Top 10 Hookah Flavors Of All Time

Top 10 Hookah Flavors Of All TimeAre you tited of old lame and boring hookah and sheesha flavors? Here is something for you as we are going to introduce you with the Top 10 Hookah Flavors Of All Time.

We have researched and have done experiment on these flavors with hookah smokers and given below are the results and honest reviews of the best Hookah/Sheesha tobacco and herbal flavors so far.

The experimentalists were quite fed up because when they tried a new hookah flavors it didn’t tasted as they thought it is going to taste. After trying these best and new flavors they were amazed as the flavors were quite dense but balanced.

There are different flavors available in the markets that are much attractive for the people and to provide new taste to them but here given flavors are finest and classiest that will surprise anyone. Read on the following list and be sure to mention in the comments your favorite flavor so far.

Top 10 Hookah Flavors Of All Time

#1. The Amazing “Mint”

People new to hookah are always anti-mint and prefer fruit flavors. But once you try the mint flavor you will be pretty much amazed by its quality as it gives you naturally fresh and cold feel.

Mint is the best mixing hookah flavor combination on earth that perfectly balances with every flavor. If you prefer mint Al fakher is the best option as it is the most popular flavor of 2015.

The Amazing “Mint”

Comments: “It’s One Of The Best Flavor… We Can Mix Any Flavor With Mint And Its Got Real Cool Feeling It Is Real Mint”

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#2. Strikingly Fresh “White Gummy Bear”

If you are gummy bear fan and want to rejoice the taste of gummy bear in hookah this is the perfect option for you. If you like sweet sugary and fruity taste it is amazing.

This has to be in the list of best sheesha flavors of all the time. If you want to give this flavor a try then prefer Fumari brand as they make highest quality and standard flavor.

Strikingly Fresh “White Gummy Bear”

Comments: “I Love Gummy Bears! Its Bear Flavor!”

#3. Exotic Blue Mist

Alike “Coca Cola” in the cold drinks”Blue Mist” is in Hookah Flavors. It has a juicy and just amazing taste that you can’t resist it. It is the flagship flavor of Starbuzz and most popular and favorite too.

Exotic Blue Mist

Comments: “This Is By Far My Favorite Flavor – It’s So Good – The Blueberry Is Very Strong And Tasty”

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#4. Most Famous Fruit Cocktail Flavor “Sex On The Beach”

The flavor and the name is derived from the famous cocktail with the same name. Many brands have tried to copy the cocktails flavors and convert it into the hookah flavors but surely this is the best flavor among any of the cocktail flavors.

If you have never tried it before you should try it once as it has dense fruity mix of pineapple, orange, cranberry and pomegranate.

Most Famous Fruit Cocktail Flavor “Sex On The Beach”

Comments: “It’s Really Great. The Smell Is Great And The Taste Is Also Awesome.”

#5. “The Double Bubble Gum”

As a kid we used to love eating bubble gums and even as a youth we have it whenever we feel like. But if you are a sheesha lover and a bubble gum lover too then you can have a taste of it in hookah which tastes like a real gum.

The smell and the essence of this flavor is enticing and splendid. It puffs out a lot of smoke and contains a candy trace inside it which is quite tangy making it more amazing to smoke. If you love bubble gums and driven by scents then you should surely give it a try.

“The Double Bubble Gum”

Comments: “I Feel Like If I’m Chewing Invisible Gum… Just Love This Flavor. The Smell Is Amazing”

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#6. Buttery “Blueberry Muffin”

It is thick, creamy and buttery just like a muffin. It melts in the mouth just like having fresh wild blue berries. It rarely dries up the throat but even if you feel you can sip a glass of water to moisturize your throat and the continue taking the puffs.

 It leaves a pleasant aroma in the room and provides one of the finest flavors. While it has a very good taste on its own but it’s the cherry on the top if mixed with French vanilla.Buttery “Blueberry Muffin”Comments: “This Is One Of My Favorite’s Shishas Simply The Best It Taste Even Better Than Any Other. You Have To Try It”

#7. “Pirates Cave” Feel

Pirates cave flavor has a creamy, juicy consistency flavors with the sweetest aroma. The flavor is like a lime margarita and the taste matches too. It is very tasty and is going to give some dense clouds. It is one of the signature products of starbuzz and is also in the list of top sellers.

“Pirates Cave” Feel

Comments: “Star Buzz Flavor Smells Like Lime Margarita Just Love It 100/100”

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#8. Sweet and sour “Peach”

Because of its sweet fruitiness along with the tart and sour mixture makes it taste delicious. Peach flavor seems very appetizing and strong due to its creamy layer. It has got smooth as well as pleasant smell almost like the peach iced tea. It tastes like real peach rather than a sweet candy.

It even adds a flavor of nectarine in it and can mix very well with the other flavors too such as mint, vanilla, mandarin. It got thickest smoke filling the whole room with its peachy aroma. Peach flavor hookah creates long lasting thick smoke.Sweet and sour “Peach”Comments: “So great, taste like a peach sweet, and feels juicy and succulent!”

#9. Cold As Mighty “Brain Freezer”

Brain Freezer is a flavor that most smokers love to smoke. The flavor seems to be universal in their popularity for many reasons. The flavor can be mixed with nearly every flavor on earth to make it more amazing in taste and throat hit.

Brain freezer is the undisputed champion of all flavors available. If you are looking to wade into the best hookah flavors then this flavor is a must try if u surely want a brain freeze.

Cold As Mighty “Brain Freezer”

Comments: “I M A Big Sheesha Fan And I Have Tried Almost Every Flavor… It’s The Best Flavor I Have Ever Had…”

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#10. Awesome “Mint Chocolate Chill”

Mint Chocolate Chill is best to recreate the flavor of a bowl full of mint chocolate chip ice cream. We think this flavor is a huge success. The mint and chocolate flavors are really sweet and creamy, and do not overpower the bowl at all.

It is a lovely blend of mint and chocolate specially designed for the mint chocolate lovers.

Awesome “Mint Chocolate Chill”

Comments: Really Accurate Chocolate Mint Flavor – It’s Very Nice – Ghosts The Hose Pretty Badly Though – – – Plan On Loading The Next Bowl With Something That Blends With Chocolate Mint.

This was the list of Top 10 Hookah Flavors of All Time. It is your choice which one you prefer Tobacco flavors or Herbal Flavors as all flavors comes in both variety. Remember must be 18 years old if you want to smoke otherwise it is a crime.

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