15 Interesting Facts about Jennifer Lopez

15 Interesting Facts about Jennifer LopezPop star Jennifer Lopez inspires millions of girls and women around the world. Wanna know Fun Facts about Jennifer Lopez?? Check these 15 Interesting Facts about Jennifer Lopez. She is graceful, talented and beautiful singer, dancer, actress, model, and entrepreneur. Do you know about her that she’s a businesswoman also?? Yes!! Guys, in honor of this Jennifer Lopez singer queen, we wanted to give you 15 Interesting Facts about her that will show what an interesting woman she really is!

15 Interesting Facts about Jennifer Lopez

#1 Full Name

Her full name is Jennifer Lynn Lopez and she was born in the Bronx, NY, on July 24, 1969. Grew up on Blackrock Avenue….

#2 First Studio Album

Jennifer Lopez named her first studio album “On the 6”. The title had a special meaning as a college student, Jennifer used to travel on the NY 6 train for her dance auditions.

#3 Jennifer Lopez’s Parents

Jennifer’s parents are both Puertorican. However, Jennifer Lopez is not very good with the Spanish language and has a hard time speaking Spanish though it is her mother tongue.

#4 Jennifer’s Hook Ups

Jennifer is said to have a friendly relationship with the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and his now ex-wife Katie Holmes. Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony were also on the guest list for Tom and Katie’s wedding.

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#5 Nickname

“La Guitarra” is a nickname given to Jennifer Lopez. Do you know the reason behind it? Well it is due to her body. Her body is curved just like a guitar, which makes this nickname perfect for her.

#6 Jennifer Lopez’s First Earning As Celebrity

Celebrities are paid a lot for making appearances at various events around the globe. Jennifer Lopez was once paid $ 1 million just to attend a Ukrainian wedding.

#7 What She Did With That First Income

What did Jennifer Lopez do with the money she was paid for doing the movie “Selena”? She went and bought her mother a brand new Cadillac.

#8 She’s Only First Latina Actress To Be Paid

She was the first Latina actress to be paid $1 million for a movie role (Selena, 1999).

#9 She’s Does Dancing

Lopez was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and NKOTB.- Ms. Lopez got her start as an amazing back-up dancer on the sketch comedy television series ‘In Living Color.’ She performed in many of their hit tours throughout the world!

#9 Her First Performances Was In Japan

One of her first gigs was in Japan where she was a dancer in the musical Synchronicity.

#10 Her Voice Talent

JLO lent her voice to the animated film “Antz” in 1998.

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#11 No Doubt She’s Sexiest Woman

Jennifer is the only woman to twice be voted FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World.

#12 Always On No. 1 Position

Earned the No. 1 position in In Touch Magazine countdown of top 10 “Best Bottoms In Hollywood” in August 2007.

#13 Fittest Star Mum

Lopez gave birth to a son, Maximilian David and a daughter, Emme Maribel, in Long Island, New York on February 22, 2008.

#14 Her Twins Baby

Lopez and her twins were featured on the cover of the March 11, 2008 issue of People magazine when they were four weeks old. Lopez was paid $6 million for the photos.

#15 Does She Really Fit For Hippo’s Role??

Jennifer was considered for the role of Gloria the Hippo in Madagascar but it went to Jada Pinkett Smith.

Hope you guys find these ‘15 Interesting Facts About Jennifer Lopez’ interesting……

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