10 Interesting Facts about Parineeti Chopra

10 Interesting Facts about Parineeti ChopraParineeti who made her Bollywood debut with Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl has emerged as one of the great actresses in a short span of time. Did you know Parineeti Chopra was the topper? There are many interesting things which you do not know about this cute Indian movie actress. Here we are sharing the list of 10 Interesting Facts about Parineeti Chopra. She stood 1st all over India in her 12th standard exams. For this, Parineeti Chopra was honoured by the then President of India as well. Read on to know about the fascinating lives of this brilliant actor in Bollywood.

10 Interesting Facts about Parineeti Chopra

  1. Singer

Singing is my dream… She is a well trained singer and loves to sing. She said this is her secret talent. She was a trained classical vocalist in Hindustani music from the Agra gharana and has done BA Honours in classical music.

  1. Parineeti has triple Honors Degree

Yes she has! Parineeti completed triple honors in business, finance and economics from Manchester Business School.

  1. First Bollywood actor who worked with Coke and Pepsico at the same time

No other Bollywood actor has done this work what Parineeti has done. She endorsed products from both Coke and Persico at the same time. And those was Maaza for Coke and Kukure for Pepsico.

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  1. She loves Pizza

She is a pizza lover but to meet her professional requirements and look suitable for roles such as in Hasee Toh Phasee where she has to play glamorous girl, she learned to say no to pizza. She craves for Pizza at the middle of the night.

  1. She bites skin of her fingers

Many people have this habit and she is one of them. She bites her beautiful finger’s skin But she wants to stop it

  1. Scared of plane landings

In the film Ishaqzaade, Parineeti played a daring role but she is actually not so daring in real life. She is Scared of plane landings.

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  1. Love for the shoe

Instead of buying an expensive shoe, Parineeti opts to buy more shoes in the same money, that’s how much she loves shoes. She has many pairs of them.

  1. Never thought to be Actor

As Parineeti has triple degree in her bag so she wanted to be an investment banker. Later she joined Yash Raj Films as a PR and Marketing consultant. When she was working there, mixed with many celebrities and at last she also chose the platform of Bollywood.

  1. Team leader in Manchester

When she was reading in Manchester she worked for Football Club Manchester United. She was the team leader for the catering during matches

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  1. Wanted to marry Saif khan

Her favorite actor is Saif Ali Khan and she is madly in love with him. She even told Kareena Kapoor that she love Saif and she is ready to marry Saif anytime

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