Guild Wars 2 Customer Support Phone Number

Guild Wars 2 Customer Support Phone NumberAre you having trouble in contacting support service or getting a support ticket resolved? Here we have displayed Guild Wars 2 Customer Support Phone Number for users. If you need help with an issue or to contact support directly, you can dial Helpline Number, or chat through Live Chat to our customer care specialist. Customers can also give their feedbacks, complaints on given Email Id of Guild Wars 2.

Guild wars 2′ is a famous game & more than one player can play this game online. This game was launched on August 28, 2012. Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X are the supported platforms of the game. A guild war 2’ is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. A guild war 2’ is available in optical disc and through online download. The game is build on Guild Wars engine, Havok engine and Umbra Software. Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum is the designer and James Boer is the programmer of the game. ‘ArenaNet’ company is the developer company of ‘Guild wars 2’.

Guild Wars 2 Customer Support Phone Number

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10020 Main St. #164 Bellevue, WA


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The support team and the community team are different groups. The support team does not check the Facebook page and is unable to help with support issues via Facebook, and the community team (which does work and communicate via social media, including Facebook) does not have access to support tickets–we are unable to open, view, or resolve them.

To launch Guild Wars 2 related decision was taken in meeting for Guild Wars Utopia. It is the time when company was ready to release a sixth-month development cycle campaigns. Team of Guild Wars 2 feels under confident, as they think that they would not be able to do everything they want in this fantasy world. After a long debate on this topic, Jeff Strain has decided to launch an entirely new game into a blueprint for users.

Guild Wars 2 was designed with a heavily modified version which was created for Guild Wars by ArenaNet. Guild Wars 2 consists of proprietary game engine which make the game performing fastly. The changes done to the engine for Guild Wars 2 include real-time 3D environments, enhanced graphics and animations and the use of the Havok physics system. Guild Wars 2 a fantasy world storied game allows a player to select a character from a provided group of five races and eight professions.

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