16 Interesting Things About Megan Fox

16 Interesting Things About Megan FoxMegan Denise Fox is a 29-year-old former “Transformers” hottie and mother of two children. We are sharing 16 Interesting Things About Megan Fox with you. But there is still so much you don’t know about Fox, the gorgeous looking actress. Born on May 16, 1986, Fox entered the entertainment industry early- she began doing dance and drama at the tender age of 5. Below is the list of 16 facts you probably didn’t know about Megan Fox.

16 Interesting Things About Megan Fox

Here’s some Interesting Things About Megan Fox, an American actress and model.

  1. Raised in a Catholic family

Megan Fox was raised in a Catholic family and went to Catholic schools and educational institutions to study.

  1. She’s a big fan of tattoos

She’s a big fan of tattoos and has overall nine tattoos. She inked a tattoo of William Shakespeare’s King Lear which reads “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.”

  1. Megan Fox Was Bullied Badly

Megan Fox did not have a very good time at school. She was bullied by girls and sometimes was forced to eat her lunch alone in the bathroom.

  1. Banned From Walmart

When she was around 15 years old, she was caught stealing some makeup stuffs in Walmart and thus was banned from ever coming there again.

  1. Got Inspired By “Wizard Of Oz”

Seems like the classic movie “Wizard of Oz” was the inspiration for Megan Fox’s movie entry, thanks to Dorothy. Megan Fox was just 3 years old then

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  1. Fox Washed Bay’s Ferrari

When auditioning for “transformers” in 2007, the director Michael Bay told Megan to wash his Ferrari car.

  1. Fear of flying

Fox reportedly developed a fear of flying when she was 20 years old and she calms down herself on a flight by listening to music by Britney Spears.

  1. Cameo role in ‘Bad Boys II’ as a dancer

Many people are not aware of the fact that Megan had a cameo role in the 2003 blockbuster ‘Bad Boys II’ as a dancer in a night club.

  1. Loves to play games

She was so addicted to some of the games like “Halo: Reach” and “Guitar hero” and spend most of her time in playing games.

  1. August 4th Is Megan Fox Day

A British newspaper “The Sun” actually announced August 4th as Megan Fox Day. They believe she deserves a day, a full day dedicated for her.

  1. Started Acting To Avoid College

Megan has once said that she started acting so that she can avoid college and also make money out of it

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  1. She’s energetic kid

She formally started training in singing and drama when she was just five years old.

  1. Big Fan Of Shoes

Megan Fox is a big fan of shoes and has a huge collection of them.

  1. Suffers from OCD

She once revealed that she suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), because of which she is not able to use restaurant cutlery and public toilets because of the same disorder.

  1. Featured in list of sexiest woman

She was voted at number one in the list of sexiest woman by FHM readers for 2008.

  1. She Appeared in a Music Video

Not many actually knew that she appeared with ‘Lost’ actor Dominic Monaghan in the music video for Eminem and Rihanna’s single “Love the Way You Lie”.

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