15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Nas

15 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About NasNas is one of the Greatest Innovators and there’s lot more Interesting Things about Nas… yes! Read out 15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Nas over here. This 42 year old rapper is well-known and recognized rappers of his generation.

Here we present our list of 15 Facts You ProbablyDidn’t Know about Nas. So, check out these Interesting Things about Nas… You might be surprised by what you find out!

15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Nas

1 He Almost Played the Lead in Save The Last Dance.

The rapper was offered the lead in the 2001 flick, but he turned it down. Maybe he had some beef with Julia Stiles…

2 He Is Good to His Daughter.

Nas’ daughter, Destiny, is technically listed as an Executive Producer on his album Stillmatic. Nas did this so she can continue to receive royalty checks from the album.

3 He Can Paint.

At Art Basel Miami, Nas was able to sell a painting he had just completed for a hefty $14,000. He didn’t pocket the money, though – he gave it all to charity.

4 He Is One of Rap’s Greatest Innovators.

Nas is a rap genius, and has written all sorts of different styles of rap, and he continues to thrive in the industry.

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5 Not Everybody Believed in Him.

Before Illmatic was released, Russell Simmons thought Nas sounded a little too much like Kool G Rap.….

6 He Struggled to Stop Bootleggers.

According to MC Serch, a garage filled with 60,000 copies of bootlegged Illmatic copies was found before the album was even released.

7 He Wrote and Shot His Own Movie.

But you’ll probably never see it. Nas has said that he wrote the screenplay and used his own money to hire a cast and crew to shoot it. The movie is called Scared, and he says he has no intentions of ever releasing it.

8 He Ditched His Lexus to One-Up Somebody.

Nas was driving a Lexus, but, in an effort to one-up Jay Z, he got rid of it to get a better car.

9 He Met Kelis at an After Party.

Nas and now ex-wife Kelis met in 2002. They met when they were at an after party for the MTV VMAs. The afterparty was hosted by Diddy.

10 He Was Not Always Nas.

Before he started going by Nas, which is a contraction of his first name, he went by Kid Wave. We think Nas is a little more grown up.

11 He Got a Lot of Hate Mail. 

In 1996, Columbia Records was forced to redesign Nas’ website because the bulletin board section of the site where fans could leave messages was being overrun with racist comments.

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12 He Almost Dissed a Lot of People.

God’s Son was originally supposed to be Nas’ attempt at dissing just about every rapper in the industry at the time. However, he ended up trashing all of the songs after reconsidering.

13 He Got Too High.

Nas admitted that he accidentally flubbed a lyric for his song, “The Set Up,” because he was too high.

14 He Wrote a Line Referencing Aaliyah.

In Nas’ song, “Ether,” he wrote a line that says, “It should’ve been you in that plane crash.” The “plane crash” he is referencing is referring to the one Aaliyah died in.

15 He Liked to Disappear to Work.

According to Carmen Bryan, who is the mother of Nas’ daughter Destiny, Nas would frequently disappear. She reportedly once found him in an apartment in Long Island surrounded by pages upon pages of rhymes.

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