15 Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga

15 Interesting Facts About Lady GagaNeed to know 15 Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga, recording artist and fashionista, is everywhere. Lady Gaga is most well-known for her quirky personality, crazy outfits and catchy performances, but here are some things you Probably Didn’t Know about Gaga. Here’s 15 Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga. The famous Hollywood Lady Gaga is known for her inexplicable costumes and some music hit of their career. So let us start the list of Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga.

15 Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga

Here are some interesting facts about the queen herself, Lady Gaga.

  1. She gets her name from Queen’s Song

Lady Gaga real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta but later gets her stage name after the Queen’s Song “Radio Gaga”

  1. Dropped out of NYU

Lady Gaga thinks that she can teach herself better than any educational institution did and therefore dropped out of NYU to pursue music career.

  1. Lady Gaga Learned to Play Piano By Herself

Most musicians took formal lessons to learn how to play a musical instrument but pop star Gaga did the ‘DIY’ approach. This talented lady taught herself how to play the piano at the age of only 4

  1. Awards for the Debut Album

Lady Gaga’s debut album “The Fame” was a commercial success and reached no. 1 in UK, Canada and many more countries.

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  1. Facts about the Famous Meat Dress

Did you know that the meat dress gaga wore is weighed 50 pounds and was designed by sourcing the meat from his family’s butcher.

  1. Old odd jobs

This talented singer used to go dancing in the bars before she became famous and started her music career.

  1. Large hearted celebrity

Lady Gaga is known to be a philanthropist. She has donated around $500,000 for Haiti disaster relief earlier.

  1. Lady Gaga Wrote Songs For other artist

Lady Gaga wrote songs for other artists before she was encouraged by Akon to work on her own material.

  1. Lady Gaga Is A Social Media A-List

Lady Gaga is one of the few celebrities who respond to tweets and messages from fans. Her official Facebook page is also the 6th most liked celebrity fanpage on the site.

  1. Dyed her hair

Her natural hair color is brown but once somebody mistook her as Amy Winehouse, so she dyed her hair to Blonde to make her own unique identity.

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  1. Tattoos

She has many tattoos but all are on the left side of her body as per her father’s request to keep one side of her body clean.

  1. Attended the same school as Nicky and Paris Hilton

This star has graduated from the posh Manhattan all-girls Catholic high school, Convent of the Sacred Heart, where Nicky and Paris Hilton also attended alma mater.

  1. Purple teacup and saucer

Gaga always carries a purple teacup and saucer in public. She once told in an interview that when she drinks tea in those teacups she makes me feel at home.

  1. Cited by Chicago Police

Chicago cops cited Lady Gaga for indecent exposure for wearing teeny-tiny hot pants in public.

  1. Goes Pant Less for her Grandmother

This star prefers to go pant-less so that her loving blind grandmother will be able to see her when she appears on TV.

Well, these are the Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga you need to know.

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