List of Best One-Liner Insults

List of Best One-Liner InsultsDo you often get stucked after someone cracks an insulting joke on you and feel ashamed because you have nothing to speak. It is not going to happen more as we have prepared a latest and funniest List of Best One-Liner Insults. These One-Liners insult jokes are surely going to the most shameless person into shame and you will become the coolest comebacker and insult ready. Here is the latest List of Best One-Liner Insults ever that’s surely goanna make you the best insult comebacker in your group.

WARNING: Use these One-Liner insults at the perfect timing and wherever necessary otherwise you will end up with a punch on your face. Use these Insult lines only at your risk. This may also contain some mild adult humor. So the little ones can go and watch pogo.

List of Best One-Liner Insults

#1. Keep Talking, Someday You’ll Say Something Intelligent


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#2. Yo’re So Ugly, When Your Mom Dropped You Off At School She Got A Fine For Littering.


#3. Your Family Tree Must Be A Cactus Because Everybody On It Is A Prick


#4. “ If I Were A Dog And You Were A Flower I’d Lift Up My Leg And Give You A Shower”


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#5. The Amount Of Time I Have For You Bitches


#6. Your Daddy Must’ve Been A Baker, Cuz You Smell Like Yeast!


#7. If I Could Rewrite The Alphabet, I Would P On U


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#8. Are You My Appendix? I Don’t Know What You Do Or How You Work But I Feel Like I Should Take You Out


#9. I’d Slap You But That Would Be Animal Abuse


#10. You Should Better Hide The Garbage Man Is Coming


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#11. If I Throw A Stick, Will You Leave?


#12. You There! Get Off. And When You Get There, Get Off From There Too XD. Then Get Off Some More. Keep Getting Off Until You Get Back There. Then Get Off Again.


#13. Is Your Name Nemo?  Because You Should Get Lost


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#14. Even Bob The Builder Can’t Fix Your Face


#15. My Dog Shits Better Looking Things Than You


#16. Save Your Breath, Nobody Wants To Smell It


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#17. Even Onions Cry When They See You


#18. If Stupid Was A Olympic Medal You Would Be The Gold Medalist


#19. I’M Guessing You Haven’t Taken Your Medicine Of Rabies Yet!


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#20. Tag Your Friends! Oh Wait, You Don’t Have Any.


These are the latest and the best List of Best One-Liner Insults that will put the Shameless into Shame. So you are ready to be a comebacker. For more ideas feel free to comment below. The best one will be featured among these.


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