9 Mind-blowing Things Inside Google’s Office

9 Mind-blowing Things Inside Google’s OfficeHave you ever tried to know what the lifestyle of Google employees is? If Not then you will find it interesting to know 9 Mind-blowing Things Inside Google’s Office that will surprise you. Google work environment for employees is like you are living a luxury life in office. Actually,  it won’t be wrong if we say that Google Look like Employee Heaven, the atmosphere provided to staff make them feel they are in home and doing work with full relax. Employees working in Google don’t need to go outside for their extracurricular activities like Gym Facility, Meals, Rest Rooms, Google Massage Parlor, Game Room, etc. because they get each and every facility in their office only. Below we will discuss about all these extra employee benefits by Google. After reading Google facilities for employees you it will say “WOW” life is just too awesome for those who are working in Google and you will wish if you could have the same working environment in your office.

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9 Mind-blowing Things Inside Google’s Office

#1. Food Facilities

Google, A big search engine in the world wants its employees to be fit and healthy mentally as well as physically. For that obviously you need food. Google provides best and healthy food to their employees that are evident by the 25 different cafes that are sprawled across their Mountain View office and are run by expert chef. They make sure that each and every employee is within 150 feet from food source. Even the vegetables they don’t buy from outside, it has “Google agriculture” facility i.e. farming is done by the experts and fresh vegetables are used. A micro kitchen is also provided, just in case employee wants to cook food on its own.

Food Facilities

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#2. Death Policy

While working if the employee of the company meet an early death than his/her spouse will get half salary per month and if there is a child also below 19 years than that child will also get $1000 per month. This half salary will be given for the next 10 years after the death along with life insurance payout. Not only this, if any stocks that you owned will be vested immediately to your spouse.

Death Policy

#3. Subsidized Massage Program

This sounds like we are talking about some movie… Right!! But no it’s true Google gives this comfort also for their employees. Every one of us loves to be pampered, so Google employee has the benefit to subscribe to Google’s Subsidized Massage Program, when the stress of your job is getting over to you. Only a small fee will be charged.

Subsidized Massage Program

#4. Google Shuttle & GFleet

Google also provides transportation facility from their house to office but they also cut down costs. By keeping thousands of Google Employees out of their car’s driver seats, Google has managed to keep 71 million vehicles off the road annually, resulting in 20,000 metric ton less of CO2 produced.

Google Shuttle & GFleet

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#5. Campus Travelling

Cab or bus facilities are provided in almost all the private companies that Google also provide that we have discussed in above point. But the special Google fact in transportation is that it provides “low-Carbon Transportation with Electric Rechargeable Cars”, which are made up of “Chevrolet Volts, Nissan LEAFs, Mitsubishi iMiEVs, Ford Focus Electrics, and a Honda Fit EV,” as per their website. They are in the office campus and are available for employees.

Campus Travelling

#6. Customizable Work Stations

The company wants that their employees should get a free atmosphere for work, for that they have changed those cubical patterns of sitting and are having open spaces in their offices, where everyone is accessible for everyone.

Customizable Work Stations

#7. Lap Pools

The endless Lap pools provide an interesting space-saving alternative to swimming pools. There lap pools in small spaces, garden pool etc. The water in the pool that measures almost equal to a lap flows in direction opposite to that of the swimmer. The speed of the water flow can be adjusted and there is a life guard present at all times for safety.

Lap Pools

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#8. Gameing Room

There is games room in the office as when you are free you can enjoy with your colleagues.  You can use the Google Play games services to broadcast data to participants in a room, or allow participants to exchange messages with each other. Data messages can be sent using a reliable or unreliable messaging protocol provided by Google Play games services.

Gameing Room

#9. Make Your Pet and Child Comfortable

Some of you must have pets and some of you are having small child, leaving them alone in the house makes you think about them again and again. Google has solved this problem also, it is a pet friendly company, so if you are afraid to leave your pet at home while you’re away at the Google office, you can bring them with you and there are care takers for them in the company who will take care of your child or pet.

Make Your Pet and Child Comfortable

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The Office That You Can’t Think Off!!!

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Work With Fun!


Planning Area!




Work With Comfort!


Discussion Area!


Terrace For Golf!


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Working Area!




Meeting Place!


So, these are all the most Mind-blowing facilities available Inside Google’s Office. If you want these facilities in your working Environment than do share your views in the comment box given below…

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