline tickets at airport counters”. To know more about the latest government notification regarding till when Rs500 Notes are Valid. Go through the page…

Old Rs500 Notes Valid Only Till 2 DECEMBER

The legislature has taken the regular man out once more by declaring changes in the use of old Rs 500 notes. The RBI reported on Thursday that the old notes of Rs 500 would be acknowledged at petrol pumps and airplane terminals till only 2 December, instead of 15 December declared before. This declaration comes only a day after the confusion that followed on payday, when individuals were seen attempting to get their hands on their cash

Government Has Dropped Its Earlier Announced Plan

#1. While banning old Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 rupee notes on November 8, the administration had permitted their utilization for service charge installments for 72 hours.

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This due date was broadened twice and when the last one was to lapse on November 24, it altered it to express that only the old Rs. 500 notes could be utilized for installment of service bills like power and water, school expenses, prepaid versatile top-up, fuel buy and aircraft ticket booking.

The old note will keep on being acknowledged for other service charge installments and also at railroad ticketing counters and counters of government or open segment undertaking transports for buy of transport tickets till December 15.

Old Rs500 Notes Valid Only Till 2 DECEMBER

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#2. Another plan that government has dropped after the ban 500 and 1000 rupee notes is that to allow the use of Rs. 500 notes for payment of toll at national highways from December 3.

Toll payment in both old Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 notes was accepted till December 2, and from December 3, it was to be limited to Rs. 500 notes. But now, this facility too has been withdrawn.

All these decision are taken just because of the misuse of the black money at petrol pumps, airlines and highway toll plazas. That’s why the government has to cut short the deadline of their earlier notifications. For more latest updates you can bookmark our page by pressing Ctrl + D, we will keep updating you….

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