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^5E807B98CD8791FD58BF3947EEF86BA89C56113331825AA349^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrNatalie Portman with dual American and Israeli citizenship is really famous and busiest actress. Check complete Natalie Portman Biography and know more about her Height, Weight, Age and Life Story & Career. She won the best actress Oscar as a maybe-crazy ballerina in the 2010 film Black Swan.  Natalie Portman was the first and only child of her parents. Her Israeli father is an infertility specialist and works as a doctor.

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Natalie Portman Biography

Natalie Portman born on Tuesday 9th June in year 1981 and belong to Jerusalem. She is an actress with dual American and Israeli citizenship and her birth date is actually same as her mother’s birthday is on same day. A vacuum was used to get her out, so she had a cone-head during the first days of her life.  Her American mother is a full-time homemaker. Don’t get confused by all the biographies saying she’s an artist.

In fact, Natalie used to call her an artist for juggling the household and upbringing stuff. She is a Harvard-degree holder, Natalie Portman is an intelligent actress. Well, she is the only child of a doctor father and an artist mother, who also acts as her agent. Is a smart straight-A student, she was born diligent and does concern about getting a good education.

Natalie was a child actress, do you know??? Well, yes!! She was a child actress who performed in local troupes and dreamed of dancing on Broadway. One day after dance class at age twelve, Portman was discovered in a pizza parlor by an agent for Revlon, who offered her opportunity to model.

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Childhood; when she was three, her family moved to the US, because her father did his residency in Maryland. At the age of four she started taking dancing lessons. Yup!! She also took some singing lessons… Nevertheless was she a big fan of Dirty Dancing.

Portman hosted a 2006 episode of Saturday Night Live, in which she bested a “fan” at Star Wars trivia. In the year 2007 interview, she said that although she was pleased with the Star Wars work she had done, she didn’t plan to work with the Star Wars universe again.

Personal Life; Portman started dating ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied in the year 2009, after meeting on the set of Black Swan. Portman and Millepied got wed in August year 2012… yeah!! In 2010 the couple confirmed their engagement and later in June 2011 Portman gave birth to her first child, Aleph Portman-Millepied.

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