12 Things You Never Knew About Seth Rollins

12 Things You Never Knew About Seth RollinsSeth Rollins is a big WWE star in World Wrestling Entertainment World. Read out 12 Things You Never Knew About Seth Rollins over here. Since, he’s a famed WWE wrestler, there are so many Interesting Facts about Him hasn’t reveled yet… He made his WWE TV debut alongside John Cena and he’s the golden boy and a talented wrestler who with association become the first ever Money in the Bank winner to cash-in on the grandest stage of them all. Wanna know more about his shocking victory?? Read these Interesting Facts about Him;

12 Things You Never Knew About Seth Rollins

1) Won Title ……… Before He Cashed In

Though Seth didn’t know that he was going to win the Championship and later meetings were held and it was finally confirm that Rollins would become the first wrestler to ever cash in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania. Some rumors indicate that Rollins was told 90 minutes before it was going down.

2) He’s the Only Wrestler Ever …. “Hold The Prestigious Triple Crown”

Truly remarkable….. Many records Rollins has already broken at the young age of 29, some of his great records, he’s the only wrestler to have ever held the FCW Championship, the NXT Championship and the WWE Championship.

3) Shawn Michaels Is His Dream Opponent

Rollins admitted that it’s truly a long shot but admits his dream match would be against The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Like many others, Rollins believes that Shawn’s the greatest performer in the WWE. Rollins also used a lot from Shawn in his gimmick today.

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4) Rollins Joins CM Punk and Daniel Bryan In The History Books

Seth joined some prestigious names when he was crowned WWE Champion and became only the third ever superstar to capture the WWE Championship and ROH World Championship.

5) Fan of Punk Rock

Rollins was a big metal head early on his life, and he later transitioned to a more punk rock style. Rollins admits that he would love to combine his passion for music with his character in the WWE one day.

6) Intense Gamer

Rollins on his well earned days off really enjoys doing absolutely nothing and playing video games all day, games like Metal Gear Solid.

7) At first wish To Be A Football Player

At a very young age Rollins wish To Be A Football Player, he always dreamed of being like Jerry Rice…

8) Armenian, German and Irish Decent

Actually he’s Armenian and not Latin decent. Rollins unfortunately never got to meet his real biological father.

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9) He Credits Joey Mercury For…….

He Credits Joey Mercury For Saving His Career as Joey has done a lot for Rollins with the WWE. Rollins was so frustrated that he wanted to quit WWE altogether.

10) The Meaning Behind The Name Seth Rollins

Many people may not know this, but the name Seth Rollins is actually a tribute to one of his childhood idol’s growing up.

11) Loses To Curtis in His Debut

For Rollins, winning wasn’t always as easy as it seems to be today. In his debut match with WWE’s territory FCW, Seth was defeated by Michael Mc Gilli cutty (aka Curtis Axel). Later, Rollins eventually became the first ever NXT Champion.

12) Evan Made Rollins WWE Entry

It was actually Evan Bourne that convinced Rollins to join the WWE. Rollins had many offers on the table at that point, including contract offers from ROH and TNA Wrestling… Evan Bourne was a former WWE superstar…….

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