Most Funny Quotes of Today

Most Funny Quotes of TodayReading quotes is the habit of many people and those who don’t read should try it once, as reading quotes can make your mood better sometimes. To make you feel good here we have brought among the best selected Most Funny Quotes of Today. I am sure these latest funniest quotes will bring smile on your charming face. So, don’t miss a chance, just read these below given best funny One Liners for Insane Laughter related to life, love and friends and on other topics too. Take a break from all seriousness in your life and start reading this article giving you the best quotes that will make you go at the laugh factory. Here are Most Funny Quotes of Today, that doesn’t require any explanation as they can be interpreted in many ways, and I think a lot of them explain themselves.

Most Funny Quotes of Today

#1. “What’s Best Way To Build Upper Arm Strength? Take Lots Of Selfies.”


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#2. “I’m Gonna Order A Pizza 5 Minutes Before New Year And When They’ll Arrive I’ll Say I Ordered This A Year Ago, Lol.”


#3.Every Time I Have My Picture Taken I Get Hungry Because I Hear ‘Cheese’ So I Start To Think Of A Nice Cheese Sandwich.”


#4. “I Hate It When People Are At Your House And Ask ‘Do You Have A Bathroom?’ No We Pee In The Yard.”


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#5.  “Life Guard: Don’t Dive Off That Board! There’s No Water In The Pool! Dummy: It’s Ok I Can’t Swim.”


#6. “Knowledge Is Knowing A Tomato Is A Fruit; Wisdom Is Not Putting It In A Fruit Salad.”


#7. “A Bus Station Is Where A Bus Stops. A Train Station Is Where A Train Stops. On My Desk, I Have A Work Station.”


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#8. “I’m Going To Stand Outside, So If Anybody Asks For Me, I’m Outstanding.”


#9. “I Hate When Old People Poke You At A Wedding And Say ‘You’re Next’. So Next Time I Was At A Funeral I Poked Them And Said ‘You’re Next.”


#10. “I Was Asked To Name All The Presidents. I Thought They Already Had Names.”


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#11. “Hurricanes Are Like Women: When They Come, They’re Wet And Wild, But When They Leave They Take Your House And Car.”


#12. “I Did Not Attend His Funeral, But I Sent A Nice Letter Saying I Approved Of It.”


#13. “That Moment When You Spell A Word So Wrong, Even Auto-Correct Is Like I’ve Got Nothing Man.”


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#14. “If People Say They Just Love The Smell Of Books, I Always Want To Pull Them Aside And Ask, To Be Clear, Do You Know How Reading Works?”


#15. “Nature Abhors A Vacuum, But Not As Much As A Cat Does.”


#16. “I Don’t Know That There Are Real Ghosts And Goblins, But There Are Always More Trick-Or-Treaters Than Neighborhood Kids.”


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#17. “If You’re Hotter Than Me, Then That Means I’m Cooler Than You.”


#18. “I Have Often Wanted To Drown My Troubles, But I Can’t Get My Wife To Go Swimming.”


#19. Love Is Like A Booger, You Keep Picking At It Until You Get It And Once You Get It You Don’t Know What To Do With It.”


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#20. “Don’t Drink And Drive…You Might Spill Your Drink.”


Hope you had a great time reading these hilarious quotes. We have listed the Most Funny Quotes of Today and I think you’ve enjoyed a lot reading these best quotes.


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