10 Interesting Facts About Chris Brown

10 Interesting Facts About Chris BrownSince arriving on the music scene, Chris Brown is the most beloved singers of our time. Check, 10 Interesting Facts About Chris Brown. Yeah! Here are lots more Things You Didn’t Know about Chris. He is the most controversial singer along with famed and he’s proved that he’s a remarkable force in R&B ever since the release of his self-titled debut album in 2005.

Like his hero Michael Jackson, the fresh-faced crooner is no doubt a multiple threat on the mic and on the dance floor. Love him or hate him, this entertainer is a household name. Here are 25 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Chris Brown.

10 Interesting Facts About Chris Brown

#1 Before he was famous, Chris Brown used The Stage Name C-Syzle. Yea! When he was in school Chris Brown handed out the first song that he recorded, it’s thought to be titled ‘When He Went’ and on it his name is stamped C-Syzle. You can hear the track on the internet, Breezy sounds almost exactly the name and just his voice hadn’t quite cracked yet.

#2 Some of his Musical Influences include Sam Cook, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Kim Burrell, Donnie Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye.

#3 He mentors Justin Bieber; Growing up in Hollywood is hard enough but add legal troubles into the mix, and you got some serious trouble on your hands. This is the 3rd one among 10 Interesting Facts About Chris Brown…. He relates heavily to Justin Bieber and is trying to mentor him down the right path. His motives are admirable, especially since he has been there himself.

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#4 Chris Brown lost his virginity at age 8 as He Is Known For Loving The Ladies. He revealed that he lost his virginity at the young age of eight. While it is unknown how old the little girl was, it is safe to say that his first time was not very memorable. Sex was a game back then, but it looks like Brown has learned his lesson about life and love.

#5 His Living Quote, “I smile a lot because this world doesn’t allow for people to cry.”

#6 Sad!! But True… “His Early Lifestyle/ Childhood”!! He was raised in an abusive home. Yeah!! It is no secret that Chris Brown has violent tendencies, especially after attacking Rihanna. Brown was raised in a home where abuse was seen daily. His step-father used to hurt his mother, even going as far as making her nose bleed in front of him. Brown still hates his step-father to this day.

#6 Born & Grown With A Dream… He was young when he decided he wanted to be a star…… He taught himself to dance and sing. At the young age of two, Brown decided that he wanted to be a performer and began to teach himself. His personality is larger than life and his talent is definitely something worth talking about. Brown has done all he can to make sure he maintains fame, and so far things are working in his favor.

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#7 Attitude BoySimply, Cool Boy!!!  In elementary school, he starred in a school play called ‘Elfis’ (inspired by Elvis).

#8 Chris Is Bit Sporty…. Chris is a natural athlete and was a great basketball player since elementary school. He was the only 6th grader playing on the 8th grade team.

#9 Michael Jackson Concern In His Life… Yeah! Michael. J called an 18-year-old Chris and apparently relayed that he loved the song ‘Shortie Like Mine.’

#10 Chris celebrated his 18th birthday with two parties and bought himself a swanky Lamborghini. Isn’t His Luckiest Birthday..

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