How To Format SD Card On Android Phone

How To Format SD Card On Android PhoneIf you too finding complications while Erase And Unmount Memory Card in your Android device then check here an accurate solution. Know How To Format SD Card On Android Phone over here…. Yes! Here we have given a complete process jut to Format SD Card on Android Phones. Well, Formatting, Unmounting and erasing and memory SD card in Android and doing same activities ion Computer, both are different things somehow….

Yes!! Formatting in terms of computer or Mobile storage actually means, erasing all the data of that drive. Since, while you format a SD card or simply called a memory card, you basically lose all your data stored in the same, and it can’t be backed up. So, here we are recommending you, How To Format SD Card On Android Phone and also a way to back up your SD card of android phone in your laptop or desktop, if your SD card is not corrupted(One of the reason to format memory card).

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How To Format SD Card On Android Phone

Format erase and Unmount memory SD card in Android

  1. Press Menu and navigate to Settings.
  2. Scroll down in the setting menu and look for the options as “Storage” or “Memory” or “SD & phone Storage” and click on that.

Format SD Card On Android Phone

  1. Now you may see options to ‘Format SD card’ & to ‘Unmount SD card’. Before Unmounting (Removing) SD card, press format SD Card, and let the process of formatting memory card be finished.

Format erase and Unmount memory SD card in Android

  1. Click on Unmount SD card. Now it’s safe to remove your memory card safely.

Well, if this doesn’t work for you to format SD card in Android, then just remove SD card and with a card reader, format the same with your computer or Laptop.

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Format SD Card

You can erase a memory card using your phone easily…

Yes!! Simply, first hit an option to unmount SD card. When it’ll be done – gives you a message that ‘SD card has been successfully unmounted’. If it doesn’t then it should just switch from saying unmount SD card to Mount SD card. When it’s done, you will be presented with the option to Format SD card.

Remer………. Until You Have Saved All of the Information to a Different Source, just don’t Format SD Card. As, formatting it is like performing a factory data reset on a phone and that will erase ALL of the information presently saved to your memory card.

If you do not unmount your SD card or power off the phone before removing your memory

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Corrupted Or Malfunctioning SD Card

If you think that your memory card might have corrupted files or might be malfunctioning then I recommend that you save the information from the memory card to a computer and then erase/format the SD card.

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So, Try this & Keep enjoying your phone!!!!

So remember that unmounting your memory card before removing it is necessary….

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