Kevin Owens Biography

Kevin Owens BiographyKevin Owens is a Canadian professional wrestler and currently signed under WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). From here you can find complete information about Kevin Owens Biography, can also get info about his Wife, Profile Info, WWE Career, Facts & More. He has performed in Ring of Honor and is a former ROH World Champion and Tag Team Champion. He has wrestled for various promotions on the independent circuit, most notably with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Combat Zone Wrestling. So let’s take a quick look at Kevin Owens Biography and his wresting carrier.

Kevin Owens Biography


Kevin Owens original name is Kevin Steen was born on May 7, 1984 in Quebec, Canada. He wrestled under his real name before joining WWE. He first developed an interest in wrestling after watching a match when he was 11 years old. He made his first debut in wrestling in 2000 at the age of 16 year. He participated in sports such as hockey, soccer, and baseball and never thought of developing a career out of any of those sports. Instead, he considered becoming a professional wrestler after watching a match between shawn and diesel at WrestleMania XI with his father.

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When it comes to the personal life of Kevin, he married his current wife Karina Steen in 2007. The couple together has two children as a son named Owen and a daughter named Elodie Leila. He speaks French as his first language.


Very few facts are known about Kevin Owens that we have put them below. These are:

  1. He’s been wrestling since he was 16 years old
  2. Steen has always wrestled with a bad knee as he got injured his knee in a match earlier
  3. He speaks French and learned to speak English by watching Jim Ross
  4. He has more than 100 moves including his suplex into a knee are his best moves
  5. Owens got his big break in the American wrestling scene through the Ring of Honor promotion
  6. Steen has hade his own DVD’s before.
  7. He is a family man and is well known as one of the more fan-friendly wrestlers in the business.
  8. Well his first name is owen of course, and the reason why Kevin Steen name changed to Kevin Owens in the WWE.

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